Natsumi Moe (夏実萌恵) is a Female English-speaking Japanese Virtual YouTuber, she is a part of Eilene and Moemi's YouTube channel project. She is Yomemi's older sister.

Introduction Video

UNEXPECTED RETURN!!! A new virtual youtuber makes her debut!?

UNEXPECTED RETURN!!! A new virtual youtuber makes her debut!?

Moe's self-introduction.


Moe is best described as a joker with a sailor's mouth. Her humor thus far is considered to be dark compared to most VTubers, albeit unintentional. As mentioned in the Official Eilene and Friends Discord server and in the Cry of Fear video, Moe admitted to being easily terrified and unable to fare well in horror games despite loving the genre itself. According to Comdost, she does not like shooters. Moe's Twitter and photoshop video demonstrates Moe to be quite talented with photo-editing, and Moe claims to know how to video edit as well.


  • She used to be known as OtakuMOE in Eilene's Family and was introduced as an android that only was able to speak in English. At that time Moe was voiced through a text to speech software just like Eilene, Beilene and Beno.
  • OtakuMOE's channel was initially a repository of Eilene's videos with English subtitles and aimed to overseas audiences. Just like with the Mirai Akari project, Natsumi Moe's channel is just a rebranding of a channel initially devoted to Eilene's earlier videos.
  • After a year of disappearance, she returned as Natsumi Moe on 31 July 2018, and introduced herself as a university student who lives in the United States.
  • When Moe was asked in twitter if she is still fond of BL doujinshi like Otaku Moe, she replied .‘Yes’
  • Her greetings consists of "What's up, *******!?" and "Welcome aboard the Moe train, master!"
  • Moe claims her chest is a treasure trove of wonders compared to Yomemi's stale flatbread.
  • Moe lurks in the Official Eilene and Friends Server.

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