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Nun Bora (눈보라) was a female Korean Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI's Korean branch, NIJISANJI KR, debuting as part of its third wave, along with Lee Roha and Akira Ray, forming the trio known as "Purple Tone" (音色は紫, Neiro wa murasaki).

Bora received some attention from Japanese VTuber community due to her eSports activities, particularly Apex Legends, and is one of the most popular members of her branch.

Introduction Video


【初配信】눈보라입니다! 잘부탁드립니다❄

Bora's introduction.


Nun Bora is a second-year high school student who is a virtual soldier trainee. She is quite timid and is a loner so she debuted to meet new people and make new friends.[1]


Bora has a very positive attitude and is always cheerful whenever she streams. While she is kind and considerate, Bora has a childish and mischievous side to her where she often pulls pranks and jokes on her collab partner during a stream. She is also the type to clearly voice her thoughts and opinions, she doesn't shy away whenever her live chat is having excessive conversations or when the live chat is being disrespectful.



Nun Bora created her YouTube Channel on 30 July 2020, and made her Debut on 7 August 2020 along with the rest of NIJISANJI KR's third wave.


On 14 February, Bora revealed her first new outfit since her debut in an outfit reveal stream. The stream was first announced on 6 February 2021 in twitter with the caption: "I hope this become the best valentines gift ever".[2]

On 13 June, Bora announced that she would be taking a break to sort out various issues. She resumed streaming on 30 July, and also showcased her model's 2.0 update at this time.[3]


On 15 November, Bora announced on her Twitter that she would be graduating from NIJISANJI KR by the end of November to concentrate on her studies and other commitments.[4]

On 30 November, Bora graduated from her activities as a VTuber with a farewell live stream. She decided not to have guests coming to her final stream because she wanted to spend her final moments with her fans only.

Prior to her farewell stream, she posted a hand-written letter for her channel members but later decided to publish it on her Twitter. She wrote the letter both in Korean and Japanese, and felt sorry for not being able to write it up in English too; however, the English translation for her letter by fan is available on Bora's tweet reply.[5]

During her farewell stream, she looked back on her VTuber journey from the debut with her debut-mates; her first sudden Apex Legends collab with Kanae that brought her name up to Japanese viewers; the tournaments and custom games she was part of like 2434 Apex Legends Kill Relay, VTuber Most Cooperatitive Tournament, ShibuHAL Custom, and Crazy Raccoon Cup; as well as recalled the memories with the teams she was part of for those tournaments. Being a well-known Apex Legends player within Apex Legends streamer community, many Apex Legends streamers and pro-players also bid her farewell on live chat during her farewell stream and on Twitter.

The graduation stream lasted for 4 hours and she spent the last 3 hours reading Superchats while alternating her Live2D models. Her YouTube channel hit 260,000 subscribers during the stream. She concluded her stream with the farewell word 「幸あれぃー!」 "sachi are" (幸あれ, good luck! all the best).[6]

Bora's YouTube channel membership ended on 30 November; and by 1 December, all her stream archives privated except for her song covers.[7] Her farewell stream archive would only be available for a week after her graduation.



  • On 1 November, Bora participated in 2nd Apex Legends Crazy Raccoon Cup as team "SnowPop" along with Ratna Petit, and Kinako. The team placed 7th in overall ranking.[9]
  • On 27 December, Bora participated in 3rd Apex Legends Crazy Raccoon Cup originally as a member of the team "OIOIOI" with Nishizono Chigusa and Admin, but Admin left the team due to various reasons. Later on Admin was replaced with Crazy Raccoon's Cpt. Their team name was "キムチで殴るぞ" (Kimchi de naguruzo, I'll beat you with Kimchi) and they ranked 6th Overall and won the Oji-san(Uncle) Award with prize money that's worth around $3000.
  • On 29 December, Bora participated in the draft-based Apex Legends tournament, FFL DRAFT CUP (hosted by the e-Sports team Fennel) as "Team Nun Bora" along with Sudetaki and That_is_this. The team placed 16th in overall ranking.[10]


