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This article is a general overview comprising all the branches of NIJISANJI Project. For information about the main branch, see NIJISANJI (main branch).

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NIJISANJI Project (にじさんじプロジェクト), colloquially known as just NIJISANJI, is an agency of primarily 2D Virtual YouTubers who are also known as "Virtual Livers"[note 1] (バーチャルライバー Bācharu Raibā) due to posting on sites outside of YouTube, such as NicoNico, Twitch and Bilibili.[1]

Managed by ANYCOLOR Inc. (known as Ichikara Inc. until 17 May 2021), a company founded by Riku Tazumi in 2017, NIJISANJI started in Japan in February 2018 as one of the first major VTuber agencies. Their focus on livestreams set its members apart from other early VTubers, such as Kizuna Ai or Kaguya Luna, who primarily made prerecorded videos. This, as well as the use of Live2D over expensive 3D, led to NIJISANJI's success in the Japanese market and codified the current VTuber format of Live2D streaming.

As of March 2024, the agency manages 177 active Livers across two branches: 146 members of NIJISANJI's main branch (127 JP, 7 ID, 12 KR), and 31 NIJISANJI EN members. Collectively, their YouTube channels amass over 60 million subscribers, positioning the agency as the second-largest in terms of total subscribers, trailing only behind hololive production.

Hyakumantenbara Salome, a Japanese member of the main branch, is the current world record-holder for being the fastest VTuber to reach 1 million subscribers in just under 14 days.


NIJISANJI Livers usually stream with iPhoneX facial motion capture technology, Live2D models rigged in-house by ANYCOLOR, and the NIJISANJI app (commercially unavailable). This method is technically simpler and much less expensive than full-body 3D motion tracking equipment, but mobility is typically limited to facial features, head rotation, and limited upper body movement. These models suffered from many stuttering and accuracy issues in NIJISANJI's early days, but such issues are seen less often today as their technology has improved over time.

After debuting, Livers may receive 2.0 and 3.0 brushups, which expand their range of movement and allow for more facial expressions. 2.0 brushups were distributed randomly at first, but have been distributed per wave since 2021. 3.0 brushups began in 2021 with new expressions, further expanded movements and toggle options, and are distributed to random members through a lottery system. Those with 3D models are also eligible to receive 3D brushups, which are also announced through Twitter. Updates of any kind are tagged with #にじあぷで on Twitter.

As of November 2022, 146 Livers from NIJISANJI have received 2.0 brushups. Since 2022, all members already begin with 2.0.

As of March 2024, 92 NIJISANJI Livers (85 JP, 2 ID and 5 KR), and 16 NIJISANJI EN Livers have received 3.0 brushups.

In addition to Live2D and conventional full-body 3D motion capture, NIJISANJI also supports "Niji 3D" (にじ3D), which allows Livers to stream using their 3D models without a studio. The range of motion for Niji 3D is limited to the upper body and hand tracking.

As of April 2024, 106 Livers from NIJISANJI's main branch (104 JP, 1 ID, 1 KR) have received 3D models (including Livers who have used their models in events but have not had their YouTube debut yet) and 7 have received 3D brushups, while 7 Livers from NIJISANJI EN have received 3D models.



On 8 February, Ichikara Inc. announced the debut of eight Virtual YouTubers on Mirrativ. At the time, their role was to serve as official representatives for Ichikara's iPhoneX Live2D facetracking app, NIJISANJI.[2] These eight would later be known as NIJISANJI's first generation.[note 2]

On 15 March, Ichikara Inc. officially announced NIJISANJI's second generation of Virtual Livers, formalizing "NIJISANJI" as the agency's name for the first time.[3]

On 2 May, Ichikara Inc. introduced NIJISANJI Gamers, a new Virtual Liver group with a focus on Let's Play streams, with Kanae and Akabane Youko being its founding members.[4]

From 5 to 15 May, Ichikara Inc. held an audition for NIJISANJI SEEDs, a third Virtual Liver group under the NIJISANJI Project.[5] The first batch of selected candidates started their activities on 3 June.[6]

On 8 June, Ichikara announced the formation of VOIZ, an all-male group of four Virtual Livers.[7] However, two members ceased activities on 30 June, and the group was eventually disbanded on 9 August, with the two remaining members transferring to NIJISANJI SEEDs.

