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Phase-Connect is an English-Japanese Virtual YouTuber agency based in Vancouver, Canada. Their goal is to connect people across the globe with lots of fun and laughter.[1]

The agency is led by Kevin "H2oSakana" Li.



The agency opened auditions for the 1st Generation of talents on 31 January.[2] On 28 April, they announced the members of their first generation of talents.[3] The 1st Generation debuted between 19 and 20 June.


On 10 April, the Phase-Connect Twitter account announced the arrival of new talents.[4] On 13 April, they would announce that Kaneko Lumi and Amaris Yuri would be joining the agency on 15 April, labeled as Phase Invaders.[5]

On 18 June, the one-year anniversary of the agency, Phase-Connect would not only release a cover by the first generation, "Blessing", but also announce the coming of a second generation, labeled as Phase ALiAS.[6]

On 24 June, these new talents were revealed and their debuts scheduled for 9 and 10 July.[7]


On 1 and 2 April, the OffKai Expo's Twitter account teased new Phase-Connect members who would make their appearance during their convention between 16 and 18 June.[8][9][10]

On 23 April, Phase-Connect announced the termination of Fuura Yuri's contract following multiple breaches.[11]

On 16 May, the three new Phase Invaders' designs and identities were revealed. Their debut streams were scheduled for 27 May.

On 19 November, Phase-Connect announced five new Twitter accounts, supposed to be members of the third generation, consisting of Saya Sairroxs, Runie Ruse, Hikanari Hina, Eimi Isami, and Muu Muyu.[12]

On 4 December, Phase-Connect announced the debut date of Phase-3 as 17 December.[13]

On 7 December, Phase-Connect announced "Phase Connect Music," their music channel for uploading group original songs and cover songs.[14]


On 7 January, Phase-Connect announced Japanese Twitter account and its first 5 members Kannagi Loki, Kokoromo Memory, Gram Pico, Ayase Yuu, and Kaminari Clara.[15]


FLeft the group or agency
RRetired from VTubing activities

Phase Connect[]


Also known as Phase OriginS. They are a mysterious group of otherworldly beings from the Phase World. They debuted between 19 and 20 June 2021.

Rinkou Ashelia Utatane Nasa Pipkin Pippa Tenma Maemi
Rinkou Ashelia - Icon
Utatane Nasa - Icon
Pipkin Pippa - Icon
Tenma Maemi - Icon
Hakushika Iori Fujikura Uruka Shisui Michiru
Hakushika Iori - Icon
Fujikura Uruka - Icon
Shisui Michiru - Icon

Phase Invaders[]

These talents are refered as "Stars from realms even beyond the Phase World" apart from regular generations.

The first Invaders joined the agency on 15 April 2022.

Kaneko Lumi Fuura Yuri R
Kaneko Lumi - rework Profile
Fuura Yuri - Icon

The second wave of Invaders, announced to debut on 27 May 2023.

Dizzy Dokuro Jelly Hoshiumi Ember Amane
Dizzy Dokuro - Icon
Jelly Hoshiumi - Icon
Ember Amane - Icon


Also known as Phase ALiAS. They are a secret society working toward world dominance. They debuted between 9 and 10 July 2022

Remilia Nephys Chisaka Airi Amanogawa Shiina
Remilia Nephys - Icon
Chisaka Airi - Icon
Amanogawa Shiina - Icon
Himemiya Rie Makina Erina Komachi Panko
Himemiya Rie - Icon
Erina Makina - Icon
Komachi Panko - Icon


Also known as Phase Euphoria. They debuted on 17 December 2023.

Saya Sairroxs Hikanari Hina Runie Ruse Muu Muyu Eimi Isami
Saya Sairroxs - Icon
Hikanari Hina - Icon
Runie Ruse - Icon
Muyu Muu - Icon
Eimi Isami - Icon

Phase Connect JP[]

Phase KALEiDO[]

Kannagi Loki Ayase Yuu Kaminari Clara Kokoromo Memory Gram Pico
Kannagi Loki - Icon 2
Ayase Yuu - Icon 2
Kaminari Clara - Icon 2
Kokoromo Memory - Icon 2
Gram Pico - Icon 2

Known Staff[]

Kevin "H2oSakana" Li
(Founder & CEO)
Scott "A Sexy Minion"
mins F
(Art Director)
Kevin H2oSakana - Icon
Kevin Sexy Minion - Icon
Mins - Icon
Intern-Kun - Icon
(Shop Manager)
Muumi Hasekura
(Talent manager)
Mr.Bickles - Icon
Muumi Hasekura icon


Year Ceremony Category Ref.
2023 VTuber Awards RISING VTUBER ORG [16]


  • Phase-Connect's main channel highlights weekly the company's news, on a live program called "Phase-Weekly". It was until some point held by different members between each episode.
    • Since her integration as part of Phase Invaders, Dizzy Dokuro became permanent announcer for Phase-Weekly.
  • Phase-Connect is also known as "the sad girls company" because of most of their members are renown for giving hard time to the CEO Sakana. This term was used for the first time on 16 January 2022 during a chat between Sakana and Umiushi Urara, in a slip up of Urara. Therefore it stuck within the fanbase.[17]

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