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Mitsurugi Lia (ミツルギリア, 御剣莉亚, 御剑莉亚) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber and member of WACTOR. She debuted in late 2019 with Mirais, but is now part of WACTOR's 1st generation along with Tsukito Hana, Kogure Piyoko and Nanaha Rui.

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Lia's introduction.




Her Twitter account was created on December 2019, and her YouTube channel on 12 December. Her first tweet was published on 13 December.[5] Her YouTube debut was on 15 December,[1] but the oldest video currently available on her YouTube channel is from 29 December.[6]

Lia became a bilibili member on 19 March 2020,[7] and according to a post, she made her debut on that platform on 2 April.[2]


On 23 January, she celebrated her YouTube channel's monetization with a karaoke stream.[8]

On 13 December, she debuted her 3D model for her first anniversary streaming on YouTube.[9]


On 19 January, Lia published a presentation video in Spanish following Hizuki Miu's which was released three days before.[10]

On 6 February, she held her 60,000 YouTube subscribers celebration.[11]

On 19 February, she held her 80,000 YouTube subscribers celebration.[12]

On 1 March, she announced via Twitter she would soon debut her first original song.[13] On 3 March, she released her song "Astrolabe".[14]

On 5 May, she held her a 3D stream for her 100,000 YouTube subscribers celebration.[15] During the stream, Lia also teased her second original song written by her and *Luna, and hummed a bit of its tune.

On 21 June, she debuted a baby version of her 2D model, with a collared red dress, white apron and baby rattle, for a karaoke stream.[16] Since then, she has used it occassionally as an alternative avatar for other streams and videos.

On June 22, she announced via Twitter that she would soon debut a second costume. Two days later, on 24 June, she revealed her new model on Bilibili, and one day later on YouTube.[17][18] Her new costume costume with a black and white dress with tints of red, a black jacket with red quilted lining and wide sleeves, black thighighs, black boots and fingerless black gloves. Her hair comes in both pink and black with shades of red.


  • On 28 May, it was announced in Famitsu that she would make an appearance in the game Neptunia Virtual Stars as one of the VTuber guest characters alongside Kogure Piyoko and Hizuki Miu.
  • On March 2021, her original song "Astrolabe" got featured in AZKi's Don't Stop the Music 3 / 音楽を止めるな3 VTuber event at 214rd queue.[19]


  • Her fanbase are called "FamiLia" 「ふぁみリア」.


  • Her illustrator Takehana Note is also a VTuber, who has also designed Shizuka Rin and Ienaga Mugi from Nijisanji and the retired Chikuwa.
  • She likes The Beastly Senior (野獣先輩 / Yajuu Senpai) aka. YJSNPI, a character from a gay JAV series, who became a popular meme in Japan due to his intense gaze and piercing screams. The Beastly Senior has been featured in Lia's introduction song and is included as an emote on her YouTube channel.

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Twitter hashtags

*According to Lia, from July 2021, only #ミツルギリア and #MitsurugiLia are to be used.[20]


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