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PRISM Project is a Japan-based English Virtual YouTuber agency based in Tokyo. Their mission is to create a world where all people on Earth can find something they love and feel happiness every single day[1].

The PRISM Project members are special agents from the year 2120, which has been sent back to the past to prevent the threat of humans losing interest and passion for others.[2]

As of 1 May 2022, the agency is currently partnering with Sony Music Entertainment Japan.[3] The company was founded and previously led by YU, who was referred by the members as Captain.[4]

As of April 2022, the agency has over 400,000 subcribers on YouTube. Miyoshino Shiki has the highest subscriber count out of the agency with over 123,000 subscribers.



The agency unveiled itself on 12 January 2021 on their Twitter account.[5] The following day, the members of the 1st Generation were revealed: Hoshifuri Iku, Tokimori Aoi and Ibuki Meno.[6][7][8] The agency got some attention after their talents character designers announced their new work on Twitter and their VTubers posts in the r/VirtualYoutubers subreddit.[9][10][11][12][13][14] The 1st Generation members have debuted on 30 and 31 January.[15][16][17]


On 7 March, at the end of the collaboration stream over at Meno's channel, a time anomaly was reported by the staff. The culprits behind the anomaly later turned out to be the 2nd Generation members, Kamishiro Rita and Araka Luto.[18] Their upper body design was unveiled on 13 March and they have debuted on 28 March[19][20][21][22][23]

On 26 March, the official website was launched. Also on that day, the audition for the 3rd Generation members was announced.[24]

On 12 April, the official Facebook page was unveiled to the public[25].

On 2 June, a gacha game website "PRISM Gacha" was announced featuring only the character Araka Luto. On the same day, PRISM announced that a bug in the game, a mysterious message appeared to random players.[26] On 6 June, PRISM Project announced that they found the culprit of the bug which was caused by four strange entities: Miyoshino Shiki, Suzune Nia, Rikudou Yura, and Pengin Pina. On 13 June, the 3rd Generation was officially announced.[27]

On 21 August, the audition for the 4th Generation members was announced.[28]

On 30 October, PRISM Project Twitter account announced their 4th Generation. The 4th Generation has 4 members, including Kamizuki Naki, Ushio Sumi, Nagare Sara and Anon Non.[29][30][31][32] After the announcement, each member made their first Tweet.[33][34][35][36]

On 11 November, they updated the 3rd Generation debut schedule. They debuted on 12 and 13 November.[37]


Partner Sony Music Japan

On 1 May, PRISM Project's Twitter announced that they had established a partnership with Sony Music Entertainment Japan (or Sony Music Japan).[3] Accordingly, Sony Music Japan would be the main manager and producer of the PRISM Project, YU and Hacker would move into the advisory role. On the same day, YU left his position as producer of PRISM Project, and was replaced by Shogun.[4][38] They also announced that all YouTube channels would be moving to new Multi-channel network (MCN).[39]


1st Generation

They have debuted on 30 and 31 January 2021.

Hoshifuri Iku Tokimori Aoi Ibuki Meno
Hoshifuri Iku Portrait.png
Tokimori Aoi Portrait.png
Ibuki Meno Portrait.png

2nd Generation

They have debuted on 28 March 2021.

Kamishiro Rita Araka Luto
Kamishiro Rita Portrait.png
Araka Luto Portrait.png

3rd Generation

They have debuted on 26 and 27 of June 2021.

The 3rd Generation has the theme of "East meets West", with Miyoshino Shiki (an inugami) and Suzune Nia (a nekomata) representing the East and Pina Pengin (a harpy penguin) and Rikudou Yura (a dullahan) representing the West.

Miyoshino Shiki Suzune Nia Pengin Pina Rikudou Yura
Miyoshino Shiki Portrait.png
Suzune Nia Portrait.png
Pengin Pina Portrait.png
Rikudou Yura Portrait.png

4th Generation

They debuted on 13 and 14 November 2021.

The 4th Generation has the theme of fairy tales: Kamizuki Naki in Little Red Riding Hood, Ushio Sumi in The Little Mermaid, Nagare Sara in One Thousand and One Nights and Anon Non in Alice in Wonderland.

Kamizuki Naki Nagare Sara Anon Non Ushio Sumi
Kamizuki Naki Portrait.png
Nagare Sara Portrait.png
Anon Non Portrait.png
Ushio Sumi Portrait.png


  • For the 2021 April Fool's Day, they have announced the 2.5 Generation. The only member of a said generation is Hacker-san, the CTO of PRISM.[40] He is set to debut on the 1st of April 2121.[41]
  • For the 2022 April Fool's Day, PRISM Project announced that they would rebrand to "TESSERACT Project" with a new logo design. Also their fanbase would be changing from "PRISMers" to "TESSERers".[42] On the next day, they announced they would return to "PRISM Project."[43]

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