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MonsterZ MATE (モンスターズメイト) is a Japanese musical duo of Virtual YouTubers consisting of Kosaka (コーサカ) and Anjo (アンジョー).

Introduction Video


【内見】狼男と吸血鬼の共同生活【してみた】 001

MonsterZ MATE's introduction.


Anjo and Kosaka are both almost shameless and are heavy otaku, over 80% of their videos are in a way or another, anime/game/manga related. There is an entire video of them talking about the pattern in visual novel/ero game, thus earning them their nickname.

Anjo, the vocals, most of the time tends to be the one that understands other people and follows the flow of the conversation and is full of basic manner, acting as the boke of the duo, while Kosaka, the rapper, on the other hand is the tsukkomi of the duo, being able to easily bring up topic and keep the flow of the conversation. He is able to deliver very sharp tsukkomi.


Their Twitter account was opened on 17 April 2018 while their YouTube channel was created on 24 April but their first video was not uploaded until the next month on 5 May.

In December 2018, their popularity suddenly spiked during their performance in V Red and White Singing Contest (V紅白歌合戦 V Kouhaku Uta Gassen), from 3,000 subscribers straight to over 10,000 subscribers. This was also the first time when a VTuber referred to them as the "Ero Game Brothers".

In March 2019, they signed a deal with UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN. They released their first debut studio album titled MZM on 8 May 2019.

On April 2019, they announced their First Year Anniversary Live Concert. It was held on 18 May at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinema with live-streaming on YouTube for their live performance.


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MZM 1st album 8 March 2019    
  1. "Live your life!!"
  2. "Tropica☆Natsuole ~Orera no Koishita Manatsu no Venus" (トロピカ☆ナツオーレ〜俺らの恋した真夏のVenus〜, Tropica Natsuole -Venus Of Midsummer We Missed-)
  3. "Petrichor" (ペトリコール)
  4. "Roubai" (狼狽)
  5. "love letter."
  6. "Up-to-date"
    feat. Kashiko Mari
  7. "Bokuiro Kimiiro Dream" (僕色君色ドリーム)
  8. "MonsterZ PARADE"
  9. "Seiten Concerto" (星天コンチェルト, Night Sky Concerto)
  10. "Hanasaku Miraini" (花咲ク未来ニ)
  11. "daydream"
  12. "hero_"
MonsterZ MATE - MZM.png
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Digital Release
255 2nd album 28 October 2020    
  1. "255"
  2. "Last Judgement"
  3. "Diver×Diver"
  4. "Mister End" (ミスターエンド)
  5. "One Da Land"
    (feat. YACA IN DA HOUSE)
  6. "Dry & Starvation"
  7. "Enter the Avatar"
  8. "Bite me."
  9. "Mata Ashita" (また明日)
  10. "Venus Replicant" (ヴィーナスレプリカント)
  11. "call me now"
    (feat. Hoshino Mea)
  12. "Sen Nen Ai" (千年愛)
  13. "Tenohira Dance" (掌ダンス)
  14. "Beep☆CARAMEL"
MonsterZ MATE - 255.png
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Digital Release


  • Anjo's full name is Anjo Daisuke (アンジョーダイスケ).[1]
  • Kosaka's full name is Yurumira van Kosaka (ユルミラー・ヴァン・コーサカ).[2]
  • MonsterZ MATE's identities were officially revealed to be utaite un:c as Anjo and utaite-rapper Kosaka Hashiyan as Kosaka.[3]
    • un:c and Hashiyan are frequently credited in the descriptions of MonsterZ MATE's music videos.
  • MonsterZ MATE, Ginga Alice, Yoruko Burbank and Kazamiya Matsuri all belong to a company named Balus. Among the virtual YouTuber fans, they are referred to as "Box".
  • On 2 February 2019 as a response to Tenkai Tukasa not believing that the コーサカMZM YouTube channel was his, Kosaka uploaded a video there confirming that it is indeed his channel.

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