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Nakiri Ayame (百鬼あやめ) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, as part of its second generation of VTubers alongside Minato Aqua, Murasaki Shion, Yuzuki Choco, and Oozora Subaru.

Introduction Video


【初配信】新人バーチャル鬼神 百鬼あやめです!

Ayame's introduction.


Ayame is an oni who seems to talk to humans as if they are below her. However in spite of this, she is very friendly, playful and treats her audience equally to herself. Even sometimes looking up to humans she respects such as Houshou Marine to where she had difficulties approaching her.

Ayame is infamous for her approachability and her rather sensitive funny bone, as it's very easy to make her let loose a cute little giggle from the slightest amusement. She will laugh when she's up to no good, chuckle at her observations on things, giggle at her mistakes and burst at her chat's cheap jokes. Bad Japanese puns are especially her weakness as she starts giggling and laughing to where she can't contain herself anymore, bashing her table uncontrollably and needing to stop whatever she's doing just to let it loose.

She can be very analytical of new people in a social context, oftenly taking 5 separate encounters before she collects enough "data" to know how to approach someone, which can sometimes cause analytical meltdowns when around people who prefer to know someone ASAP (like Marine). Additionally, typical of an oni, she can also have a really violent temper if pushed too far as she got into a physical fight with her father and kicked a hole in the wall when someone deleted all of her cable recordings...again. But when streaming she always keeps herself in a fantastic enough mood to avoid showing her anger in front of her fans, save for cute toothless outbursts.

She greets her fans with "Konnakiri!"


"Greetings, humans! Nakiri Ayame has arrived!"

A kimono-clad Oni girl from the Demonic-Realm Academy. As she loves to prank people, she always uses will-o’-the-wisp on them just to have fun. Many may not realize it, but she is actually the president of the student council.[2]



Her Twitter account was opened on 1 August 2018 while her YouTube channel was created on 12 August although she did not start her activities on her channel until her introduction stream which was live on 3 September.[3]


On 14 May, she announced she will be getting a 3D model.[4] She debuted her 3D model on 17 May.[5]

On 9 August, she debuted her 3D swimsuit costume.[6]

On 20 November she announced on her Twitter account a new 2D costume[7] which debuted during a stream on 23 November.[8]


On 1 January, she published in Twitter, that she would get her new year costume,[9] which was later revealed during a stream the same day.[10]

On 24 January along with the other hololive girls up to the third generation, she debuted her 3D idol outfit at hololive's 1st fes. Nonstop Story.[11]

On 28 July, she announced on her Twitter account that her original 2D model would be updated to the 2.0 version, later on 31 July she debuted her updated model during a stream. Her updated model features more facial expression, her mouth for example has much more movement while talking and smiling, her hair bangs now have natural movement and she can turn freely in more directions, in line with the model capabilities of hololive members from the GAMERS unit onwards.[12][13]

On 21 December, she reached 600,000 YouTube subscribers.



  • Her fanbase is officially called "Nakiri-gumi" (百鬼組).


  • She has a bad sense of direction, often going the wrong way. This has lead to the birth of the "Docchi Docchi" MAD (Songs made out of clips set to music), and she is sometimes teased with it by other members.
  • Before becoming a VTuber, she revealed she used to be a loner and had trouble interacting with others. Since joining hololive, she was progressively able to make bonds with the other members, open up and rely on them, and gain self-confidence.
  • She admitted to wearing glasses. In fact, her eyesight is typically very terrible.
  • She's a fan of FPS games and frequently plays them on stream, possessing lightning quick reflexes rivaling Minato Aqua as can be seen when she plays shooters like Apex Legends.
  • She's bad at horror games and is easily scared.
  • She shares her character designer Kagura Nana with Spade Echo of hololive China.
  • Yukihana Lamy is a big fan of Ayame.
  • She owns a pet cat named Jirusuke.
  • She always carries twin katanas on her back. The black-handled oodachi is the cursed sword Rakshasa (Japanese: 妖刀ようとう羅刹らせつ」, youtou "Rasetsu"), and its blade is haunted by dark mist. The red-handled dachi is the demon blade Asura (Japanese: 鬼人刀きじんと阿修羅あすら」, kijinto Asura) and has a red blade. Both appear on her original design sheet, while their English names are attested in Ayame's appearance in Azur Lane.
    • The original character board describes Rakshasa as an oodachi, or extra-long sword. While this term is often used to describe a sword longer than a normal katana, Ayame's sword appears to be of normal length, although it is slightly longer than Asura, which is described merely as a dachi, or sword. This combination of a katana and shorter sword (wakizashi) commonly appears in depictions of samurai, as popularized by Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings and other works.
    • Rakshasa is referred to as "youtou", meaning a cursed, magical, or demon blade. The first kanji "you" appears in "youkai", a Japanese term for spirits or monsters of folklore.
    • Asura is referred to as "kijinto" or "kijin katana", with "kijin" referring to a type of supernatural creature such as a demon, god, or rakshasa. The first kanji of kijin is the kanji for "oni", which also appears in the name Nakiri.
    • Both rakshasa and asura are named after types of supernatural beings of Hindu myth. The rakshasa is a demon-like creature created from the breath of Brahma, and later popularized via in Dungeons & Dragons as having a tiger-like appearance. The asura is a type of being who wars against the devas or gods.
  • She is a fan of Pretty Cure. Her favorite series is Smile Pretty Cure, and her favorite characters are Cure Happy, Cure Peace, and Cure Beauty. However, she denies being an otaku.[16] This is because, domestically, Otaku is used to describe a person who is overly knowledgeable about a particular subject, similar to a mega nerd, as opposed to the western adopted meaning flanderized as "Anime fan".

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