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Nyatasha Nyanners, commonly known as Nyanners, is a female VTuber, voice actress, and singer. She is well known for her gentle voice and rap music covers. Originally an independent streamer, she became a founding member of US-based agency VShojo.

Introduction video


Hello Everynyan!! ~ Meet Nyatasha Nyanners!

Nyanners's introduction.


Nyanners is a gentle, sensitive, and often energetic catgirl with a good sense of humor. However, her claims of being "seiso" or pure are offset by a tendency to use toilet jokes and reference adult, and often vastly obscure, topics. This contrast between pure and crude is considered by fans to be a defining aspect of Nyanners' appeal.

She has an intense laugh, which she does very often, including at her own jokes. Her sense of humor is often complex and layered, but at other times it is simple but extremely abstract, such as laughing uncontrollably while playing half-life scientist screaming sounds at 50% speed. Some of these bits she does can be very involved and dragged out, at one time doing bad stand up comedy for an hour straight. However, her creativity, active mind, and commitment to the joke can make the entire length enjoyable.

She has ADHD and is very easily distracted or sidetracked. She may end a stream over an hour after she said she was already ending, discuss a subject for several minutes while walking in a circle in a video game, or change a topic rapidly and successively, often meaning her streams are never boring.

She is easily flustered by loud noises, large donations, and sometimes lewd things. She is strongly moved by nostalgic video games such as Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy X. Her love of FFX is legendary; she describes the character Yuna as a major influence, and has a crush on a particular Final Fantasy character. "God," says Nyanners of FFX during one annual playthrough, "this game is so epic. I have played this so many times, and I still get chills."

Nyanners has considerable knowledge of both Japanese pop culture and obscure English-language internet culture, and she is skilled at singing in Japanese and other languages, including Latin (Lilium), Russian (Ёлочка заблести огнями) and constructed or fictional languages (Song of the Ancients). While she is quite good at understanding Japanese, she will struggle to speak it, especially if nervous. She has a case of chuunibyou, as exemplified by her obsession with Cold Steel heavy-duty sword canes and tendency to create elaborate lore.


Nyanners is a catgirl with fluffy pink hair. It has an ahoge on top, and her cat ears have soft fur inside them. Her hair hides a second set of human ears. She has a singular fang on her left side, and a mouth-wide long tooth on top. She has purple eyes (usually) because it is Nyanners' favorite color.

Her default costume is a pale blue hoodie, which hangs off her shoulders because, although it is comfy, it is also too warm. She wears a black and white top underneath which says にゃん〜, the Japanese spelling of "nyan~". Her hair and clothes are decorated with cat motifs. She often changes her appearance to match the season.

She occasionally receives minor model changes. On 3 November 2020, Nyanners' default outfit gained a variant with a new hair clip depicting a cat ghost wearing an eyepatch. It replaces her original hair clip of a simple cat face. The cat ghost represents Nyanners' true form as an otherworldly eldritch spirit for whom Nyatasha Nyanners is just the latest in series of haunted vessels; while the eyepatch represents Yakuza character Goro Majima.[2] However, occasionally used the old version in streams. She also received oversized breasts for a one-off April Fools stream, and a lighter pink hair color when her previous form apparently died on 5 May 2021.

An alternate costume, debuted on 1 October 2020, reveals a seasonal purple and black costume with bat motifs and a single side-ponytail. It depicts her for the first time with legs, having previously appeared with a spiderlike lower body, as well as proving (though not to an insistent chat) that she is not flat-chested.[3]

On 24 November 2020, she revealed a new winter outfit. It features and elaborate pale blue winter coat, frilled and lined with white fur, and decorated with cat motifs and shiny gold buttons. She also has a warm Russian-style ushanka hat, decorated with a ribbon pin featuring her cat familiar Goro. The update to the model also came with Live2D rigging improvements for both the new outfit and previous outfit, which made her body move more and act more expressively.

She often uses a 3D model with three outfits while streaming VRChat, though this model is fanmade and not official. She's been more cautious using the model after her friends discovered off-camera on-stream that the model features fully modeled genitalia underneath the clothing, which is especially visible on the Halloween model.

On 12 March, Nyanners received a new short hairstyle which ends above her shoulders. Canonically, she sliced off her hair using her sword cane and let it drift into the wind. She intends to still use her long hairstyle sometimes. The update came with Live2D improvements, mainly physics movements to various parts of her clothes.[4]

On 6 April 2021, to celebrate reaching 400k earlier in the week, she revealed a new model. She wears a light indigo, frilly strapless dress with an opening in the front of the skirt and from her chest to her navel, the top sharing the appearance of a sleeved tube top. Attached behind are four very large black ribbons, and in front, four smaller black ribbons as well as a central blue ribbon featuring Goro. Underneath she wears compression shorts and a sports top with a heart-shaped cleavage window and a large fluffy collar, as well as long black gloves and thigh high boots which could be easily confused for socks.

Her appearance at Kizuna Ai's virtual tour on 24 April 2021 featured a new outfit on a completely new official 3D model, featuring her original long hair, a different, cropped blue hoodie, a black a-line skirt with two front pockets, and blue winter boots over white suspended thigh-high socks. There are pink buckles on the belt and pockets of her skirt, and on her shoes, and pick straps on her elbows. It is unclear if she will use it in future streams.