On 17 July, Ichikara Inc. announced Shanghai and Taipei branches of the NIJISANJI Project as an expansion intoto Chinese and Taiwanese VTuber markets. However, they are no longer active within NIJISANJI, and on April 2019, were transferred to another VTuber group called "VEgo" which only lasted for a month before retiring from YouTube entirely.[8][9]

On 13 December, Ichikara announced that both NIJISANJI Gamers and NIJISANJI SEEDs would be merged into the main NIJISANJI group at the end of the month.[10] After the merge, Livers who originated from Gamers or SEEDs started to use the term "ex-Gamers/SEEDs" when having a collab with their debut-mates.


In April 2019, a new company called "VirtuaReal" officially began their activities in China, as separate business focused in the chinese market. This company is a joint venture formed between Ichikara Inc and Bilibili, with the second company managing operations and everything while Ichikara provides technology support.

On 10 May, Ichikara Inc. announced the commencement of their NIJISANJI NetWORK (にじさんじネットワーク NIJISANJI NETTOWAAKU) partnership program, aimed at supporting the overall VTuber community. The first VTubers to participate in the program were Tenkai Tsukasa and Fairys Chan.[11] It was first hinted at on 8 May.[12]

On 19 July, Ichikara Inc. announced a new branch of the NIJISANJI Project in Indonesia called "NIJISANJI ID." Auditions for four initial virtual YouTuber positions were open from 19 July until 4 August[13], and the three selected candidates officially began their activities in September 2019.

On 18 November, Ichikara Inc. announced a new branch of the NIJISANJI Project in India called "NIJISANJI IN." Auditions for three initial virtual YouTuber positions were open from 18 November until 2 December[14], and the selected candidates officially began their activities in January 2020.

On 17 December, Ichikara Inc. announced a new branch of the NIJISANJI Project in South Korea called "NIJISANJI KR." Auditions for five virtual YouTuber positions were open from 20 December until 6 January 2020[15], and the four selected candidates officially began their activities in late January 2020.

On 31 December, NIJISANJI NetWORK ceased operations, and its former members are no longer officially partnered with NIJISANJI.[16]


On 22 June, NIJISANJI IN was rebranded as "NIJISANJI EN".[17] NIJISANJI also launched its official English YouTube channel on this same day.[18]

On 3 July, NIJISANJI's official YouTube channel opened memberships.[19]

On 27 November, the India-based branch previously rebranded as NIJISANJI EN was rebranded back to NIJISANJI IN.[20]

On 1 December, Ichikara Inc. announced the launch of NIJISANJI's first-wave auditions for English-speaking countries. Auditions were open from 1 December until 15 December.[21][22]

On 25 December, Ichikara Inc. announced it would assume official ownership of the previously unofficial NIJISANJI subreddit, r/Nijisanji.[23] Many of NIJISANJI's Livers joined the subreddit as moderators as well.


On 13 April, NIJISANJI IN announced the upcoming graduation of its Livers and the branch's suspension of activities on 30 April 2021, 23:59 JST.[24]

On 12 May, the English version of NIJISANJI's official website was released.[25] Later on the same day, Ichikara Inc. announced a new branch of the NIJISANJI Project for English-speaking countries, "NIJISANJI EN".[26][27] Three initial virtual YouTubers, previously selected during the auditions in December 2020, officially began their activities on 16 May.[TZ]

On 13 May, NIJISANJI launched its official TikTok account.[28]

On 17 May, Ichikara Inc. announced that it would change its name to ANYCOLOR Inc.[29]

On 18 June, ANYCOLOR announced the opening of VIRTUAL TALENT ACADEMY, a training program for amateurs interested in becoming VTubers, featuring vocational courses specialized toward streaming and content creation. Admission is audition-based, and training costs are covered by ANYCOLOR. Upon completion, academy graduates may be given an offer to debut directly into NIJISANJI, or are otherwise freely permitted to audition for any agency.


