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OniGiri is a female Canadian Virtual YouTuber and Streamer who has been active since August 2021. She is known for her pseudo-augmented reality cooking streams, is multilingual (English, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin), and poor gaming skills. Originally an independent streamer, she would eventually join GeeXPlus.

Introduction Video[]


-Self-Introduction- Vtuber Q&A Self Introduction - OniGiri

Giri's introduction


In an alternate dimensions many eons ago, there lived a tribe of Oni. The Oni’s are peaceful in nature but these were tumultuous times that they lived in, full of war and strife between different nations and races all vying for more land and power. In order to protect her home, warlord of the Oni army, Giri, fights off ever incoming invasions. After decades of fighting and war, peace finally looked to be drawing near. A battle-weary Giri breathed a sigh a relief, as soon her people can return home and start life anew. Just as she was about to draw another breath, a mysterious force suddenly pushed her and whisked her away.

When Giri came to, she was in an unknown land all alone. Then, a stranger walked up to her – a kind old lady. She saw Giri dazed and confused in the middle of the road so she offered her a rice ball in hopes to calm her nerves. As Giri took a bite of the rice ball, she was overwhelmed by how delicious yet simple it was. She will never forget the kind old lady or how comforting that first rice ball tasted during her time of need. Now in this new world, Giri has made a new life for herself. Her new found mission is to let as many people as possible know of this wondrous food called onigiri (rice balls) while trying to bring laughter and joy to everyone.


Her general knowledge of technology, gaming and internet culture is worse than that of a boomer. The similarity of her general demeanor to that of a grandma has earned her the nickname 'Lola Giri' from Nihmune (which means Grandma Giri in Tagalog).

While she claims to be a professional cooking VTuber, she has also inexplicably managed to burn something as basic as rice, calling her claims into question.

She called pizza and pasta mediocre dishes since she is not a fan of bread-based and Italian cuisine. She likes cuisines that make use of spices (such as Chinese, Japanese, Mexican etc.).



Giri debuted in 2021 and is currently streaming on Twitch

On October 25th, Giri became a Twitch partner.

On November 7th, Jerry was born.


On April 6, Giri debuted a new model with a drastically new outfit and a few changes to her tail and face.

On August 3, Giri celebrated her 1 year streaming anniversary with a new outfit.


On May 13, Giri announced that she moved to Japan and joined the talent agency GeeXPlus, which includes creators such as CDawgVA and Emirichu.

Burnt Food[]

Despite styling herself as a cooking vtuber, she displays a baffling ability to burn all kinds of food and other related objects. Her own streambot has a command that keeps track of a list of burnt objects.

So far, Giri has burned:

  • 1x Index finger of her Blue suit
  • 1x Parchment Paper
  • 1x Steak
  • 1x grilled Cheese
  • 1x Casserole
  • 1x Bacon-wrapped Asparagus
  • 1x Water
  • 1x Gyoza
  • 4x Rice
  • 1x Tortillas
  • 1x Nuggets à la Filian
  • 3x Yakiniku Veggies
  • 1x Meat lost in Campfire
  • 1x Camping chair
  • 1x unused Skillet
  • 1x Pan-Handle
  • 1x glass pot
  • 1x "Dutch Baby"
  • 1x Burger Buns
  • 1x Scone
  • 1x Chicken
  • 1x Yakisoba
  • 1x Sausage


  • Somehow, against the will and action of every deity both known and unknown, Giri managed to burn rice.
  • Her brother (and tech-support/dishwasher), OniBro, is more popular than Giri on her own stream, leading her chat to create a cult around him.
  • Enjoys Ankles
  • She is unable to pronounce "Vietnamese" correctly. She says it as "Viet-mah-nese" instead, much to the chagrin of her Vietnamese viewers.
  • She claims to have a Bachelor of Science in human biology. A claim that is frequently called into question by her inability to do basic math or science.
  • Started to learn how to (mostly) whistle on the 20th Dec 2022
  • Despite her model giving her a busty appearance, OniGiri is actually flat chested irl. This was topic to bond over with fellow A-cup angster, Yuzu.
  • OniGiri is often the center of her chat's brutal roasts from time to time. Contrast this to her brother, Onibro, who is treated like a demigod.
  • Giri has proven that she is quite clueless with tech, requiring Onibro to assist her.
  • Onibro has been given a cult-like status as a gigachad. Expect fans to worship Onibro at the expense of his sister.
  • OniGiri burning rice several times despite her "Chef" status has made her the butt of many jokes. To this day, her chat constantly reminds her to not burn her food.
  • During her time in Texas for WeebCon 2023 she stole the Jerky she bought for Tricky and even ate it.
  • She had a pet dog named Pom Pom, but she passed away in late August of 2023.

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