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Ork Podcaster (Орк Подкастер) is a male Russian Virtual Youtuber and streamer. He reviews MMO games and usually compares them with World of Warcraft.


He is very calm person: it's very hard to piss him off or make him rage. Usually when he does it he presents it comically. Also, he never swears in his videos, his own streams and collaborations. Ork doesn't like to get into conflicts, nor to chase great popularity. As he states, it is important for him to just make content.


  • Ork Podcaster is highly respected among Russian VTubers, as the oldest.
  • He started his Youtube Channel in 2011 with the default WoW Orc model. The model was updated gradually with help from Wits Kho. Now he uses a model made from scratch.
  • Ork Podcaster is in one team with 3D modeler and animator Wits Kho.
  • He always saying that there is no pandaren in Warcraft 3.
  • Despite the fact that he has been playing WoW for a very long time, and has dedicated his YouTube channel to this game, Ork is a very casual player. He even doesnt use addons.
  • Ork collabs in streams with a lot of Russian streamers, mostl of all he collabs with Shprot (Wprotvbanke).
  • He used to advertise a website selling gold in WoW, which he is now ashamed of.
  • The concept of a Vtuber is incomprehensible to him, and he sees no reason to count himself among them, since he was long before the Vtuber's. Although he is okay about the fact that some people call him a Vtuber.
  • On April Fool's Day, he makes a "regular day" rubric, in wich he makes non-standart(for him) content, like lets-plays, beauty blog, history-meme reviews and etc.
  • Ork calls donations a "donuts", and when someone donate him on twich, from above falls a donut.
  • He has a side-kick, Mute Nina, blood-elf wich will talk only if Ork will see MMO worthy of World of Warcraft.
  • 23.10.2020 He had to delete all clips and streams from his twitch, because of copyrighting bomb. Yet, his streams are saved on this channel.
  • On his streams, he gives each new subscriber a goose.
  • His waifu in Genshin Impact is Jean, wich he calls Jaina.
  • He said that Calia Menethil will be pefect waifu in WoW: Shadowlads, if someone will draw fan-art where Calia fries pancakes. After this, Afomator drew this fan art.
  • Since 17.11.2020 he uses second computer on streams for his model.

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