Moemi (萌実) is a Female Japanese Virtual Youtuber who debuted on 20 August 2017. She is an original character from Eilene's series Anime Girl Eilene.

Introduction Video



Moemi's first solo debut video.


Moemi is a cheerful 16-year-old girl who plays video games and uploads gameplay videos on YouTube.

She loves her viewers and calls them "darling". She always starts off her videos by saying "It's your wife, Moemi." She enjoys playing video games and is sometimes emotional and over-reacts to situations. She often cries and becomes depressed by losing in difficult games (such as Dark Souls). When she beats games, she becomes excited and asks her "darling" to pat her hair.


  • Before being confirmed, many viewers suspected that Moemi's voice actress was Yuriko.
    • While Moemi is a fairly successful Virtual YouTuber, Yuriko has been asking for ramen on her Amazon wishlist [1], so it's suspected that the project has problems or is not making much money. As of mid-2018, new Moemi video releases have become very rare, and Yoriko's Twitter feed has often mentioned health issues.

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