Mirai Akari

Mirai Akari (ミライアカリ, 未来明 lit. Future Light) is a Female Japanese Virtual YouTuber who debuted on October 27, 2017.

Introduction Video

【自己紹介】ねぇ…聞いて欲しいの…【MiraiAkariProject 001】

【自己紹介】ねぇ…聞いて欲しいの…【MiraiAkariProject 001】

Mirai Akari's self-introduction.

Physical Appearance

Mirai Akari has blond hair tied in a side ponytail with a butterfly-shaped blue ribbon. She has blue eyes and a slender yet voluptuous body. Her Bust/Waist/Hip measurements are 90/55/86 centimeters (35/22/34 in)

Personality and Character concept

Originally, Mirai Akari was intended to be a time traveler who was sent from the future to the year 2017 under unknown circumstances. Once she arrived into the present, Akari lost her memories of her previous life as a side effect, and now while she struggles to find her mission, she tries to have a connection with humans via her YouTube channel. This concept now is barely brought into her recent videos and now she does more conventional videos such as game walkthroughs, livestreams or about trendy/humorous subjects.

Akari is a very extrovert and energetic person, who does big gestures during speaking and having an expressive face. She is also known for her double-entendre and dirty jokes, which almost all the time gets her in trouble.


  • Her hobby is egosearching, so she calls herself "princess of egosearching" (エゴサーの姫 / egosa no hime)
  • Her favorite food are Hamburgers and her favorite drink is Dr. Pepper.
  • Her nickname Danchou comes from Orga Itsuka (a character of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans).
  • The sound that is produced after her signature greeting (ハロー、ミライアカリだよっ!/ Hello! Mirai Akari dayou!)[2] is called by her as the "Pirorin" (ピロリン)[3]. And it's a running gag on her livestreams that the Pirorin sounds with a delay after she delivers her greeting or asking her audience on live events to mimic the sound.
  • Her channel was formerly Eilene's main channel. Eilene moved to Moemi's channel since Mirai Akari's debut.[4]
  • She and Luna did a collaboration video which was posted on Luna's Channel[5]. Since then, she did more collaborations with several Vtubers, including Siro [6], her colleagues on ENTUM [7], Kashiko Mari [8], among others.
  • Akari was one of the first VTubers to interact with her fans on the platform VRChat and also to talk with other VTubers via Superchat.
  • Her (current) production company is DUO, and represented by its in-house agency ENTUM.
  • In June 2018, Eilene parted ways with DUO and ENTUM [9], and thus Eilene's involvement on Akari's plot and video concept was terminated. On March 2019, all Eilene's videos that were created on the original bittranslate channel prior to the debut of Mirai Akari had been expurgated from the channel and now the only viewable videos are the ones related to Mirai Akari [10]. Akari's original backstory about a time traveler is apparently ignored now.
  • Due to her voice range, she also perform as Kokoro Yami (ココロヤミ)(a low energy version of her) and Teacher Akari (アカリ先生) (a more mature version of her wearing glasses)
  • Akari's cover of Crusher-P's "ECHO"[11] is one of her most viewed videos (with more than one million views). She performed the song live at the Nico Cho Party on November 2018.
  • On October 2018. during her 1st Anniversary event, Akari had a change on her attire, ditching her more raunchy and alluring original model (that including her already tiny mini-skirt, corset, revealing cleavage and her infamous leather thong), in favor of a more conventional one, akin to the idol genre (which covered her breasts and has a less moving, fluffy skirt with more conservative bloomers). The new outfit retains her suspenders and a version of her signature Butterfly-shaped hairclip.
  • The real age of Mirai Akari is a secret. Luna theorized that Akari's real age is around 28 years (because of her lewd comments and behavior)[12]. On the NHK Virtual nodo Jiman, after being asked by the host of the event, Sen Odagiri, Akari stated that she is around 18-years-old.
  • She debuted as a DJ at Re:Animation 13 on 12 January 2019.

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