Gynoid VT-212, better known simply as Neets (ニーツ) is a Female mechanical Japanese Virtual Youtuber, or MechaTuber (メカチューバー) as she regards herself, who debuted on 18 January 2018. Neets is also a founding member of the VTuber Group, Tenmakinin ver G.

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The reason that she was born is to period the war of Kinoko-Takenoko[1] on the side of Takenoko. Her voice uses artificial vocal chords, which sounds like speaking through voice changer. She sometimes use Physics engine to play, it produces surreal videos.


She is a robot who has silver hair, and equips ball-Joint to connect her arms and legs with body.


  • She has a sister, VT-213 (Neeme).
  • Her arms are taken off easily, so if she handcrap, her arms fall down.
  • Thanks to her unique structure of arms, She can rocket punch, but it seems like her arms are exploding because this attack is too fast.
  • Neets was born on 12 January, 1992, sharing the same birthday as the Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey's infamous computer HAL 9000, who was activated on the same day. Also her serial number 212 is a pun on this date (199)2/1/12, the number 2 being read as "ni (に)", the number 1 being read as the Roman numeral "I" and 2 being read as "two" but transliterated as "tsu (つ)". Which it renders as niitsu (にいいつ) and modified according to the katakana spelling rules as ニーツ [1]
  • Because of being born in January, she shares the same Zodiac sign with her fellow member of the Tenmakinin ver. G Inui Shinichiro, as both are Capricorn.
  • Neets uses as a background music for her videos, the instrumental theme Space Factory by Koichi Morita (森田交一)

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  1. Kinoko no yama and Takenoko no sato are both famous chocolate snacks in Japan. Both products often compete which one is more popular. Many Japanese compare this competition to war.
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