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The Omega Sisters (おめがシスターズ [Ω Sisters]) are a pair of twin female Japanese Virtual YouTubers, Rio (pink hair) and Ray (blue hair).

Introduction Video



The twins' introduction.


Rio and Ray are friendly, cheerful and good singers.

Ray is often seen as a heavy otaku, always talking about her hobbies such as Yu-gi-oh, gunpla, tabletop, etc.. When it comes to her hobbies, she always goes overboard to the point that Rio often complains in their videos.

Rio is the airhead, often having no idea what Ray is talking about when it is related to her hobbies. When there is a chance, she often tries to make jokes.


  • Their catchphrase is "omegatteru" - or roughly "are you omega-ing?"
  • They released the VtuberFighters video game, which features them and a host of other VTubers.
  • It has been noted that Rio has made her voice quite deeper over time.
  • Ray is very skillful. She can also drawing, 3D Modelingand using Unity3D game engine.
  • On 21 September 2018, they removed 7 song covers that they had done due to possible copyright infringement:
    • "Lion" [#1Ω]
    • "Senbonzakura" [#4Ω]
    • "Connect" [#5Ω]
    • "only my railgun" [#8Ω]
    • "Sugar song to bitter step" [#9Ω]
    • "Silhouette" [#13Ω]
    • "Peace sign" [#19Ω]
  • They were affiliated with upd8 until its closure in December 2020. The pair have remained active since.

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