On 17 February, ANYCOLOR announced that NIJISANJI ID and NIJISANJI KR would be merged with the main NIJISANJI branch in early April. Currently active Livers would continue their activities under the NIJISANJI brand, using any languages of their choice. All activities and events on the ID and KR social media channels would be cancelled, including currently running programs and new wave auditions.[30] NIJISANJI ID and NIJISANJI KR officially merged into the main branch on 15 April.[31]

On 24 April, the NIJISANJI official YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers.[32][33]

On 7 July, ANYCOLOR announced their transmedia project, "Lie:verse Liars". a joint effort between ANYCOLOR, KADOKAWA and BALCOLONY.[34] The project includes various forms of media, voice dramas, light novels, and a web manga. In addition to professional seiyuu, the cast includes NIJISANJI Livers serving as virtual "actors", with characters incorporating the Livers' designs.[35]

On 28 July, the NIJISANJI official website received a full redesign.[36]

On 11-14 August, NIJISANJI held their Power Pro 2022 (パワプロ2022, Pawapuro 2022) tournament, "NIJISANJI Koshien 2022" (にじさんじ甲子園2022). The four-day event featured Livers from all across NIJISANJI (excluding VirtualReal), and was hosted by Maimoto Keisuke and Tenkai Tsukasa. The event was sponsored by Rakuten Collection, and the finals stream reached over 320,000 concurrent viewers, breaking the previous year's record of 201,000.[37][38]

On 26 September, NIJISANJI launched their official Weibo account with the hashtag #NIJISANJI入驻微博#.[39]

On 8 November, the NIJISANJI official website was updated with a "Streams" feature that displays all Livers' streams in a unified schedule and allows fans to track their favorite Livers.[40] Following this update, ANYCOLOR announced on 18 November that the website, which had served a similar purpose, would be discontinued on 30 November.[41]


On December, ANYCOLOR announced an update in its official NIJISANJI app for all the agency to use assets in the model of the Livers. The update still is in beta for the time, being able to use only one asset but through 2023 its going to have a full release.


HIs on an indefinite hiatus
RRetired from VTubing activities
Nijisanji Logo


Main article: NIJISANJI (main branch)

Prior to April 2022, NIJISANJI's main branch consisted of Japanese-speaking Livers and catered to Japanese audiences, so it was sometimes unofficially referred to as "NIJISANJI JP" to distinguish it from overseas branches. The Indonesian and Korean branches merged with the main branch on 15 April 2022.

