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NiniNeen is a female independent VTuber who streams in English.

Introduction video[]

NiniNeen's introduction


Part human, part Huarizo (llama x alpaca crossbreed).

Based in the Netherlands but from the Philippines. NiniNeen speaks Dutch and Filipino fluently. She is a seiso VTuber who plays mostly low-intensity “comfy” games and is dubbed as such: a Comfy streamer.

She also does variety content such Art, Lectures, trivia + quizzes, scuffed kazoo/karaoke covers and primarily gaming content.

She aims to spread to warm fluffy cheer to all.


NiniNeen is a very positive, energetic and cheerful streamer. She's easily excitable and nervous, as shown by her heart rate monitor that she has on stream. Despite being incredibly impatient at times and easily frustrated -she enjoys helping and educating, and shows a lot of care when interacting with others.

She's an extreme perfectionist and always strives to push herself, others and her stream's quality to higher standards. As a result of this she can be quite a workaholic and struggles accepting compliments to the nature of her work.

Her cheerful energy and positive "get-it-done" attitude often inspires others. She is always genuinely very friendly to anyone who joins her streams and wishes to get to know her viewers often. She tries to create a very "open" accessible stream that welcomes even younger viewers and tries to keep it Seiso (pure). She often fails at this due to accidentally saying lewd things because of language barriers. However; she can get incredibly competitive and will do anything to win even if it means being un-seiso.

NiniNeen is easily startled and scared. As a result of this she adamantly refuses to play any sort of horror / intense games; much to the amusement of her viewers who keep trying to egg her on anyway.


She has long, light pinkish blond hair in thick pigtails with multiple light blue ribbons tied around it and light blue eyes.




On January 2021, she started streaming

On 5th June 2021, she did design reveal

On 20th June 2021, she released her first song cover

On 22nd September 2021, she debuted and celebrated her first birthday


On 2nd April 2022, she released her first Dance Cover/MMD.

On 3rd April 2022, she celebrated 1K twitch followers and the reveal of her 2.0 Model

Mascot & Fandom[]

  • She is often depicted as a dark peach chibi LlamaPaca in promotional videos and her emotes.
    Nini in her Huarizo Form

    Nini's Huarizo Form

  • Her moderators are known as the "Huarizo Resources" (H.R.)
  • Her fandom is called "The Queue"
  • Anyone who follows her, joins the "Queue": a a long ever-growing line of Llamas, Alpacas and Others queuing up for a chance to poo.


  • "I love being sheared."
  • *unintelligible Llama sounds*
  • "Once you are there, you are there. But going there is the difficult part."
  • "MIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!"
  • "Thank you for the headpats *squeaks*"
  • "OOOH BOI!"
  • "KEEP IT SEISO!!!"



  • NiniNeen was adopted by a herd of Llamas when she was abandoned.
  • After the herd dissolved and moved on; she sought to create a herd of her own.
  • On her journey, she drank some spiked coffee that turned her into a human.
  • She started her own business called "The Llama Queue" (in honor of her previous herd) and runs it as the sole CEO. Colorful characters such as "Sally" The Secretary's Assistant serve coffee to the "Queue" the employees of the workfloor.

    E is for Eager viewers, searching high and low.


  • On Saturday - 8 April 2023, she began hiding Easter eggs around the internet on her socials. For her special video that you could only find the link of by collecting all the egg letters.

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