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Nimu Spacecat, often shortened to Nimu, is a female Argentinean VTuber and VStreamer who started her activities in February of 2020. She mainly did gaming content on Facebook Gaming; but now in Twitch, she prefers chatting and reaction streams over videogames and other content.

According to User Local, as of April 2022, she is the top most subscribed independent Virtual YouTubers. As of July 2021, she is one of the fastest growing Twitch VTubers.[6]

Introduction Video

Nimu's Introduction Video on Facebook


Nimu is very cheerful and charismatic, and interacts very closely with viewers through her social accounts. She is described as very talkative, funny and kind by her viewers, and easy to start watching.



Her Facebook page was created on 16 October, 2019,[7] and she joined Instagram on 14 February, 2020. Meanwhile, her Twitter account was created later on April 2020 with her first tweet posted on 23 April.[8]


On 13 February, she debuted as a VTuber/VStreamer on Facebook.[4][1] This platform was chosen as Facebook is still heavily used by Latin-Americans.

On 16 February, Nimu created her main YouTube channel, where she began to upload some videos.

On 16 May, she held her first stream on YouTube.[2] Later, around the end of June she started uploading short clips while occasionally streaming on that platform, which caused her number of subscribers in the platform to spike.

At the start of August, her YouTube channel surpassed a VTuber group Coloratura - Youtubers Virtuales in subscribers, while also amassing around 250,000 followers on Facebook, making Nimu the most subscribed Virtual Youtuber in Latin America.

On 1 September, Nimu became the first overseas Spanish-speaking VTuber to enter in the top 50 most subscribed VTubers.[9]

On 22 December, Nimu created her secondary Youtube channel named Nimu Ch., which focuses on entertaining content. Nimu Ch. would later become her main youtube channel in 2021, and also surpass her first channel in amount of subscribers.


On 21 January, she debuted her first 3D model, based on her original design.[10][11]

On 13 February, on her first anniversary, she debuted a new costume for her 2D model.[12][13]According to Nimu, rather than the "galaxy" theme of the first one, her new costume is based on a "sky" theme, with white shoes, skirt and thigh-highs; and a purple/skyblue off-shoulder sweater with the moon printed on the purple side while the sun is on the other. Additionally, it has ribbons on her legs and streaks of hair, which match the colors of the hoodie. This change would also mean an upgrade of her character model, changing her design to be more adolescent-looking than her original child-like aspect.

After her first annyversary, she announced in her streams and social media that she was resigning of doing Facebook's streams to move to Twitch on April.

On 31 March, she held her last stream on Facebook.[14] In a pinned comment, she explained among her reasons for leaving the platform were toxic Facebook fans, creative liberty, and problems with the platform, such as shadowbanning and notification problems.

On 1 April, she held her first Twitch stream according to a post on her Facebook page.[15] Later, she also debuted a new 3D model modeled by Rika and TheArtGun, after her second costume.

On 13 May, she posted on Twitter that she had reached 500,000 subscribers on her main YouTube channel.[16]

On 13 July, she created a secondary English-only Twitch channel with the goal of practicing that language.[17][18]

On 27 July, she reached 500,000 followers on her main Twitch channel.

On September 6, she confirmed 15 September to be the date of her long-awaited "re-debut" and also confirmed her new avatar was completed.[19]

On 8 September, she announced her Tik Tok account reached 1,000,000 followers.[20]

On 11 September, she posted an official teaser trailer of her new model.[21]

On 15 September, Nimu debuted her new model on a highly anticipated stream that reached over 50,000 viewers on its peak.[22] The new model is now completely made by TheArtGun, improving several features of previous models, such as a more young adult appearance, a longer hairstyle and more visible freckles, but her most notable feature are her legs, being considerably larger and thicker in contrast with her torso. Additionally, the Spacecat on her head has a more shiny and slimy appearance, retaining the star and being able to wobble when Centi moves her head.

Her new attire includes a "sky" themed overall dress with a moon printed on her chest and the sun on her skirt, having a gradient tone; an off-shoulder white t-shirt underneath her dress; a pair of white thigh-highs with 2 blue straps on each leg; white shoes with purple ribbons as decorations. She also wears a purple ribbon on her hair, a deep violet necklace with a pair of straps with a half moon and a star on their tips, and a golden bracelet. The new model includes a Spacecat-themed hoodie which can be worn around her waist as well.

As a final introduction of the model, Nimu now possesses a white creature called Pipu, which is depicted as Nimu's soul who can talk along with her. It was lately explained that Pipu is a sign of the artist.

On 24 September, she hosted her first "NimuTalk" collab, with the popular Mexican streamer Elded as her first guest.[23] During that stream, her Twitch channel reached 1,000,000 followers, making it her second account to achieve such milestone.[24]

On 5 November, she announced the 1,000,000 subscribers on Youtube, becoming the first independent VTuber on achieving such milestone.[25]


On 14 January, Nimu reached 500,000 followers on Twitter.[26]

On 3 February, she did her first IRL stream, during which she accidentally showed part of her face. After this, the livestream ended abruptly due to connection issues and Nimu posted an Instagram story showing a front view of her face with a mask because she did not like the angle that was seen live. Later, Nimu started another stream explaining what happened.[27]

On 26 March, Nimu reached 1.000.000 followers on Twitter, making her fourth account on achieving such milestone.[28]



  • Contrary to popular belief, Nimu is not the girl that appears in stream, but the purple alien-like cat blob attached on her head. In fact, Nimu controls the girl, who is named Centi.
    • In the past, Nimu would often remind her fans about this distinction, but nowadays she doesn't mind if they also refer to the Centi as Nimu.
  • Nimu came to Earth from some place in the galaxy in outer space and is part of a race known as space cats.
    • According Nimu, the space cats reproduce through mitosis and are usually in need of a host body.
  • According Nimu, Spacecat's language is "Nimulense(Nimulish)" once she obtains a host, however, it's been revealed they also communicate through telepathy.
  • Nimu (and Centi as well) is currently settled in a satellite orbiting Earth, the ARSAT, from which she makes her streams.
  • The themes of both costumes of her 2D model are based on her lore. The first model is based on a "galaxy" theme, from where she comes, while the second one is based on a "sky" theme (sun and moon), since she is now settled in Earth.


  • Prior to editing her official info, she proclaimed herself to be the first Argentinian VTuber, albeit the first one at date is Danuu Ai who uploaded her first video in 25 April, 2019. However, she can still be considered the first Argentinian VStreamer as Danuu Ai started streaming on 26 September, 2020.
  • A recurring meme in her fandom is that Nimu's yells/laughs tend to sound like a chimpanzee, this lead her to quote on her Twitch profile: "...sometimes I yell like a chimpanzee".
  • She mainly speaks Spanish but has shown some English proficiency. On July 2021, she made a Twitch channel to practice her English.
  • She's done some peculiar strange streams, such as an almost-hour-long stream only eating potato chips without speaking, or trying to break a bedrock block in Minecraft for 2 solid hours. These also tend to be very successful streams.
  • She has mentioned how she is aware that Facebook is the main market for Spanish speaking countries, thus attracting more people to her stream than in YouTube.
  • It's often jokingly said that the main reason she got popular was for "being a loli".
  • She dislikes cannelloni, pinapple pizza and bacon.
  • She doesn't quite like music in Spanish.
  • On 10 October, she was featured in the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio in an article about VTubers and their trajectory in Latin America.[29]

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