Nyanners' original character (2014)

The name Nyanners originated as a friendly diminutive form for nyannyanoxo, an ironic anime fan name chosen when she joined a 4chan /a/ raid on the Chatango room for the Naruto Fanon Wikia, intended to make fun of the exceptionally long entry for Seireitou Hyūga and his lengthy list of relationships. Instead, she ended up taking part the community and created a character of her own, who she recalls was was a catgirl-cactus hybrid. The Naruto community gave Nyanners the confidence to produce her own content on YouTube.[5]

Nyanners first created her pink-haired catgirl character on 13 May 2012. In June of that year, Nyanners received two pieces of fanart depicting her as this character: one used in Ken Ashcorp's A Song for Nyanners' Birthday, and another by Pikkurni, later used in Tsukema Tsukeru cover to illustrate Nyan Nyanners, an Utauloid voice synthesis trained on Nyanners' singing voice.

Nyanners would go on to represent herself with depictions of this character in other videos, including numerous song covers from 2014 onward. She created a Twitch channel on 10 Feburary 2015, and after becoming a Twitch partner in October 2016, this character appeared in her Twitch emotes. Her identity as an alien being was first teased on 9 October 2014, and mentioned again in a Rune Factory stream on 24 July 2018.

Often up to date on the latest Internet culture trends, Nyanners followed Kizuna Ai since that VTuber's debut in 2016. However, she had not considered VTubing an accessible career until much later.[6] In 2020, Nyanners considered auditioning for the initial generation of hololive English, but (despite rumors that she had applied and been rejected) she declined to do so as she was not optimistic that she would be selected.


On 17 July, after several years of streaming on Twitch using various Facerig avatars due to shyness, Nyanners revealed her custom virtual avatar.[7] On 21 July she posted her character bio, revealing the official name Nyatasha Nyanners.[8] The name was selected by a series of polls on Nyanners' Discord. Rejected names included Nyanzu Nyanneru, Nyanasu Nyanners, and Nyatasha Kotova Neru III.

Nyanners announced reaching 100,000 Twitch followers on 29 July,[9] and 200,000 followers on 10 Oct 2020.[10]

In August, Nyanners announced some improvements to her Live2D model. She was so excited about these improvements that she stayed up too late and got sick. The next day she played Minecraft singleplayer map with the seed "gundambazingawifevorebuttholesea" and the save name "Pee pee poo coom Seal Land 9000".

On 20 October, following reports of copyright takedowns on Twitch VODs, Nyanners established the Nyanners VODs YouTube channel to archive past streams. On 23 October, she announced that she would delete all VODs hosted at Twitch to avoid the risk of copyright strikes, but her community was able to save a substantial backup.[11] The following day, Nyanners announced a two-week hiatus for unrelated personal reasons. On 9 November she announced her return scheduled for Nov 11, declaring "prepare your wives".[12]

On 24 November, she made a redebut revealing her new winter outfit, drawn by Nia and rigged by Iron Vertex. Nyanners also announced her membership in VTuber group VShojo, whose members include Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, Silvervale, Zentreya, Froot, Hime Hajime, and Nyatasha Nyanners.[13] She reached 250,000 followers during this stream.


On 1 January, Nyanners posted a YouTube video where she was executed for failing to reach 1 million subscribers by the end of 2020. In her Twitch stream later that day, she was replaced by a new clone, identified by having golden eyes rather than purple and a lack of familiarity with wife-stealing. She gained 7,000 new subscribers that day and subsequently reached 1 million subscribers on 2 January.

On 8 January, Nyanners posted What really happened on that fateful day..., revealing that she survived by deflecting the bullet with her Cold Steel sword cane, only to trip over a rock, hit her head on another rock and die in the snow. On 16 January she held a 1 million subscriber celebration YouTube stream attended by over peak 12,000 viewers, in which the original Nyatasha Nyanners was revealed to have survived by drinking her own pee.

On 24 March, Nyanners was announced as a guest in Kizuna AI's first virtual U.S. tour.[14]

She reached 400,000 Twitch followers on 31 March.

On 13 April, VShojo members Ironmouse, Froot, Silvervale, Veibae and Nyanners played with prominent japanese VTubers Kizuna Ai, Higuchi Kaede and Dennou Shojo Siro in a collab called #VAmongEarth.[15]

On 24 April, she released her first original song as a VTuber, Foolish Heart, and performed it the same day in 3D at Kizuna AI's U.S. tour, before singing together with AI.

On her birthday, 14 June, she held a charity stream to raise money for Child's Play. She ended up raising $80,385.69, over twice her original goal, and as a part of the donation milestone announced that she would, among many others, hold a community vote for a new costume, and would finally finish and release the visual novel game that she had been working on for years.

On 16 June, she collaborated with Takanashi Kiara in the first ever hololive x VShojo collab, which was streamed on both YouTube and Twitch.[16] The event attracted a peak total of around 40,000 viewers across both sites. Nyanners would later speak highly of the event, saying, "I was so nervous but she was such a sweetheart [...] She roasted me the entire time and I loved it. Her beating me in all those Nintendo Clubhouse games and making a fool out of me was one of the best collabs I’ve ever done."[6]

On 19 July, she celebrated the one year anniversary of her VTuber debut and unveiled an improved version of her Live2D model, referred to as Nyanners 2.0.