Tsukino Mito Shibuya Hajime Higuchi Kaede Shizuka Rin Moira Suzuya Aki Elu
Tsukino Mito Headshot
Shibuya Hajime Headshot
Higuchi Kaede Headshot
Shizuka Rin Headshot
Moira Headshot
Suzuya Aki Headshot
Elu Headshot
Ienaga Mugi Mononobe Alice Kenmochi Toya Morinaka Kazaki Fushimi Gaku Gilzaren III Suzuka Utako
Ienaga Mugi Headshot
Mononobe Alice Headshot
Kenmochi Toya Headshot
Morinaka Kazaki Headshot Both Ages
Fushimi Gaku Headshot
Gilzaren III Headshot
Suzuka Utako Headshot 3
Fumino Tamaki Ushimi Ichigo Yuuhi Riri Kanae Akabane Youko Dola Hanabatake Chaika
Fumino Tamaki Headshot
Ushimi Ichigo Headshot
Yuuhi Riri Headshot
Kanae - Headshot 3
Akabane Youko Headshot
Dola Headshot
Hanabatake Chaika Headshot
Ryushen Sister Claire Suzuki Masaru Todoroki Kyoko Uzuki Kou Yashiro Kizuku Harusaki Air
Ryushen Headshot
Sister Cleaire Headshot
Suzuki Masaru Headshot 2
Todoroki Kyoko Headshot 2
Uzuki Kou Headshot
Harusaki Air Headshot 2
Naruse Naru Sasaki Saku Honma Himawari Makaino Ririmu Kuzuha Shiina Yuika Kanda Shoichi
Naruse Naru - Headshot (3)
Sasaki Saku Headshot
Honma Himawari Headshot
Makaino Ririmu - Portrait
Kuzuha Headshot
Shiina Yuika Headshot
Kanda Shoichi Headshot
Amemori Sayo Takamiya Rion Asuka Hina Maimoto Keisuke Debidebi Debiru Rindou Mikoto Joe Rikiichi
Amemori Sayo Headshot
Takamiya Rion Headshot
Asuka Hina Headshot
Debidebi Debiru Headshot
Rindou Mikoto Headshot
Rikiichi Joe Headshot
Machita Chima Sakura Ritsuki Belmond Banderas Yaguruma Rine Yumeoi Kakeru Kuroi Shiba Yuzuki Roa
Machita Chima Headshot
Sakura Ritsuki Headshot
Belmond Banderas Headshot
Yaguruma Rine Headshot
Yumeoi Kakeru Headshot
Kuroi Shiba Headshot
Yuzuki Roa - Portrait
Onomachi Haruka Kataribe Tsumugu H Seto Miyako Inui Toko Ange Katrina Lize Helesta Saegusa Akina
Onomachi Haruka Headshot
Kataribe Tsumugu Headshot
Seto Miyako Headshot
Inui Toko
Ange Katrina Headshot
Lize Helesta - Portrait
Saegusa Akina 2022 Headshot
Aizono Manami Yukishiro Mahiro Ex Albio Levi Elipha Hayama Marin Nui Sociere Hakase Fuyuki
Aizono Manami Headshot
Yukishiro Mahiro Headshot
Ex Albio Headshot
Levi Elipha Headshot
Hayama Marin - Headshot
Nui Sociere Headshot
Hakase Fuyuki Headshot
Yorumi Rena Kagami Hayato Ars Almal Amamiya Kokoro Eli Conifer Ratna Petit Hana Macchia
Yorumi Rena Headshot
Kagami Hayato Headshot
Ars face
Amamiya Kokoro Headshot
Eli Conifer Headshot
Ratna Petit 2020 Headshot
Hana Macchia Headshot
Sukoya Kana Hayase Sou Shellin Burgundy Fumi Yamagami Karuta Hoshikawa Sara Emma August
Sukoya Kana Headshot
Hayase Sou Headshot
Shellin Burgundy Headshot
Fumi Headshot
Yamagami Karuta Headshot
Hoshikawa Sara Headshot
Emma August Headshot 2
Luis Cammy Matsukai Mao Gwelu Os Gar Shirayuki Tomoe Fuwa Minato Rai Galilei Kurusu Natsume
Luis Cammy - Headshot
Matsukai Mao Headshot
Gwelu Os Gar Headshot
Shirayuki Tomoe Headshot
Fuwa Minato Headshot
Rai Galilei Headshot
Kurusu Natsume Headshot 2
Naraka Mashiro Meme Min Suha Furen E Lustario Ibrahim Gaon Layla Alstroemeria
Naraka Headshot
Mashiro Headshot
Min Suha Headshot
Furen E Lustario Headshot
Ibrahim Headshot
Gaon New Headshot
Layla Alstroemeria Headshot
Genzuki Tojiro Nagao Kei Kaida Haru So Nagi Sorahoshi Kirame Suo Sango Kitakoji Hisui
Genzuki Tojiro Headshot 3
Nagao Kei Headshot
Kaida Haru Headshot
So Nagi Headshot
Sorahoshi Kirame Headshot
Suo Sango Headshot
Kitakoji Hisui Headshot 2
Todo Kohaku Nishizono Chigusa Lee Roha Akira Ray Etna Crimson Yang Nari Ryu Hari
Todo Kohaku Headshot
Nishizono Chigusa Headshot
Lee Roha Headshot
Akira Ray Headshot
Etna Crimson Headshot
Yang Nari Headshot (2)
Ryu Hari Headshot
Oh Jiyu Nagisa Arcinia Derem Kado Seffyna Ban Hada Lauren Iroas Leos Vincent
Oh Jiyu Headshot
Nagisa Arcinia Headshot
Derem Kado Headshot 2
Seffyna Headshot
Ban Hada Headshot
Lauren Iroas Headshot
Leos Vincent Headshot
Oliver Evans Lain Paterson Ha Yun Na Sera Umise Yotsuha Amagase Muyu Ponto Nei
Oliver Evans Headshot
Lain Paterson Headshot
Ha Yun Headshot
Na Sera Headshot
Umise Yotsuha - Icon
Amagase Muyu - Icon
Ponto Nei - Icon
Hyakumantenbara Salome Fura Kanato Watarai Hibari Shikinagi Akira Seraph Dazzlegarden Igarashi Rika Koshimizu Toru
Hyakumantenbara Salome - Icon
Fura Kanato Headshot
Watarai Hibari Headshot
Shikinagi Akira Headshot
Seraph Dazzlegarden Headshot
Igarashi Rika Headshot
Koshimizu Toru Headshot
Ishigami Nozomi Sophia Valentine Kuramochi Meruto Kaburaki Roco Shishido Akari Akagi Wen Usami Rito
Ishigami Nozomi Headshot
Sophia Valentine Headshot
Kuramochi Meruto Headshot
Kaburaki Roco Headshot
Shishido Akari Headshot
Akagi Wen Headshot
Usami Rito Headshot
Saiki Ittetsu Hibachi Mana Inami Rai Koyanagi Rou Hoshirube Sho Murakumo Kagetsu Tachitsute Toto
Saiki Ittetsu Headshot
Hibachi Mana Headshot
Inami Rai Headshot
Koyanagi Rou Headshot
Hoshirube Sho Headshot
Murakumo Kagetsu Headshot
Tachitsute Toto Headshot
Shioriha Ruri Milan Kestrel Kitami Yusei Kaisei Sakaki Ness
Shioriha Ruri Headshot
Milan Kestrel Headshot
Kitami Yusei Headshot
Kaisei Headshot
Sakaki Ness Headshot

