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Monarch, Queen of the Multiverse is the VTuber persona of AmaLee, a singer and voice actor who is known on YouTube for her English-translyric performances of various anime and video game songs.

As a VTuber, she focuses on doing gaming, karaoke and other music-related streams.

Introduction Video[]


【Vtuber Lore】Multiverse Monarch - "And so, my work begins.." 🦋

Monarch's lore


"Hello, Mortals. I am Monarch, a voice actor and vocalist turned villainess Vtuber."

The Queen of the Multiverse. As she waits for fate to play out as designed, she spends her time on Twitch, enjoying the video games Earth has to offer.


She has long silver parted hair with light blue eyes. She has gold piercings and thin eyebrows.



Amanda Lee has been a prolific YouTube singer since 2010. She started her channel, LeeandLie, together with her partner Annalie in June 2010. Annalie left the channel in 2014 but the name stays.

She teased her Monarch VTuber model on 6 August 2021[2] and continued to build expectations up over the months. The Multiverse Monarch made her first tweet her own account on 6 December 2021[3] and finally debuted on Twitch on 11 December 2021.


On 27 February, she reached 100,000 followers on Twitch channel.[4]

On 24 June, Monarch and Mori Calliope released the full music video of their original song "Villain Vibes."

On 2 July, Monarch and Mori Calliope announced the "Villain Vibes cover contest."[5] The results were then announced during a stream with Mori Calliope on 27 August on Twitch channel.[6]

On 15 July, she released the full music video of her original song "From The Embers."

On 11 August, she reached 200,000 followers on Twitch channel.[7]

On 19 August, she released the full music video of her original song "Metamorphosis."

On 16 September, she released the full music video of her original song "MWTWB."

On 8 October, she released the full music video of her original song "Call Me King."


On 3 June, Monarch debuted her second outfit.[8]


On 12 January, Monarch released her new original song "Devotion" and also debuted her third outfit.[9]


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Rise of the Monarch as AmaLee 24 June 2022    
  1. "Rise of the Monarch (Intro)"
  2. "From the Embers"
  3. "Metamorphosis"
  4. "Monster U Made"
  5. "Villain Vibes"
    feat. Mori Calliope
  6. "MWTWB"
  7. "Drink Your Light"
  8. "Call Me King"
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  • Her name "Monarch" is also the name of "Monarch butterfly," a butterfly found mainly in North America.
  • Her model is also inspired by butterflies featured on her cloak, earrings, and pocket watch.
  • When she screams, she sounds like Toad, a popular character from the famous Mario games, which her fanbase likes.

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