On 23 July, she unveiled a new 3D model.

On 23 August, she revealed a new beach outfit.


On 18 January, Nyanners milked herself in a stream attended by over 20,000 peak viewers.

On 31 January, Nyanners revealed a new 2D model designed by Muryo Taro and rigged by Soy of Iron Vertex. The reveal stream featured a lore video directed by fellow VTuber Merryweather.

On 8 March, Nyanners was temporarily banned from Twitch for streaming "a stupid youtube video of that yandere asmr guy yelling about cum + fart noises + footage of water towers being demolished" on an alternate account. She returned on 11 March.

After 11 May, she took a break from streaming on Twitch to move house. She returned on 9 June.


Main page: Nyatasha Nyanners/Discography


  • On 22 May 2021, VShojo members Ironmouse, Silvervale, Veibae, and Nyanners attended the DigiKomi convention, where they played a game called "Otaku Exposed!".[17]
  • On 18 December, Nyanners, along with Ironmouse and Silvervale, participated in VILLS vol. 3, one of the biggest VTuber events in Japan.[18] She got a new 3D model for the event designed by epebe and modeled by Yoolie.


  • Nyanners' followers are known as Nyacolytes.
    • They are also variously called Nyanderthals, the Nyafia, the Shub Club, the Noble Nyanner Supporters, the Blessed Disciples of Shilkworm, and the Covenant of Cringe.
  • Nyanners has over 750,000 Twitch followers. She has over 1,350,000 subscribers on YouTube.


  • "Hello everynyan!"
  • "I don't see Vei as a family member. I see her as the witch that cursed my dick."
  • "It's my birthday! Peepee poopoo! Big chungus amongus! Whoo! Elden Ring! I'm here to fight Chaos! Like and subscribe! *monkey noises* BLEGH!"
  • "It doesn't even feel real. It'll never feel real. That's probably why it's so hard to remind myself of it when I'm feeling bad, because it feels so surreal. It feels like I'm just making something up in my head to calm myself down when I'm having a bad time. I'm like, "Don't be sad! The other day, there were thousands of people watching you watch paint dry on YouTube!" 'Cause, like, "what"? If I went back in time and I told myself that, like a year or two ago, I wouldn't believe me! I'd be like, "What the fuck are you talking about? Are you on crack? Get out of my room? Who are you? What the fuck is Among Us?""
  • "Aw man, voice acting in a Souls series game. That would be amazing! But I'm not British!"
  • "When people say that what you're doing is wrong, you do what you're doing even harder, because you know in your heart that you're doing your best, and you're having fun, and that's what matters."
  • "A quote from Final Fantasy X that I always keep close to me is 'I want my journey to be filled with laughter'. And I feel like, so far, my journey has been full of a lot of laughter. And it's mostly because of all of you. Thank you."
  • "Just be yourself. Don't let anyone hold you back. You can put shrimp in anything you want."
  • "There's no better way to sleep, then to sleep in a very cold room with lots of blankets."
  • "Don't run away with your problems. Because they're running also, and they'll keep pace with you."
  • "Life is about accepting all of the obstacles that you encounter."
  • "Kindness. Take part."
  • "My skin is the clothes of my muscles. My muscles are the clothes of my skeleton. And my skeleton is the clothes of my spirit."
  • "Put water in your body. Doesn't matter where, it's good for ya."
  • "Humanity is ungrateful. This is what I've learned over the millennia that I've been alive. I offer you my milk. I offer you the milk of my teat, and this is how you treat me. Yeah, I'm gonna taste it. I've never tasted my own milk before. I'm really excited to try."
  • "God forgot about me."
  • "I wish I was an AI, that’d be pretty cool. I wouldn’t have to think for myself." [6]


