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Miyune Kiuei was a female independent VTuber who lives in the United States. She was featured in some of Nux Taku's YouTube videos, as well as Filian's VTuber dating show, and is often recognized for this. She is also recognized as the first streamer to collab with the AI VTuber Neuro-sama.


Miyune is a cute girl from the moon! To combat the loneliness she experiences from being the only person there, she streams to Earthlings on Twitch. She connected a long ethernet cable from the moon to Earth in order to make that possible. That's how dedicated she is to making people smile!


Features and Clothing[]

Miyune sports a blue twintail-style haircut that fades from turquoise to pastel jade near the ends. She wears a grey and orange bunny-eared hoodie emblazoned with embroidery, wears small black shorts underneath, and has a toggle-able hood.

Her model has Heterochromia, with her right eye being purple and her left eye being orange.


She wears a band around her neck and ankle that changes color and can represent emotion. Around her thigh she has a blaster, and she sometimes carries a handbag with space-themed pins.

She also doesn't wear shoes, for some reason.



Miyune started streaming on Twitch in October.


In May, she took part in Nux Taku's Endless Stream Challenge, which featured Evanit0, MoistCr1TiKaL, BriggsADA, Tectone, MahouShoujoRiri, Susu_JPG, Lost Pause, and herself.


In June, she debuted a Summer themed Swimsuit Model.

In September, Miyune held an uncapped subathon for her birthday. It lasted a total of 24 days with over 7k total subs. She also debuted her current model at the start of the subathon.


On February 6th, Miyune held the first ever human-AI VTuber collab with the AI VTuber Neuro-sama.

On February 7th, Miyune reached 100.000 Followers on Twitch.

In March, Miyune signed with Mythic Talent.

On March 11th, she has first announced her intention to have an official debut with a new model[1].

On April 8th, Miyune has officially debuted with a redesigned model.

On late December, Miyune went on an indefinite hiatus, which was announced with the change of her Twitter's page nickname.


On January 15th, official Discord server has been deleted or made private, with no official communication from Miyune herself.

On June 30th, she posted a Tweet explaining the reason for her hiatus, and announcing that she had rebranded to MinikoMew. She has no plans to return to her old Miyune persona.[2]


  • Miyune likes crabs. A LOT!
  • Due to one of the goals during her subathon, she tried Pilk (Pepsi Milk) and ended up liking it.
  • Miyune is a strong advocate for, and believes that pineapple does indeed belong on pizza.
  • Previously was Ranked Diamond in Overwatch. Mainly playing DPS or Winston.
  • She loves playing the Healer Classes in MMOs.
  • She is a Poggers driver in Mario Kart.
  • Miyune dislikes birds, is weak to the cold and prone to motion sickness.
  • She shares her character illustrator with Poko Rakun of Idol Corp and Zumi Dokumi of EIEN Project.

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