Natsuiro Matsuri (夏色まつり) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber endorsed by hololive.

Introduction Video

Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり のライブ

Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり のライブ

  Matsuri's introduction.


Matsuri is an energetic, highly expressive, and chaotic individual who seems to enjoy doing outrageous things purely for their comedic value. Some examples include pressuring fellow Hololive member Minato Aqua into sleeping next to her in a Minecraft stream, posting a suggestive video on Shirakami Fubuki's Twitter of her moaning Fubuki's name,[2] and groping Hoshimachi Suisei's actress.

However, underneath her naughty and tomboyish exterior, Matsuri is actually a sensitive, emotionally intelligent young girl who can speak frankly and maturely about a variety of topics. She will sometimes host audio only streams right before she goes to sleep or while in the bath and simply talk to her viewers about her life and her inner thoughts.



Her Twitter account opened on 16 May 2018 while her YouTube channel was created on 25 May although she did not start her activities on YouTube until her first stream on 2 June.


On 1 November, she debuted her second 2D model.[3]


On 1 April, she announced that she would get her 3D model in the middle of April.[4]

On 3 April commemorating this, she built a model of her in 3D in Minecraft.[5] She later announced the debut date to be on 15 April.[6] She showed her 3D model in a stream where she also mentioned several collaborations with several other VTubers such as DeepWebUnderground and Pinky Pop Hepburn.[7]

On 6 August, Matsuri showcased her 3D model swimsuit. [8]


On 1 January, she announced in Twitter that she would get her third 2D costume to celebrate the new year,[9] this costume was later revealed the same day.[10]

On 23 January, her YouTube channel became demonetized.[11] A few minutes later, she said on her Twitter account that it was due to one of the songs she sung,[12] claiming it was a mistake on Youtube's side, so she would reapplied for monetization the next month.[13]

On 24 January along with the other hololive girls up to the third generation, she debuted her 3D idol outfit at hololive's 1st fest Nonstop Story.[14]

On 30 January, she announced on her Twitter account the remonetization of her channel.[15][16]

On 1 March, she teased on Twitter a new 2D model for her next stream.[17] On 2 March, she revealed this 2D model, unlike her normal model, in this one Matsuri is a 6 year old girl and acts for the most part like one.[18]



She has a mascot called Ebi Frion, part-lion part-fried shrimp. This is a pun on the words "Ebifurai" (fried shrimp) and "lion".


  • She has openly admitted to being a lolicon.
  • Her mother, known as 'Mamatsuri', has been on streams with her when they do Q&As.
  • She has a younger brother who has appeared on some of her streams before.[21]

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