Origin and certain nature

  • Nyanners' true form is that of a terrible eldritch spirit, who was summoned to earth several thousand years ago.
  • To prevent her from conquering the world, Haruka Karibu sealed her away in the Siberian Arctic for over two millennia. Recently, she awoke from her slumber and was rejoined by her cat spirit familiar Goro and began wandering the arctic together.[19]
    • Nyan was created by Azathoth to drain sanity from mankind and light the beacon to summon her ancient master to consume the world, but she forgot her original goal while sealed away. Nyanners has no memory of her own origin. "I don't even know where I'm from. I just kind of came to be, and then I was like, well, shit, I guess I'm here." This point of "coming to be" was likely Nyan being created by Azathoth.
    • When she was first woken up in the modern era, she was starved of her magic. She indulged in the sweetness of twisted human sanity, slowly regaining memories and power, and took the form of a catgirl. She preferred to watch anime than do anything else.
    • She spent decades on this modern earth, and she grew tired of siphoning the sanity of twisted humans. She became friends with fellow future VTubers, including Ironmouse and Haruka. Goro became her manager, who brainwashed Gunrun to let Nyanners in to VShojo.
    • She rebelled against Azathoth, and vowed to protect this world rather than destroy it: "Just another world for Azathoth to feed on and stay awake for a few billion more years? How boring. If you don't care about chaos, and the endless entertainment it brings, then I'll claim this world for myself, Azathoth!"
    • Despite her rebellion against Azathoth's demands, she sometimes becomes controlled by "The Farthest Edges of The Expanse" to do his will.
  • Nyanners' created her familiar spirit Goro because she was lonely, as she had no friends. Goro spent centuries searching for Nyanners following her imprisonment, and briefly assumed human form in order to free her from the ice. Goro's current appearance is based on a cartoon character who Nyanners saw after she was rescued. An eyepatch was added because she made a mistake when creating it.
  • Nyanners possesses an arcane grimoire called the Nekonyamicon, recently unearthed from the sand and returned to her from ancient Mesopotamian ruins. Obscured text in the Nekonyamicon suggests her true identity to be the eldritch abomination Nyarlathotep.
    • Also unearthed in her ruins was a new outfit. Her crests on the outfit are real gold, and she had to clean the sand from it with a toothbrush.
    • According to a monologue in the Nekonyamicon, Nyanners is at least 2007 years old.
    • Her Nekonyamicon actually appears to be quite dangerous for Nyanners, as several times after opening the book she was stared at by an emergent eye which drove her mad and reset her memory.
  • Nyanners' powers include the ability to shapechange and possess other forms. She adopted many vessels before taking her current form. The form of a non-threatening, wholesome pink catgirl was chosen as part of an elaborate plan to endear herself to humanity, following research into the power of strange pictographs known as "anime".[19]
    • She can transform into a seal, and often makes seal noises, taught to her by various tribes of seals she befriended in the arctic.[19] On September 30, 2020, she added the Twitch emote "nyannBLEGH", referencing her ability to blegh. She worked for a time as a lumberjack in Siberia.[20]
  • She began streaming as part of a plan to conquer the world. Unfortunately, her thirst for knowledge ran too deep, and continuous exposure to video games and anime caused her to become docile and lazy. She fears that her long period of imprisonment in the ice may also have weakened her supernatural power and caused her to become senile.[19]
  • Originally, she did not have a tail. She often attempted to conjure one, but it would always shrivel and fall off.[19] During her birthday stream on 14 June 2021, she finally gained a tail that she was gifted by Catboymech. She managed to get around the shriveling by adopting one that was more plug-and-play in nature. Various subsequent models would have a tail, including the idol 3D outfit by Yoolie and the 2022 Live2D model by muryou_tada.
  • Nyanners has both cat ears and human ears. One pair hears normally, but the other hears only sounds in the night from other worlds or realms of being.
  • To keep her hair pink and soft, she frequently washes it in a human concoction known as "pepto bismol".[19] She uses it to dye her hair when it turns grey.
  • She can see through wooden doors.
  • She is a self proclaimed "coofer".
  • She has the ability to unhinge her jaw like a snake and swallow a turkey whole. Her saliva is akin to that of a komodo dragon's in its ability to be weaponized.
  • Nyanners has made some unorthodox claims regarding her body:
    • She claims that her chest size is actually FF-cup, for Final Fantasy, but she hides it underneath a sports bra so that she can move around on stream more easily.
    • Nyanners claims to be the greatest baker in all of Europe. She also claims that her bust size is FFF, and that she has an IQ of 200.
    • She has claimed that she lacks genitalia and has no reproductive desires. This is believed to be a fabrication, however, as her tastes in women are well known.
    • She claims that she does have a butthole and does not poop, but rather magics away waste products in her digestive tract like fairy dust. There is an island somewhere in the world formed entirely from Nyanners' poop. One day, a hundreds years from now, mankind will discover Nyanners' poop island, and it will be inhabited by all kinds of alien lifeforms who came to make it their home.
      • However, this appears to have been contradicted on 5 May 2021, when one of Nyanners' forms apparently died after she "SHITTED ON THE TOILET TO DEATH [sic]". She also pissed herself to death on February 18, 2022.
      • She has clarified that, at any given time, at least one of the twinkling lights in the sky is one of her "piss children" or "whizz kids".
  • She possesses a button somewhere on her body that causes her hair to grow.
  • Nyanners described her upbringing as being allowed out only for a brief time each morning to lick up the morning dew, which would sustain her. She would then be put back in her kennel until the time came to perform experiments on her to read her DNA in order to clone her.
  • Nyanners cannot fly, but she can lay eggs.
  • Nyanners eats Seagulls with her family at the beach.
  • Nyanners smells of old lettuce, pepto bismol, and Vicks VapoRub.
  • Nyanners was embedded within the iceberg which sank the Titanic.
  • She will melt by an open flame.
  • She has a JO crystal on her neck.
  • As a child, she played Connect 4 with rats in a sewer. Despite this, she is terrible at the game.
  • Nyanners's eyes are usually purple but sometimes golden.
    • Many of her clones have permanently golden eyes, including Nyanders.
    • She has explained that she wears purple contacts, and that those contacts conceal her power.
    • Her eyes turn gold periodically, including when she drinks; the cause has never been discovered.
    • She has implied that golden eyes represents purity, as she once switched to purple eyes after saying dirty words, explaining that she no longer deserves them.
    • She has also stated that the golden eyes can also signify that she is full of urine.
    • Nyanners' alternate golden eye color originated as a feature of her October 2020 halloween costume, which could change at will.[21] She retained this ability in her main costume.
  • Nyanners claims that her height varies depending on how she feels: If she's not feeling great, she can be as short as 5'4". On a good day, she can reach six feet. In July 2021, an updated version of her original model was estimated as between 5'5" and 5'7".[22] During her 2022 new model reveal stream, she revealed her new form's base height to be 160cm or 5'3".[1]
  • Nyanners and Ironmouse planted thousands of fake bones of "dinosaurs" in the ground to trick future scientists.
  • The portal hasn't opened yet.