Nijisanji EN Logo


Main article: NIJISANJI EN

NIJISANJI's English branch, consisting of English-speaking Livers. Unlike other overseas branches, it is not associated with any specific country and is aimed at English-speaking audiences around the world, with members living in many different countries.

Related Projects

VirtuaReal logo 2


Main article: VirtuaReal

Also known as VirtuaReal Project, it is a joint venture company established in 2019 between ANYCOLOR and bilibili, with bilibili managing the entire project under ANYCOLOR technology support. VirtuaReal mainly has Chinese-speaking Livers and is catered to Chinese audiences, streaming mainly at bilibili.

While it also has two partnership programs in VirtuaReal Link and VirtuaReal Star, only the main group members are considered VirtuaReal, with the other two projects having indies who own their own IP partnered with the company.[note 3]

VTA Logo



VIRTUAL TALENT ACADEMY (also known as VTA) is a talent training project managed by ANYCOLOR, with students joining by audition with costs provided by the company if accepted. The program includes a vocational course specializing on the skill set required for streaming and content production, which require the students to have a 30-minute weekly relay live stream on VTA's YouTube channel. Aside from that, the students also have acting, dancing, singin and other classes alongside streaming. Upon completion, the graduate may be given the offer to debut as NIJISANJI Liver, freely move to other agencies or be indie.

Some of VTA's former students who debuted as NIJISANJI Livers are: Umise Yotsuha, Ponto Nei, Amagase Muyu, Fura Kanato, Watarai Hibari, Shikinagi Akira, and Seraph Dazzlegarden. More can be seen in the link for the page.



Main article: UN-DIMENSION

UN-DIMENSION is a NIJISANJI fashion line-up collaboration project brand which offers products and services produced by NIJISANJI Livers highlighting their individual thoughts and personalities. Their vision is to transcend the barriers between 2D and 3D world through its various products, services, and purchasing experiences offered. The products are sold both online (website) and offline (pop-up store) for limited time.

NIJISANJI Livers who were previously featured includes: Kanae, Higuchi Kaede, Inui Toko, Fuwa Minato, Ibrahim, and Furen E Lustario.

Defunct Licensed Projects

Nijisanji VTuber Project Logo

NIJISANJI Shanghai/Taipei

Based in Shanghai and in Taipei, these branches were NIJISANJI's first presence overseas. Referred to as NIJISANJI VTuber Project (二次三次虚拟主播企划), it was created and fully operated by CAPSULE Inc. with ANYCOLOR (at the time, Ichikara) providing branding and technical support.

The branches began running from 24 August 2018. However, CAPSULE lost the license for the "NIJISANJI" brand and they abandoned the name on 29 March 2019, changing their name to VEgo.


By the end of March 2019, with Saitania as its sole remaining member, the Shanghai branch had been deprecated and merged with the Taipei branch to form VEgo.

Yingou R Siddel R Limaoshan R Miyashita Mariko R Angie Fei R Royuanan R Qing R Saitania Liun Limse R
Yingou - Headshot
Siddel - Headshot
Limaoshan - Headshot
Miyashita Mariko - Headshot
AngieFei - Headshot
Royuanan - Headshot
Qing - Headshot
SaitaniaLiunLimse - Headshot


By the end of February 2020, VEgo only had one active member left, Talency, and finally ceased operations along with her retiring on 31 March 2020.

