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Mocca Liebeskind is a German virtual streamer. He streams on both Twitch and YouTube. He speaks mostly English during streams, but can also speak German and some Japanese.

Introduction Video


【YOUTUBE DEBUT】Yo. My name is Mocca. Wie geht's? 【EN-GER VTuber】

Mocca's debut.


He's very modest about himself and his content. Even if he tries his best to interact with his viewers and to bring quality content, he is still sometimes a bit clumsy (not necessarily in a bad way).



Mocca's YouTube account was created on 19 May 2017, and his Twitch channel was created on 27 May 2016. He streamed various games prior to his VTuber debut as Mocca.

Mocca's Twitter account was created on 18 April 2020.

On 25 July 2020, Mocca debuted on Twitch.[1] The stream debut had a peak viewership of 140.


On 14 August, Mocca made a redebut on YouTube. On 22 August he announced a move from Twitch to YouTube, citing personal reasons. However, Mocca would resume streaming on Twitch on 3 October.

On 6 November, Mocca took part in an international Among Us collab with Fuzuki Miki, Nerine, Lyrica, Artemis of the Blue, Mint Fantôme, Ryuusei Nova, and Amano Pikamee.

On 16 November, Mocca reached 10,000 YouTube subscribers.

On 18 December, Mocca reached 10,000 Twitch subscribers.


On 22 February, Mocca announced a long hiatus.[2] On 23 February, Mocca announced that he would close his Twitter account on 27 February, saying "I can't be Mocca anymore."[3] He directed followers of his game development project to a new account, @carrot_label. Mocca announced plans to leave his YouTube channel up.

Mocca returned to streaming on Twitch on 8 March.


  • His fan name is "the Fang Gang".


  • "Yoyo! I'm Mocca, a virtual retro and indie games fan! All I do is play games and drink cola~!"
  • "Existing as a trans person should also not be seen as political. ... My life and feelings aren't an agenda."[4][5]


  • In the description of his YouTube debut, Mocca declared "I have no gender but feel free to call me a girl, a boy, or anything in between. All pronouns allowed." Mocca credited crossdressing hololive member Tsukishita Kaoru with inspiring him to accept his gender identity.[6]
    • Mocca subsequently identified as male.
  • German VTuber Kuma Berlin cited Mocca as an inspiration who showed that "German humor can be more than no laughing matter."[7]
  • His icon is a cup of coffee with a banana inside.
  • He really likes retro gaming.
  • He is good at drawing, and draws in a cute style.
  • He is cultured about otaku stuff, and often speak some words in Japanese.
  • He once did a German-only challenge on "Getting Over It" where he spoke in English even before he could start playing and had to stop the stream.
  • For a some time, he stopped streaming on Twitch, but returned to it because of his friends that also stream on Twitch.
  • His favorite kind of cheese is camembert.
  • Liebeskind means "lovely child" in German.

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