Nyanners clones

  • The progenitor, the "cosmic beast" originally born from the void was known as "Nyan," and "Nyanners" likely did not exist until after being freed from the iceberg. She is also known as the "all-mother" or "dark mother", and wrote "Large Bagel" in 2011.
  • "Nyanners Prime" birthed all the Nyanclones, likely the dominant "alpha" clone.
  • Nyanners has several clones, some of whom are several hundreds of years old. They are referred to as Nyanclones.
    • All Nyanners clones share a single soul and are connected telepathically. Nyanners has referred to herself as a "spirit", implying that she merely possesses several clone bodies in a sort of interconnected hive mind. Each has their own personality.
    • "Nyanners" is a plural. Each clone is a single Nyanner.
    • Many Nyannerclones have golden eyes, Nyanners' natural eye color. Nyanners intentionally gives herself purple eyes because it's her favorite color.
  • Known Nyanners clones include:
    • The original Nyanners, and the first to be known by the name Nyatasha Nyanners. She first appeared in Nyanners' official VTuber debut on 29 July 2020, during which her legs had not yet grown.
    • Nyanders, (pictured here), considered a failed clone. Normally, Nyanners eats her clones, but Nyanders tastes bad and smells of french fries. Nyanners feeds her milk from her bosom and spoons of glop, and sometimes lets her eat the spoon too. Nyanders can be identified by her golden eyes, believed to signify purity. She is pure and kind-hearted. Unlike Nyanners Prime, whose growth was stunted by the ice, she is 5'7".
    • Seven clones appear in the video I Cloned Myself to Play Among Us.... They have limited and repetitive speech patterns, and one claimed to be Winston from Overwatch.
    • The original Nyanners was apparently executed on 1 January 2021 for failing to achieve her goal of reaching a million subscribers by the end of 2020. She was subsequently revealed to have survived by deflecting the blade with a heavy duty sword cane, only to trip and hit her head on a rock. She was later revealed to have survived by harvesting berries and drinking her own pee.
    • Another clone conducted a funeral for the original Nyanners, which turned into a wedding where Nyanners would marry "all of your wives."
    • Nyanners Clone #7 spoke at Nyanners' funeral in 1 Million Subs Thank You Stream!, during which she declared that "Nyatasha Nyanners is a bitch-ass motherfucker" and a "cringe-ass nae-nae baby" whose "chest is flatter than the Earth."
    • Nyanners Clone #8 also spoke at Nyanners' funeral.
    • Another clone spoke at Nyanners' funeral to say "pee pee poo poo".
    • Another clone spoke at Nyanners' funeral to say "Nyanners was cringe. Rest in pee pee. Goodnight sweet princess."
    • Another clone was saddenned by the loss of the original Nyanners and cried at her funeral, giving a eulogy entirely in seal noises.
    • Nyanners was killed on 5 May 2021 during a toilet accident while climbing through sewers in Russia.
    • Following the toilet incident, she was immediately replaced by a Nyanclone with lighter hair color, different speech mannerisms, and a renewed desire for world domination and torture. All subsequently clones had the lighter hair color.
    • Michaelwave Nyanners, in the form of a microwave oven, who appears in the clip Nyanners heats up your chicken nuggies. She was destroyed when someone put tin foil in the michaelwave. Nyanners subsequently produced Michaelwave mug merchandise, one of which appeared in the stream where she milked herself.
    • A large-chested Nyanners appeared in a stream on 1 April 2021. She is bookish and intellectual, has a gentle and mature attitude. After taking offence at chat's rudeness, she was replaced by a crazed clone wearing Joker makeup. This Nyanners appeared in the clip Nyanners gets BIG new features!
    • Nyanners' manager, Nyanager. She resembles Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. She appeared on 1 April 2021 in the clip NYANNERS NEW NEXT GEN VTUBER AVATAR!
    • Nyanors, a badly-drawn creature resembling Nyanners who often appears in collabs with other streamers.

