Oda Nobuhime(織田信姫) was a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber partially based on the famous 16th century feudal lord Oda Nobunaga (織田信長).

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Her YouTube channel was created on 8 March 2018 while her Twitter account was created in April. Her first video was uploaded on 13 April as a small teaser,[1] she officially debuted on 15 April 2018.[2]


On 29 June, she announced on her YouTube channel that she would join the agency upd8.[3]

On 14 December, she made a small video showing her new 3D model, which was officially presented the next day on 15 December.[4][5]


On 21 January, she announced on her Twitter account the demonetization of her channel.[6]


On 17 March, Nobuhime announced on her Twitter account the conclusion of her activities as a VTuber.[7] On 30 April of the same year she retired after a farewell stream.[8]


  • She advertised her QWOP let's play video on YouTube, gaining a large number of views and attracting many non-VTuber viewers of multiple languages, some of which were confused by the concept.
  • Apparently she has an obsession with Haruto Domyoji of the Game Club Project, as he is the subject of several of her videos. Eventually after the scandal involving the mistreatment of the original voice actor of Haruto by Unlimited and his eventual departure on July 2019, Nobuhime stopped altogether to create videos about him or have message exchanges on Twitter with the corporate account of the character Haruto, as a sign of solidarity with him and the rest of the Game Club Project's original cast.
  • She did a series of collaborations with Kagura Mea [1] [2] and since then, it's common to see fanart of them together.
  • She is a big friend of Inuyama Tamaki, a Twitter post from one is almost guaranteed to get a response from the other.
  • Her Twitter liked tweets/retweets is rather surprising, often including hentai-rated works. She also likes to play with her model and post alluring and seductive images of her. She also posted a video in which she "sucked a mitarashi dango" dessert in a way that heavily resembled her performing fellatio on the viewer.
  • In one of her videos, Oda claims that Pinky Pop Hepburn is just a version of her in a parallel world (but she's more bustier). Pinky on her Twitter responded to the video saying that in a parallel world, she is the head of the Oda dynasty, but Oda is as flat as her.[9]
  • On 15 January 2019, Oda retweeted a lewd artwork of hentai artist Tamano Kedama [3]. As a sign of gratitude towards her, on 23 January Kedama sent Oda a fanart of her in a provocative pose [4]. Kedama posted in his twitter a cropped version, but Oda confirmed she has the unexpurgated version, showing her panties [5]. She then asked her followers to get 5000 retweets of a tweet if they want to see the complete art. [6] In less than 24 hours, her message was retweeted more than 5500 times and eventually she obliged [7].
  • She retired the same day as 774 inc.'s groups: AniMare and HoneyStrap announced the end of their relationship with upd8,[10][11] causing the agency to lose a lot of their talent in a single day.

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