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Pearl Orient Productions (A.K.A POP) (Rebranded to Coral Production months before getting defunct) was a Philippine-based VTuber production group focused on providing VTuber entertainment worldwide. They gathered talents and promoted VTubers with emphasis on helping every creator and VTuber reach the world.


The group started in 3 August 2020, Where each of their social media had reached 1.4k likes in Facebook and 405 overall subscribers from their first-generation VTubers.

The Pearl Orient Production had managed to Collab with the MC623 Industries for their Discord Server Subscriptions and was helping the production regarding financial needs.[1]

Pearl Orient Production had opened a gaming channel for its employees with the help of the MC623 Industries called Diamond, which was also known to be an available subscription for their official Discord server.[2]


September 3

Himari Luthien was suspended.[3]

October 4

Ownership of 2 franchises owned by the MC623 Industries: Group Of Ghosts and Diamond was handed over to the founder and CEO of the Pearl Orient Productions due to lack of business planning by the former owner and the former working for Pearl Orient Productions as pastures new.[4][5]

December 7

The original owner of Group Of Ghosts and Diamond was put into a month off after complicated mental conditions that affected employees at POP and got his position stepped down as a tallent for Virtual Cast[6]

Group Of Ghosts was rebranded to Virtual Cast (Vi-Cast) and Diamond: By MC623 Industries to Adamant.[7]


February 20

MC623 Industries had cut ties with Pearl Orient Production and the very first leader of the Group Of Ghosts and Diamond has resigned from the company due to education and family concerns and both Group Of Ghosts and Diamond were back to their original names and owners.

March 7

Pearl Orient Production announces its generation 0 consisting of Cathy Murasakineko and Revna Ulfhild.[8] Both vtubers were pre-existing vtubers before joining. Both would debut in the following days.

March 13

Sumire Fuji graduated from the group due to health concerns, and as a result all of her social medial platforms has been deleted and videos were set to private under the group's control.[9]

March 24

Pearl Orient Productions opened applications.[10] The application type is unknown as the post's content has been deleted.

March 29

Erkhand Weiss debuted as part of Pearl Orient Production's Virtual Cast group.[11]

April 5

Cathy Murasakineko resigned from Pearl Orient Production due to some conflicts that have happened in the past few months before, during, and after her redebut. She returned to being Cathy Sumireneko from thereon.

April 16

Ako Kuneko graduated from the group due to personal reasons, and as a result all of her social medial platforms has been deleted and videos were set to private under the company's control.[9]

May 17

It was announced in a now deleted Tweet that the company would undergo rebranding.[9]

June 13

The CEO suddenly went AWOL after the rebranding announcement to Coral Production and went missing in action for 2 months.[12]

July 30

VSinger group, Prisma ✰ Stellar, announced its departure from POP.[13] Two hours later, almost everyone else resigned in unison. Both statements cited uncertain timeframes for talent debut dates, the CEO’s absence, a lack of transparency leading to miscommunication and of course, no pay.[12]

Sometime after that, the company and the other VTubers shut down and wiped most social media. It was confirmed that the entire agency resigned after no activity was recorded from the CEO. The only vtubers continuing their activities are Revna Ulfhild and Cathy Murasakineko (now going by Cathy Sumireneko)[14] but neither are with the company anymore.[12] Some members are still active on Twitter but outside the company's control.


Generation 0

Name Subscriber Count Debut
Profile Render SQ.png

Cathy Murasakineko


495 Followers (Twitch)(As of April 2022) 8 March 2021

Revna Ulfhild


2.35k Subscribers (As of November 2021) 11 March 2021

The Resurgence (First Generation)

Name Subscriber Count Debut
EibiKusanagi2D.pngEibi Kusanagi


335 Subscribers (As of 5 September 2020) 8 August 2020
AkoKuneko2D.jpegAko Kuneko (Retired) 131 Subscribers (As of 5 September 2020) 9 August 2020


122 Subscribers (As of 5 September 2020) 11 August 2020
FujiSumire2D.pngFuji Sumire (Retired) 152 Subscribers (As of 5 September 2020) 13 August 2020

Prisma ✰ Stellar

Mikagura Chisaki


Rikka Enjou


Aito Hatsuki


Akari Ringo


Aozora Umiko


Virtual Cast (Vi-Cast)

Erkhand Weiss


Angelo "Matt" Amano

(Former, Unreleased)





Himari Luthien


Akakuro Reo


Completely Unknown

Washi Hisashi


Takanashi Len


Yagami Omi


Akanishi Bel


Mori Ryu




Chigiri Luna


Izumi Kaede



  • All members debuted with 3D models but later most received 2D models.


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