Mokota Mememe

Mokota Mememe (もこ田めめめ) or Mokomeme (もこめめ) is a female Japanese virtual YouTuber belonging to the Idol Club of .Live.

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 Mememe's introduction.


Mememe is an easygoing and endearing high school girl. She belongs to the Idol Club of private school, Virtual Academy in the virtual world. She is a member of the public relations committee and is also a part of the elusive going-home-after-school club. She likes delicious food and cute things. Even though she finds many things bothersome, her initiative is high when it comes to things that she likes. She has a cat that is named Tanuki (Raccoon).


  • She declared that she is seventeen years old but also stated that she has existed ever since electrons were born.
  • She stated that she is a digital (電脳) creature that is a cross between sheep, alpaca, and human. She is fine with others thinking of her as either a sheep or alpaca.
  • Although she slept for twenty hours a day before entering the Idol Club, now she does not sleep too much and is able to go to school.
  • She refers to her fans collectively as "Hairball" (毛玉); her bad fans are called sea urchins (uni).
  • She likes playing video games but is terrible at them.
  • As Mememe has skills as a creator, she made her own 2D avatar and tried making that of 3D.
  • Mememe wears characteristic stockings, which is said to be lame. "Your stockings are lame, fluff" (kutsushita dasai moko) is a famous phrase used by her fans. Mememe has claimed it is not lame. This is one of her signatures.

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