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Not to be confused with Noraneko, a Virtual YouTuber from Nijisanji.

Nora Cat (のらきゃっと, lit. Wild Cat) is a Female Japanese Virtual Youtuber who first debuted on 15 April 2017 on Nicovideo and later debuted on 23 December 2017 on YouTube.

Introduction Video



Nora Cat's self-introduction.


  • Nora Cat called herself as Virtual Sidome Bishojo Youtuber. She has a black gothic lolita fashion dress, silver hair, red soulless eyes and cat ears.
  • Nora Cat usually broadcasts on Youtube Live that uses Kinect for motion capture, Wii Remote for face motion and video controls, Voiceroid for creating voice and real time auto subtitles.
    • The auto subtitles sometimes will cause some transition errors which make her talk some weird words.


  • Nora Cat was produced by Noraneko (ノラネコ).
  • She uses Voiceroid for speaking. Her voice is created by Tohoku Zunko in the past. Now she uses Kizuna Akari's voice.
  • A technical error happened during one of Nora Cat's stream that revealed the person working behind Nora Cat is actually a male. This does not affect Nora Cat's actual gender, however.[1]

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