Mochi Hiyoko

Mochi Hiyoko (もちひよこ) is a Female Japanese Virtual YouTuber who debuted on 2 January 2018.

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Mochi Hiyoko's self-introduction.



  • She is sometimes called "grandma" by fans due to her atypical voice.
  • She is very adept at 3D modeling, and likes to design cute young girls.
  • She is very welcoming to fans; as of November 2018 she had followed back almost all of the 35000 Twitter users that follow her.
  • In addition to her standard early-teen girl model, she has a very attractive "onee-chan" (big sister) model where her age appears to be in the twenties, that is used for cabaret-like videos. In a Twitter poll where she asked fans which of the models' swimsuit picture they liked better, 70% said the young girl.
  • She founded her own VTuber agency called MochiPro

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