Likes, dislikes and hobbies

  • Despite being a cat, she does not like milk, and in fact is lactose intolerant. Her favorite foods are chicken katsu, piroshky, green curry, banh mi, and vodka.
    • She is the inventor of a mixed drink known as the Vodka Poggers, consisting of 2 parts vodka and 1 part POG juice (a brand of fruit juice including passionfruit, orange and guava). Another invention of hers is the Pink Pussy Popper, containing 2.5 shots vodka and 1 cup pink lemonde.
    • She enjoys bananas, and aims to eat them every day. "Every day I wake up and open palm slam a banana into my mouth and imagine the potassium in it going to my brain and making me happier"
  • Her favorite anime are Toradora!, Idolmaster, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Ghost Slide, Baccano, Re: Zero, Golden Boy, Steins;Gate, and Sailor Moon (especially Sailor Moon S).
    • Nyanners' love of Toradora! is referenced in her 2019 song Christmas Waifu: "In my room I'm watching anime / I'm comfy and unbathed / Toradora's the best show ever made". A note in the music video for that song asserts that, in Nyanners' opinion, "not a single romance anime has topped it since it came out in 2008", and that Toradora! "is the greatest love story ever told and a timeless classic".
  • Her favorite games are the Final Fantasy series, the Dark Souls series (especially the first Dark Souls), Bloodborne, Rune Factory, Age of Empires, Chrono Trigger, Yakuza 0, Minecraft, and Scrabble.
  • Her number one game of all time is Final Fantasy X, which she has played on stream several times. She owns at least five copies of the game on different platforms, and has played the game at least 12 times, although many were never completed because she didn't want the game to end. The first time she ever played FFX, she sank into a deep depression for two weeks after completing it. Since the release of the Final Fantasy X remastered edition for Windows in 2016, she has streamed the game approximately once per year.
    • On Final Fantasy X, she said: "I am in love with this game. This game is my soul mate. I'm going to get married to this game. I now pronounce you Nyanners and HA HA HA HA HA HA."
    • She has played FFX on stream at least six times:
      1. In 2016, she played the HD remake for PC. "I just love this game and I really wanted to stream it." Nyanners completed the game, and spent the last several hours of the run crying. It was recorded in a Twitch collection except for the the last few hours; but all Nyanners' VODs were deleted in 2020 due to copyright concerns.
      2. In 2017, she attempted a second streamed playthrough, but suffered from technical issues and ended the run early.
      3. In 2018, she played FFX with the Japanese voices enabled. "God, this game is so epic. I have played this so many times, and I still get chills." The run continued until March, when she set it aside to play Rune Factory and Dark Souls games, and picked back up on 14 December. Since it was before she acquired her current form, Nyanners used a Facerig model of Rem from Re:Zero. The run was recorded in a Twitch collection, but it was deleted in 2020.
      4. On 1 April 2020, she began a playthrough where she voiced all the characters herself. This run was not completed.
      5. On 12 November 2020, she began another run. She named the main character Feetus. She made it as far as Zanarkand but never finished the game, last playing on 18 February 2021. This run is recorded at the Nyanners VODs playlist Nyanners Plays FFX.
      6. On 20 September 2021 she began a fresh playthrough. She named the protagonist Titeass. She hit the cap of 200 save slots. The run was recorded on the Nyanners VODs channel beginning with Nyanners Finally Finishes Final Fantasy X Part 1, and completed on 28 September.
    • Beginning in March 2022, she appeared in a series of collabs during Lord Aethelstan's Final Fantasy X playthrough.
    • She dislikes the game's sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, and has yet to complete a playthrough of it on stream.
  • She is a fan of Green Day.
  • She likes to receive headpats. The Twitch emote "nyannPat" references this.
  • She likes being comfy, and helping others.
  • Her favorite color is purple. She has purple eyes for this reason.
  • She is fond of jazz.
  • She enjoys thick pizza, but hates thin-crust pizza, which she likens to eating cardboard or "some kind of digestive cracker you eat so you can fucking shit". She has to make dairy-free pizza because she is lactose intolerant. She likes spicy pizza. However, she doesn't enjoy deep-dish pizza.
  • She is a fan of bellies.
  • Her favorite flowers are hydrangeas and morning glories. She also likes lavender and sunflowers.
  • Her favorite type of seal is the harp seal.
  • She dislikes earbuds. "Earbuds are a misnomer, because they're not my buds."
  • Nyanners is a fan of Minecraft parody songs. At one point, users who appealed a ban from Nyanners' Discord server had to sing ElegantAshes' Unban Me Now, a Minecraft parody of Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers. For a time in 2018, she ended each Minecraft stream by singing a Minecraft parody song.
    • Nyanners has written several original Minecraft parody songs. On 1 April 2017 she released her first Minecraft parody song album, Now! That's What I Call Minecraft Songs Volume 1. On 12 September 2018, she wrote two live on Twitch: Diamond Ore, and Pick to Break. On 18 September 2018 she wrote Mine Mine Mine, and on 30 September uploaded the YouTube music video for a parody of How Long.
  • She likes sleeping, singing (especially to her cats), curry, documentaries, black coffee, 80s music, cold weather, and driving.
  • Nyanners dislikes crowds, loud noises (she has sensitive ears), using a pencil (they hurt her teeth), milk, having to pay attention for more than one minute, and black holes.