Monmon R Atles R Dailechi R Chen Kuang Kuang R Kobayakawa Nana R Mifentan R Siarurin R Talency R
Monmon - Headshot
Atles - Headshot
Dailechi - Headshot
ChenKuangKuang - Headshot
KobayakawaNana - Headshot
Mifentan - Headshot
Siarurin - Headshot
Talency - Headshot

Defunct Branches

FLeft the group or agency
RRetired from VTubing activities


VOIZ (ボイズ, Boizu) was an ensemble of four male Virtual Livers launched in June 2018. Two of its members ceased activities after their first livestreams, while Naruse Naru and Harusaki Air, who initially were part of the group when debuting, chose to continue their activities and were transferred to NIJISANJI SEEDs a few months after debut.

Harusaki Air
(transferred to SEEDs)
Naruse Naru
(transferred to SEEDs)
Kurohane Kuroto R Kaminari Poaro R
Harusaki Air Headshot
Naruse Naru - Headshot (2)
Kurohane Kuroto - Headshot
Kaminari Poaro - Headshot

Nijisanji Network Logo


NIJISANJI NetWORK (にじさんじネットワーク) was a partnership program aimed at supporting independent virtual talents. It was launched on 10 May 2019 and its first participants were Tenkai Tsukasa and Fairys-chan. The program was ultimately terminated on 31 December 2019 but both members still continue their activities.

Tenkai Tsukasa F Fairys-chan F
Tenkai Tsukasa - Icon
Fairys-chan - Icon

Nijisanji IN Logo


NIJISANJI's Indian branch, also known as 3 idiots, consisting of English-speaking Livers and aimed at the Indian market, began their activities in January 2020. The branch was briefly rebranded to "NIJISANJI EN" on 22 June 2020 before being reverted back to "NIJISANJI IN" on 27 November 2020. It ceased operations after April 2021.

Aadya R Noor R Vihaan R
Aadya Headshot
Noor Headshot
Vihaan Headshot

Nijisanji ID Logo


NIJISANJI's Indonesian branch, consisting of Indonesian-speaking Livers and aimed at Indonesian audiences, began their activities in September 2019. Originally operating as a separate branch, it was merged into the main NIJISANJI branch on 15 April 2022, where all of its members were still active at the time of the merger.

Nijisanji KR Logo


NIJISANJI's South Korean branch, consisting of Korean-speaking Livers and aimed at South Korean audiences, began their activities in January 2020. Originally operating as a separate branch, it was merged into the main NIJISANJI branch on 15 April 2022. Below is the list of the members who retired pre-merge.

Moarin R Lorou R Hakuren R Yu Ruri R Kaen R Wiffy R Shin Yuya R
Moarin Headshot
Lorou Headshot
Hakuren Headshot
Yu Ruri Headshot
Kaen Headshot
Wiffy Headshot
Shin Yuya Headshot
Nun Bora R Ko Yami R Lee Siu R Lee On R Shin Kiru R Chae Ara R
Nun Bora - headshot (February 2021 costume)
Ko Yami Headshot
Lee Siu Headshot
Lee On Headshot
Shin Kiru Headshot
Chae Ara Headshot

Known Staff

Tazumi Riku
Tokimori Seisa
VirtuaReal Producer
Riku Tazumi
Tokimori Seisa - Icon
ANYCOLOR Kuroko - Icon
Stove - Icon
Aimai Moco
Iwanaga Taiki F
Ichikara COO
Aimai Moco Icon
Iwanaga Taiki-chan


