Omega Sisters

The Omega Sisters(おめがシスターズ [Ω Sisters]) are a pair of twin female Japanese Virtual YouTubers, Rio (pink hair) and Ray (blue hair).

Introduction Video



  The Twins' introduction.


Rio and Ray are friendly, cheerful and good singers.


  • Their catchphrase is "omegatteru" - or roughly "are you omega-ing?"
  • They released the VtuberFighters video game, which features them and a host of other VTubers.
  • It has been noted that Rio has made her voice quite deeper over time.
  • Ray is very skillful. She can also drawing, 3D Modelingand using Unity3D game engine.
  • On 21 September 2018, they removed 7 song covers that they had done due to possible copyright infringement:
    • Lion [#1Ω]
    • Sanbokzakura [#4Ω]
    • Connect [#5Ω]
    • only my railgun [#8Ω]
    • Sugar song to bitter step [#9Ω]
    • Silhouette [#13Ω]
    • Peace sign [#19Ω]

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