Other facts

  • Her goals are to perform her own music in an idol concert, acquire a 3D model for dancing, to music collab with the rest of VShojo, to engage in a VTuber wrestling match, and to bend the entire planet to her will and become powerful.
    • In April 2021, Nyanners achieved her first two goals in a concert performed with Kizuna Ai.
  • Nyanners is quite skilled at art; although you wouldn't know it looking at her popular creation Projekt Malady, a drawing of fellow VShojo member Projekt Melody which she made with her eyes closed on stream. This has since prompted several more blind drawings of her peers, which are often used as simple mic activity markers during collab streams.
    • Melody actually used a fully-rigged Live2D model of Nyanners' drawing in her VShojo debut.
  • Her rarely-used full name is Nyatasha Kotova Nyanners III.
  • She harvests sanity from her viewers.
  • Occasionally, she jokingly takes on a personality which could be described as similar to that of a 13 year old unpopular gamer boy who thinks he's cool and not "cringe" because he rebels against his parents by staying up past 10pm on XBox.
  • Nyanners is fascinated by absurdities of human culture, including toilets and men cutting open boots filled with meat.[19]
  • She used to be unable to pronounce "anonymity". Following much practice, she eventually learned how to say it correctly.
  • According to her debut stream, Nyanners is "the first catgirl who has been sent to jail for tax evasion."[23] She is also banned from several Chili's across the country for reasons she can't talk about.
  • Nyanners believes that she will go to hell when she dies.[24]
  • Nyanners has said on stream that she does not have a pee fetish. (9/24/2020)
  • Nyanners has mentioned ways she would like to see the world improved. She intends to flatten the Earth's topography with her self-claimed enormous posterior. Nyanners also desires the world to conform to her timezone for her streaming audience.
  • She is friends her VShojo coworkers as well as with some independent VTubers, including Haruka Karibu, whose nickname for Nyanners is Nyancchi, and Snuffy. Prior to the formation of VShojo, Nyanners appeared as a guest on the Lewdcast, a podcast with Projekt Melody, Silvervale and Ironmouse.
  • She is a moderator of the official Nyanners subreddit.
  • Initially, the character of Nyatasha Nyanners' official birthday was April 7, the creation date of Nyanners' YouTube channel.[25] However, she later changed this back to her real-world birthday of June 14 in order to avoid confusion.[26]
  • Nyanners' age of 1,039 began as a joke on the Virtual YouTuber wiki, when an editor replaced her age with the {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} tag, which always shows the number of articles at the wiki. Nyanners happened to read her Virtual YouTuber Wiki entry when the count read 1,039, and incorrectly thought it might be a reference to Green Day album 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. Nyanners, a Green Day fan, declared this her real age.
    • During her 2021 charity stream, Nyanners declared that she could not recall her exact age, as after 1,000, the years sort of blend together. A similar reason was given by hololive English's Gawr Gura. Lore in her 2022 model reveal suggested she is over 2,000 years old.
  • Nyanners is sometimes accompanied by a ghost cat with an eyepatch, named Goro. Goro is Nyanners' familiar, and is named for Japanese onomatopoeia representing the sound of a cat rolling around. It's also a reference to Goro Majima, a character from the Yakuza series who wears an eyepatch.
  • Goro is capable of speech, but is not permitted to due to his "controversial" use of language.
  • Nyanners had a slime friend named Frederick. She sat on it during a stream and ruined her trousers, and subsequently issued a public apology on YouTube.
  • Gilbert Gottfried once called her "a little piss goblin".[27]
  • In 2010, Nyan wrote a 161 page manga series titled Large Bagel. Only one page survives, which is probably for the best. In 2011 she directed the animated adaption Large Bagel the Anime, of which only one episode was produced and uploaded to YouTube. The episode follows the struggles of an anthropomorphized bagel girl named Pinisu-chan.
  • She is working on a visual novel titled Love Saucer, about a green-haired girl who comes to earth and the boy who fights to protect her. On 11 May 2019 she livestreamed a playthrough on YouTube in a stream titled live voice-acting the awful visual novel I made. During a charity stream, she pledged to finish writing Love Saucer.
  • She has a large amount of Russian fans, which she has discussed on stream, and even sang a Russian Christmas song during a karaoke stream. She often ends streams by saying "dasvidaniya", the Russian word for "goodbye", and her winter outfit introduced in November 2020 includes a Russian-style ushanka hat.
  • She also has a notable amount of Chinese fans on bilibili, who she has attempted to greet. She has given permission to a translator to translate her YouTube videos into Chinese, one gaining nearly a million views.
  • Nyanners drank imported Morning Rescue before it was discontinued.
  • Nyanners's traditional black and white cat thigh highs are a reference to the ancient meme of The Catnarok, an epic battle between Longcat and Tacgnol.
  • A subtle change in her model added an eyepatch to the cat on her shirt, representing her familiar Goro.
  • Nyanners sleeps with a life-size Nyanners hugpillow.
  • She officiated Silvervale and Veibae's wedding ceremony in 2021. Later, she got engaged to Veibae, and is in a polygamous [sic] relationship. She intends to marry the rest of VShojo.
  • Nyanners talked about monkeys so often on stream that a Twitter account, @DaysSinceMonke, was created to track the number of days since Nyanners last talked about monkeys.
  • Nyanners' catchphrase "peepee poopoo" comes from an early stream where she was feeling depressed, and chat attempted to make her laugh using jokes. Nobody could, until someone said "peepee poopoo". Nyanners, with her refined sense of humor, found this hilarious. This line subsequently appeared in Avila's Nyanners-inspired single Pink Cat.
    • In another instance, a fan of Nyanners' YouTube clip series "Nyanners Out of Context" appeared in Twitch chat and asked, "Do something out of context!" Nyanners spent several days trying to comprehend the meaning of this.
  • Nyanners has two cats named Knight Artorias (Knightley, for short) and Ciaran Louise (named for Dark Souls character Lords Blade Ciaran, and the protagonist of anime Zero no Tsukaima).
  • Nyanners does not engage in speedrunning, but espouses the value of "comfyrunning", the act of playing a game in the most comfortable form. This includes saving your game even though you just saved, running in circles, and skipping the chocobo section in Final Fantasy X.
  • In 2017, Nyanners streamed a nine-hour playthrough of Doki Doki Literature Club! where she voiced every character. After commenting that an aromatherapy diffuser owned by the character Yuri appeared phallic in shape, Nyanners mysteriously received a package in the mail containing an aromatherapy diffuser shaped suspiciously like a boob. She stopped using it after learning that some essential oils may be toxic to cats.
  • Viewers used to be able to spend stream points to redeem a "roast", where Nyanners would insult them on stream.
  • She has confirmed that she enjoys erotic humiliation.
  • Nyanners has a hypothetical male version named Nyathan, who she summons occasionally to play first-person shooter games well.
  • Nyanners claims that dinosaurs were not real. She and Ironmouse buried dinosaur bones around the world as a prank.
  • In an AMA stream on Reddit, she was asked if she preferred men or women and replied "I prefer women and 99% of the men I have liked have been fictional". [28]
  • Nyanners drives a Prius. She says she bought it because waifus are stored inside of them. That being said, if her driving game streams are to be taken as a precaution, seeing her Prius on the road is a bad omen.
  • Allegedly, Nyanners beat up youtuber LilyPichu at Sakuracon 2013, causing Lily to unfollow her on Twitter. Nyanners disputes this, saying that Lily unfollowed her for unrelated reasons, and that LilyPichu was not the only person she beat up that day.
  • Nyanners has forms in 2D and 3D and says she will eventually transcend to the 5D plane.
  • Nyanners's last date was right before the Cold War started.
  • On her latest model, Goro had been stapled to her tail.
  • She promised to let her fans drink her blood.
  • She once had broken off a corner of her desk. She promised to break off another corner in the future.
  • Nyanners once peed in a ball pit.