Main article: List of NIJISANJI Songs
Nijisanji Music MIX UP!! 27 November 2019    
  1. "Dive with me!!!"
    feat. JK-gumi (Tsukino Mito, Shizuka Rin, and Higuchi Kaede)
  2. "I'm gonna be OK"
    feat. TogaNoir (Fushimi Gaku, Kenmochi Toya, Kuzuha, and Kanae)
  3. "Mera Mera Heart" (メラメラハート)
    feat. NZMN (Harusaki Air, Yumeoi Kakeru, Naruse Naru, and Uzuki Kou)
  4. "Subliminal Synchronity" (サブリミナル・シンクロニシティ)
    feat. Green Rouge (Hanabatake Chaika and Joe Rikiichi)
  5. "Ai no Sonzai Shomei" (愛の存在証明)
    feat. ERRors (Elu, Yuhi Riri, and Ryushen)
  6. "Himitsu no Hokago" (秘密の放課後~貴方は染まらずにいられるか~)
    feat. BG Club (Suzuka Utako, Morinaka Kazaki, and Moira)
  7. "pure♡palet Wander Land" (pure♡paletワンダーランド)
    feat. pure♡palet (Mononobe Alice and Sister Claire)
  8. "Buzz!! Re Movement" (Buzz!!りムーヴメント)
    feat. usus (Honma Himawari and Dola)
  9. "Jyunjo Iromeku Honoo ha Yurete" (純情色めく焔は揺れて)
    feat. Gekkabijin (Rindou Mikoto, Akabane Youko, and Shiina Yuika)
    feat. Prism Lyric! (Ushimi Ichigo, Ienaga Mugi, and Yuki Chihiro)
  11. "Dive with me!!!" (Instrumental)
  12. "I'm gonna be OK" (Instrumental)
  13. "Mera Mera Heart" (Instrumental)
  14. "Subliminal Synchronity" (Instrumental)
  15. "Ai no Sonzai Shomei" (Instrumental)
  16. "Himitsu no Hokago" (Instrumental)
  17. "pure♡palet Wander Land" (Instrumental)
  18. "Buzz!! Re Movement" (Instrumental)
  19. "Jyunjo Iromeku Honoo ha Yurete" (Instrumental)
  20. "STARRY WORDS" (Instrumental)
Nijisanji - Nijisanji Music MIX UP!!
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Digital Release • YouTube
SMASH The PAINT!! 18 March 2020    
  1. "San-bai! Sunshine! Carnival!" (3倍!Sun Shine!カーニバル!)
    feat. Sanbaka (Ange Katrina, Inui Toko, and Lize Helesta)
  2. "Not For You"
    feat. ChroNoir (Kanae and Kuzuha)
  3. "1+1 de Q.E.D. !!" (1+1でQ.E.D.!!)
    feat. Gaburiera (Otogibara Era and Warabeda Meiji)
  4. "Seishun mode! Mou ikkai!!" (青春モード!もう1回!!)
    feat. Honma Himawari
  5. "Sunday Sunday-Fruit Fool" (サンデーサンデー・フルーツフール)
    feat. Eclaire (Elu and Sister Claire)
  6. "Playtime Magic"
    feat. le jouet (Ryushen, Yumeoi Kakeru, and Kagami Hayato)
  7. "Radical Rabid Riot"
    feat. RRR (Joe Rikiichi, Takamiya Rion, and Rindou Mikoto)
  8. "Attouteki Sonzai-kan" (圧 倒 的 存 在 感, Overwhelming Presence)
    feat. Debilulu (Debidebi Debiru and Suzuhara Lulu)
  9. "sendoukaijuu daipanda" (煽動海獣ダイパンダ)
    feat. Sasaki Saku
  10. "Only"
    feat. Higuchi Kaede
  11. "Aimless Story"
    feat. Shizuka Rin
  12. "Antigravity Girl" (アンチグラビティ・ガール)
    feat. Tsukino Mito
Nijisanji - SMASH The PAINT!!
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Digital Release
"LIGHT UP TONES" Live Album 2 Febaruary 2022    
  1. "1・2・3"
    feat. Yumeoi Kakeru and Levi Elipha
  2. "Hakanaku Mo Towa No Kanashi" (儚くも永久のカナシ)
    feat. Hanabatake Chaika
  3. "give it back"
    feat. Machita Chima
  4. "Black Market Blues"
    feat. Joe Rikiichi and Kagami Hayato
    feat. Higuchi Kaede and Ryushen
  6. "Mikan No Uta" (みかんのうた)
    feat. Hanabatake Chaika, Joe Rikiichi, Yumeoi Kakeru, and Kagami Hayato
  7. "Canaria Naku Sora" (カナリヤ鳴く空)
    feat. Ryushen, Machita Chima, and Levi Elipha
  8. "Wonder NeverLand"
    feat. Higuchi Kaede, Ryushen, Hanabatake Chaika, Machita Chima, Joe Rikiichi, Yumeoi Kakeru, Levi Elipha, and Kagami Hayato
  9. "Kakumei Dualism" (革命デュアリズム)
    feat. Dola and Kuzuha
  10. "Beaver" (ビーバー)
    feat. Kanae
  11. "S'il Vous President" (シル・ヴ・プレジデント)
    feat. Makaino Ririmu
  12. "Ao To Natsu" (青と夏)
    feat. Kenmochi Toya and Shiina Yuika
  13. "Mitoraji Galactica" (みとらじギャラクティカ)
    feat. Tsukino Mito
