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Nijisanji (にじさんじ) is a group of mostly 2D-only Virtual YouTubers and also known as "Virtual Livers" (バーチャルライバー Baacharu Raibaa) when posting in other sites outside YouTube such as to NicoNico Douga (a self-made Wasei-eigo word pronounced similar to "alive", not as the "liver" organ) who stream via iPhoneX devices with face capture and Nijisanji's app. This is technically simpler and much less expensive than a full-body 3D-capture equipment, but the resulting motion is mostly limited to facial features, and the technology has been noted to suffer some stuttering and accuracy issues. The group started in Japan in early 2018 and is managed by Ichikara Inc.

There are a large number of Nijisanji members in the Top 100 Virtual YouTubers, with Tsukino Mito having the highest number of subscribers, and the other girls in the JK Gumi being close by.



On 17 July, they announced Chinese and Taiwanese Vtubers as an expansion into those markets. However, they are no longer active within Nijisanji and on April 2019, were transferred to another virtual group called "VEgo" which only lasted for a month before retiring from Youtube entirely. [1]


An offshoot of the Nijisanji Project in China called "VirtuaReal", started activities on April 2019.

On 10 May, they announced the commencement of their Nijisanji NetWORK (にじさんじネットワーク Nijisanji NETTOWAAKU) partnership program which is aimed towards giving supports towards other virtual talents. The first VTubers to participate in the program are Tenkai Tukasa and Fairys Chan.[2] It was first hinted at on 8 May.[3] Since 31 December 2019, it is no longer operational.[4]

On 19 July, their parent company, Ichikara Inc., announced an offshoot of the project in Indonesia named "NIJISANJI ID". Audition for the available four virtual YouTubers are open from 19 July until 4 August.[5]

"NIJISANJI IN", which is an offshoot of the Nijisanji Project in India, was announced on 18 November. Auditions are opened from 18 November until 2 December. [6]

On 17 December, Ichikara Inc., announced auditions will open for five Virtual Youtubers for an offshoot project in South Korea called "NIJISANJI KR." Auditions will begin from 20 December until 6 January 2020. [7]



First and Second wave of Nijisanji Virtual Livers (From Left: Alice, Utako, Aki, Kazaki, Chihiro, Ichigo, Hajime, Elu, Kaede, Mito, Rin, Moira, Toya, Gaku, Riri, Mugi, Tamaki and Gilzaren.)

The current members endorsed by Nijisanji include:

First Wave

Second Wave

Gamers (former members; now part of the main Nijisanji group)

SEEDs (former members; now part of the main Nijisanji group)

The Nijisanji Gamers and SEEDS groups were later dissolved, merging them into a single Nijisanji group. [1]


Originally a four Virtual Liver ensemble. Only two members of the VOIZ group are continuing with their activities:

2019 Wave

2020 Wave

as of FEB 2020

Nijisanji NetWORK (former members)

NIJISANJI ID (Indonesia)


NIJISANJI KR (South Korea)

VirtuaReal (China)


  • Nijisanji can be represented as the number 2434, so this is sometimes seen in their material. Also during live-streams, fans sometimes donate 2434 yen (~$21 USD).
  • The company is run by a man named Iwanaga, whose Twitter is here. He sometimes does live-streams as a female-looking VTuber named Iwanaga-chan.
  • On March 2019, Nijisanji was forced to abort the debut of a Virtual Liver called Raito Shindo (真堂雷斗) [2]. Apparently, the VA of Raito violated several terms of his contract related to the privacy of his fellow colleagues and other VTubers. The scandal was widely cover by image boards and forums such as 2chan, 5ch and 4chan.

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