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Murasaki Shion (紫咲シオン) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, debuting as part of its second generation of VTubers alongside Minato Aqua, Nakiri Ayame, Yuzuki Choco and Oozora Subaru.

Introduction Video



Shion's introduction.

"Hellshio! Murasaki Shion here!"

A child that randomly appears around the Underworld Academy... though she's actually an adult (or so she says). A self-proclaimed talented dark magician of noble birth (or so she says).

She almost never actually says "Hellshio."[4]
"Hellshio! Murasaki Shion here!"

A random self-proclaimed child (though she is probably an adult) who appears around the Demonic-Realm Academy. She calls herself a highborne black magician (probably).

She can barely say her greeting, “Hellshio”.[5]


Shion is a smug, cheeky brat ("kusogaki") who speaks bluntly without the usual politeness/consideration associated with the Japanese language, and flirts shamelessly with other hololive members. She wants to be seen as an adult, but thanks to her childish appearance and mannerisms, all attempts by Shion to appear adult-like end up looking very silly. She has a friendly rivalry with Minato Aqua, and the two can often be seen playing petty and mostly harmless pranks on each other.

One of her most iconic cries is her guttural scream of "NEEEEEEE." This was most famously uttered by Shion after Natsuiro Matsuri revealed that Shion's wet sneezing sounds were heard by Matsuri's listeners in one of her livestreams.



Her Twitter account was opened on 1 August 2018 while her YouTube channel was created on 3 August although her YouTube activities did not start until her first stream that was live on 17 August.[6]


On 7 May, she announced in a stream that she would debut her 3D model.[7] The 3D model was later revealed on 12 May.[8]

On 1 August, she debuted her second 2D costume.[9]

On 26 August, she revealed her 3D model swimsuit on a stream.[10]


On 2 January, she announced on her Twitter account that she would get her third 2D costume,[11] this was revealed to be a kimono celebrating the new year later the same day during a stream on YouTube.[12]

On 24 January along with the other hololive girls up to the third generation, she debuted her 3D idol outfit at hololive's 1st fes. Nonstop Story.[13][14]

On 28 July, she announced on her Twitter account that her original 2D model would be get an update. She debuted her updated model during a stream later the same day, featuring more facial expressions, her hair bangs have more movement, in her hat the tip and the "eyelashes" of the eye were added a bit of movement, along with general movement improvements.[15][16]

On 16 October, hololive's Twitter account announced that Shion, Houshou Marine, Shirogane Noel and Yuzuki Choco would get new 2D costumes.[17]

On 15 November, she debuted her fourth 2D costume during a stream, in this costume Shion wears a black gothic dress with cat ears and tail, the dress is decorated with various ribbons with the appearance of chains, including one tied to her neck, the eye that decorated her hat in her original outfit is now in the chest area of her dress, similar to her second 2D costume her hair is styled with ponytails but unlike that costume, in this one she doesn't have buns, finally the tradicional green and yellow triangles that all of her costumes have, are now only referenced as she wears triangle earrings.[18]

On 23 November, she reached 500,000 YouTube subscribers, making her the 22nd hololive member to reach this milestone. Coincidentally, Takanashi Kiara reached that same threshold later that day.[19]


On 15 January, she reached 600,000 YouTube subscribers.[20]

On 6 April, she reached 700,000 YouTube subscribers.[21]

On 14 June, Shion stated during a short stream that she would go on a hiatus from streaming due to worsening of her throat's condition.[22]

On 20 July, she reached 800,000 YouTube subscribers.

On 31 July, Shion returned her activities with a singing stream.[23]

On 17 August, as part of her 3rd anniversary, Shion debuted her first solo original song "MAGE OF VIOLET."[24]

On 8 October, Shion's Twitter account was verified.[25]

On 1 November, she reached 900,000 YouTube subscribers.[26]

On 2 December, Shion announced on her Twitter account that she would get her fifth 2D costume.[27]

On 4 December, Shion debuted her fifth 2D costume. This costume is a maid outfit, in this costume Shion wears a mob cap and has two different hairstyles, in one she uses two buns at the sides instead of her usual one, on the front two of her locks are colored in purple and pink, the tip of the hair on her back is also purple, the hairstyle is complemented with star and triangle shapped accessories. The second hairstyle share the same traits except that Shion uses twintails instead of loose hair and wears her signature yellow and green triangle accessories that she uses in most of her costumes. Her maid outfit is lilac, like most of her outfits Shion's dress is decorated with a ribbon decorated with a star, her white apron is decorated with purple waning moon with three light purple stars inside and a pink pocket to the left. Her skirt is decorated with more triangles and stars, the edge of her skirt has two addition colors, white and pink, on her right leg she wears a long sock in the same colors, while on her left leg she wears a purple baggy sock and a pink band aid on her knee, Shion's shoes are purple. Shion also has the option to wear a pink jacket falling from her arms, with dark purple cats plushies in the sleeves.[28]

On 8 December as part of her birthday celebration Shion debuted new accessories for her fourth 2D costume. The accessories are a black and dark purple crown, white and dark purple cat ears and a black cape. Also Shion's main 2D model got updated.[29][1]


On 10 April, she reached 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers. This makes her the 27th hololive member, as well as the 20th member of hololive JP, to reach this milestone. She is the fourth of her generation to reach it.[30]


Main page: Murasaki Shion/Discography
MAGE OF VIOLET 1st single 18 August 2021    
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Murasaki Shion - MOV Cover.png
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AcaciaSyndrome Image song for GL Bunko 28 December 2021    
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Murasaki Shion - AcaciaSyndrome cover.jpg
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  • On 27 November 2019, she made an appearance in hololive's collaboration with Azur Lane as one of the characters, alongside Shirakami Fubuki, Nakiri Ayame, Ookami Mio, Natsuiro Matsuri, Minato Aqua and Tokino Sora, she was available from 27 November to 17 December.[31]
  • On 17 February 2021, Rakugaki Kingdom's Twitter account announced that Shion alongside Fubuki, Marine, Okayu and Korone would appear in the mobile RPG game by mid March.[32]
  • On 7 October 2021, Don Quijote's Twitter account announced that Noel and Mel were selected as "Don Quijote" and would appear in life sized stand-by panels across stores. In addition to them, Marine and Shion were also announced to appear in special merchandize (acrylic stands and badges) with new artwork and special in-store broadcasts. Other hololive members were also announced to appear in the collaboration as plushies known as "Mochiduru." The collaboration was available from 23 October, the same day that Noel, Mel, Marine and Shion debuted a cover of Don Quijote's theme song "Miracle Shopping" on hololive's channel.[33]


  • Her fanbase is officially called "Shiokko"「塩っ子」.


  • Shion's surname Murasaki「紫咲」can be divided thus.
    • The first kanji「紫」can be read as "Murasaki/Shi" that means "purple" but it is shortened to "Mura."
    • The second kanji「咲」can be read as "Saki" which means "bloom."
    • So her surname can be translated as "Blooming Purple."
  • On 24 November 2018, she slept through a live-stream that was supposed to start at 2PM, while Natsuiro Matsuri and others frantically messaged her. Shion posted an apology before starting her video. As a result there was much adorable fan art of her sleeping.
  • She gets along with fellow 2nd generation member Minato Aqua, and often have collab streams.
  • She also appears to be a big fan of Gawr Gura.
  • She owned a pet cat named Rui, who died on 23 September 2021.

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