  14. "Suicide Parade" (スーサイドパレヱド)
    feat. Kenmochi Toya, Kanae, and Kuzuha
  15. "Gabriel DropKick" (ガヴリールドロップキック)
    feat. Tsukino Mito, Dola, Makaino Ririmu, and Shiina Yuika
  16. "Wonder NeverLand"
    feat. Tsukino Mito, Kenmochi Toya, Kanae, Dola, Makaino Ririmu, Kuzuha, and Shiina Yuika
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  • NIJISANJI can be represented as the number 2434, the reason being that when you say the numbers out loud in Japanese, it phonetically sounds like “ni” (ニ), “ji” (四) “san” (三), and “ji”, so this is sometimes seen in their material. During live-streams, fans sometimes donate 2434 yen (~$18.64 USD).
  • NIJISANJI is often represented using the rainbow emoji (niji) and 3 o'clock emoji (sanji). Livers use this to represent their affiliation with NIJISANJI while fans use it to show that they are fans of NIJISANJI.
  • ANYCOLOR Inc. is run by Tazumi Riku, the CEO and founder of the company and since 2021, executive officer at the Overseas VTuber Division. He has made appearances on the NIJISANJI YouTube channel and is even the inspiration behind some of the membership emojis. He has his own Twitter and YouTube channel.
  • NIJISANJI used to be run the by Iwanaga Taiki, the former COO of ANYCOLOR Inc. He switched to running SLEE, an idol group that used to be under ANYCOLOR, after he started undergoing treatment for cancer. He has now gone into remission and has left ANYCOLOR to become the president of Yokaze Inc, where he will continue to run SLEE. His Twitter is here. He sometimes does live-streams as a female-looking VTuber named Iwanaga-chan whose Twitter is here.
  • NIJISANJI's app has a mascot called Yugamin. Livers can stream as Yugamin instead of their usual forms as Yugamin has a Live2D model. Yugamin was designed by ほーじろ, who also designed Shibuya Hajime, Kenmochi Toya, Fushimi Gaku, Sister Cleaire, Amemori Sayo, Todoroki Kyoko, Yumeoi Kakeru, and Pax.
  • Whenever someone who isn't a Liver appears in a 3D stream, their avatar is that of a kuroko (黒衣, black-clad), a stagehand in traditional Japanese theater wearing black clothes that cover the entire body. The kuroko are usually ANYCOLOR staff.
  • There has been multiple instances where a model was left unused, one notable example being that of "Eudrick" who was revealed alongside Warabeda Meiji, Kudo Chitose, Fumi, and Gundou Mirei.[42] While it isn't that big of a deal at first after Fumi officially debuted alongside Hoshikawa Sara and Yamagami Karuta fans began to question about Eudrick whereabouts as he is the only left from the previously mentioned batch, as time goes on with many more member introduced, none of which are him it began to devolve into a running joke among even the Livers themselves who treated him as some sort of unofficial member,[43] he even makes an appearance at NIJISANJI Koshien 2021 where he was drafted and eventually join as part of Shiina Yuika's Team.


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  1. The term Liver, coined by mixing Japanese and English, is a heteronym that refers to NIJISANJI's focus on livestreaming.
  2. While international NIJISANJI debut groups are often referred to as "waves," NIJISANJI's first four groups are only referred to as「期生」 (typically translated to "generation") .
  3. One VirtuaReal member who was established prior to VirtuaReal, Joi, is listed as part of VirtuaReal Project on the official VirtuaReal website, but omitted from NIJISANJI's VirtuaReal roster. Thus, she is excluded from the member counts and tables on this page.


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