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Current notability standard (may change in the future)

For reference, as of February 2019, there are ~7000 VTubers, a good majority (~95%) whose country of activity is Japan/primary language is Japanese. The most popular Japanese VTuber (Kizuna Ai) has 2400k+ subscribers. The second most popular language seems to be English, where the most popular VTuber (Kimino Miya, dual and fluent Japanese/English) has 150k+ subscribers, so 1/16th the amount.

VTubers whose primary language is Japanese only: >2000 subscribers on any video service to be considered notable. According to Userlocal's ranking, this would mean that ~1000 VTubers qualify, which is a number of articles that our wiki should be able to manage with the current number of contributors.

VTubers whose primary language(s) includes non-Japanese: >500 subscribers on any video service to be considered notable. This would be <400 VTubers.

If they currently have an individual page on the wiki, the Admins will decide on a case-by-case basis.

Adding items to the list

Editing of List of minor VTubers is open to autoconfirmed users. If you find VTubers that do not achieve the above criteria, then

  • check if they already have individual pages on the wiki by using the search function;
  • for those who don't have individual pages, please add them to the list below in alphabetical order based on the English transcription of their names. Write the surname first if transcribing a Japanese name.

For quick addition, every piece of information below should be easy to find within seconds, without requiring investigation.

E.g. Whether a VTuber is still active or not may require investigation of posts on multiple services/posting trends. Therefore, that information is not a primary column — retired VTubers can be noted in the "notes" column.

New to Fandom?

Question. I'm not a wiki contributor but really want to add someone that I came across. How do I go about adding them to the list, or who do I inform?

Answer. There are many ways to go about this:


We believe you must have received the usual lecture on notability, selection criteria, and offensive material from your local Wikipedia admin. It usually boils down to these things:

Don't self-advertise.
To ensure neutrality, persons with a conflict of interest should be cautious about editing — that is, do not add VTubers who you work closely with. If you are a VTuber, please don't add yourself to the list of minor VTubers.
Check that the subject is a VTuber.
Just having an animated avatar does not make the person a VTuber. If a streamer explicitly denies being one, be sensitive and respect the personal choice.
Be consistent with Fandom's guidelines.
Do not post or link to NSFW material. According to Community Guidelines, Fandom does not tolerate explicit content on wikis that pertain to young audiences. The Virtual YouTuber Wiki is an anime community, and teens may be reading this page!
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