Peanuts-kun (ピーナッツくん Piinattsu Kun) is a male Japanese Virtual Youtuber.

Introduction Video

第1話「 ハッシュタグ」オシャレになりたい!ピーナッツくん【自主制作アニメ】

第1話「 ハッシュタグ」オシャレになりたい!ピーナッツくん【自主制作アニメ】

First episode of Peanuts-kun's animated series.


Peanuts-kun started as the main character of an ongoing independent absurdist web animation series called Oshare ni Naritai! Peanuts-kun (オシャレになりたい!ピーナッツくん / I want to be Trendy! Peanuts-kun), but he also began doing activities related to VTubers, including videogame streams and collaborations. He even has now a 3D model in order to interact with other VTubers on events.


Peanuts-kun is a 5-year-old yellow talking peanut whose goal is, as it is stated in both the title of his webseries, YouTube Channel and Twitter handle, to become popular and trendy. He and his sidekick Chancho (チャンチョ) live the most hilarious and bizarre adventures in his world of Peanutians.


  • As a Vtuber, Peanuts-kun is frequently seen along the ninja tanuki Ponpoko and they are well known for their two 24 hours marathons in which they invited several V-tubers.
  • Peanuts-kun and Kizuna AI had done a series of collaborations. In the first one AI was turned into a Peanutian in order to promote the game mobile game Food Fantasy [1][2]. In the second collaboration, AI threw little versions of Peanuts-kun and Chancho (as the ceremonial beans for the cleansing rite) for the Setsubun special video[3].
  • He and Baacharu always do the opening skit for the VTuber's anime Virtual-san wa Miteiru.
  • Chancho has his own channel, in which he livestreams videogames [4]

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