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Mintchan is a Female Indonesia Virtual YouTuber who debuted on 29 March 2019.

Introduction Video


【Perkenalan】Halo! Aku Mintchan!【Indonesia Vtuber】

Mintchan's Introduction.


Mintchan love to talk about creative Industry, singing, playing FPS games. She is actually really scared to play ghost/scary games. but when she play FPS she can show her real skills.

Her dream is to appear in a commercial on TV! same like Kizuna AI.


Mintchan has a pony tail with green hair and green eye, she is using sailor suit, and balloon short pants with green stocking.

She sometime wear eyeglass and headphones with her gaming chair while playing games/recording.



  • "Wai hallo hallo."
  • "Wadudu."
  • "DONAT!"
  • "Bulat bulat lucu gimana gitu."


  • She is being highlighted by a comic in LINE Webtoon.

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  1. mintchanchannel (2021, August 26) WAAII HALO HALOO! Mintchan bakal ada di event Jakarta Metaverse!✨ Mintchan juga bakal ditemenin sama Evelyn dan Tessa💚 🍩Minggu, 29/08/21 🍩14.15 — 15.15 Untuk info dan pendaftarannya bisa cek di Gratis kok✨ Ditunggu yaa!😳💚 [Tweet] Retrieved from