Gamer Milk

  • On January 18th, Nyanners released her lacteal spawn upon the world—both parties gaining more than they bargained for.
  • Both before and after the stream, she kept repetitively saying, "January 18th: I'm going to milk myself live on stream."
  • The coloration is often pink, and has a pH of approximately 5.
  • Foreshadowing, she claimed the milk would "unlock my true potential".
  • Her clones are being trained to produce copious amounts of gamer milk in their cages, in what is tentatively called "Nyanners Milk Farm".
  • Her milk is alive. She claims this is necessary. Clones who produce dead milk are culled.
  • Some claim her milk works as a substitute for god.
  • She is not yet powerful enough to teleport milk.
  • The next part is difficult to understand, and may be up to interperetation. A transcript is below. After playing Sonic Adventure 2 at an expert pace, she ran out of her milk, before some unknown catastrophic event began occuring, and she pleaded. She eventually connected her milk to the doors of the cosmos, then she began some kind of awakening process wherein she speaks in tongues, expresses a desire to consume all, before claiming her milk is the key to eternity and will end your agony. She then thanked the audience over and over again.
  • After the stream, she forgot about its events.

Awakening Transcript

"They can't live without my milk." "I've given them so much milk."

*rumbling noises*

"This body is rejecting me."

"I'm running out of milk."

"I'm running out of time."


"My milk... the cosmos... the cosmos beckons to me... the cosmos must recieve my [unintelligible] it hurts it hurts it hurts"


"I didn't want this to happen. I didn't think producing milk would do this."

"I tried so hard." (grunting)


"My milk is connected."

"The doors have been connected."

*A slow, semi-rhythmic clacking sound echoes from this point on*


"My body needs more."

"I will consume all."

"[Unintelligble (repeated)]"

"Just a few squirts. Just a few squirts."

"My life has no beginning or end"

"The milk will continue to flow."

"I will not be silenced."

"the beating of my cosmic heart will never quiet."

"I will never cease."


"Eternal. Eternal."

"Recieve my milk and YOU will be eternal."

"Praise me."

"Praise me and you will be saved. You will know salvation."

"The agony is only temporary. After it, you will know true peace.

"You know those are some pretty good ropes. I think she could change her technique up a little more"

"Fill the milk jugs."


"Finally. I know my purpose now. Finally."

"There is no beginning or end. I am complete."

"The milk is me, and I am the milk."

"Thank you."

"Thank you for recieving my milk."

"Thank you."

"Thank you. Thank you."

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Merci. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Спасибо. ありがとう。 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"Finally. I'm free."

"Do you feel it too?"

"I feel it. The cosmos."

"I can feel it inside."


*screaming in background intensifies momentarily*

"Thank you for recieving my milk."

"Have no fear. My milk will flow aplenty. My milk will replenish you."

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"Thank you for watching me milk myself!"

"Thank you for watching me milk my teat!"

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