  • On 14 March, Bora participated in 4th Apex Legends Crazy Raccoon Cup as team "The First Star of the Snowy Night" (雪夜の一番星 Yukiyo no Ichiban-boshi) along with Seto Miyako and Cpt (Crazy Raccoon). SSN came 1st overall, winning the tournament in spite of not placing first in any individual round.[12]
  • On 15 May, Bora participated in 5th Apex Legends Crazy Raccoon Cup as team "Dream PURPLE" (ゆめきゃわPURPLE Yumekyawa PURPLE) along with Tokoyami Towa and Selly (Crazy Racoon). The team placed 4th place in overall ranking.[13]
  • On 5 June, Bora participated in the 1st VALORANT Crazy Raccoon Cup as team "It's alright now" (もう大丈夫 Mōdaijōbu along with Ibrahim, Mondo (Crazy Raccoon), Arisaka (Crazy Raccoon), Medusa (Crazy Raccoon) and Meiy. The team placed 4th in overall ranking.[14]


  • Bora's fans are called "Sno_we"
    • Whenever Bora starts her stream, she would first greet the viewers and her fans with "おはボラ!" (오하보라, ohabora,) which is Bora's way of saying good morning, and when she decides that she will end the stream, she would greet them with "おつボラ!" (おつボラ, otsubora).


  • "Neiro wa Murasaki" (音色は紫, Purple tone) - Bora, Lee Roha, and Akira Ray. These three are debut-mates.
  • "Yunibo" (ユニボ) - Bora, Shin Yuya, and Nishizono Chigusa.
  • "Yumekyawa PURPLE" (ゆめきゃわPURPLE) - Bora, Tokoyami Towa, and Selly (Crazy Raccoon).
  • "Gokuaku PURPLE" (極悪PURPLE) - Bora, Tokoyami Towa, Selly (Crazy Raccoon), and Cpt (Crazy Raccoon).


  • Color: #A9CEEC [1]
  • Bora's full name, "눈보라" means blizzard in Korean, while her first name, "보라" means violet, hence her violet heart and snow emoji. Her name is written as "嫩甫羅" in chinese character, but it does not have any meaning, and the family name "Nun(눈; 嫩)" does not really exist in Korea.
  • Bora's native language is Korean, but she is also very confident in her Japanese and would use these two languages interchangeably. She usually uses Japanese when she is collabing with another NIJISANJI Liver from the JP Branch.
  • As of November 2020, Bora is the only liver in the whole NIJISANJI Project to have a wrath badge on all Legends in APEX Legends. This achievement shows that Bora is one of the most skilled Apex players in NIJISANJI. Because she is very skilled in Apex, she has collabed with other livers and even professional gamers that also play Apex like Yuuki Chihiro, Ratna Petit, Kanae, Nishizono Chigusa, KNR Admin, CR Fransisco, Kuzuha, and many more.
  • Just like Bora's seniors, Bora draws a lot and often draws other members of NIJISANJI KR.
  • Bora also plays the recorder and she is quite confident in her playing skills. She celebrated Chae Ara's birthday by playing a piece on the recorder.
  • On her graduation stream, she recounted her VTuber journey and spent the last 3 hours reading Superchats. And her farewell word was 「幸あれぃー!」 "sachi are" (幸あれ, good luck! all the best).[17]
  • Preferences:
    • Things she finds cute: NIJISANJI KR's third wave, cute girls, and cute animals.
    • Her favorite season: Winter
    • Foods and drinks:
      • Strawberry
      • Oyakodon
      • Meat
      • Sweet coffee
      • Melon Soda
    • Games: APEX Legends
    • Her favorite Japanese quote: "ケツ洗って待ってろ!" (wash your ass and wait!) - Popularised by Yuuki Chihiro

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