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MrsMothmom is an English speaking, Canadian ENVtuber. She plays fantasy rpg games and magical video games like Final Fantasy XIV, Magic the Gathering, Elden Ring and Monster Hunter World. She is an occultist, tarot reader and magician who often does tarot readings and other types of divination for viewers. She debuted in August 2021 on


Mothmom is energetic, talkative and relaxed on stream. She often takes time to explain occult concepts to viewers or tells personal stories with a comedic twist. In addition to talking about her interests at length, Mothmom is often provoked into passionate rants about various subjects, as prompted by viewers. Mothmom is sometimes a bit mischievous and occasionally plays pranks on the audience.


MrsMothmom is a young women with long purple hair in twists, collected into a ponytail or bun. She wears gold jewelry featuring an eye motif. Her most striking feature is her glasses, which are shaped like moth wings. Through the glasses her eyes are visible, taking the appearance of a moth with mock-eye markings.



MrsMothmom debuted on the 21st of August, 2021.


  • MrsMothmom calls her fans witches, forest spirits and unholy creatures (depending on their mood).
  • The community can be found in their discord server, the Eclipse Cottage.


  • MrsMothmom is pansexual.

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