Pinky Pop Hepburn (ピンキーポップヘップバーン Pinkii Poppu Heppubaan) is a female Japanese VTuber who debuted on 2018. Like Kaguya Luna, she was also designed by Japanese illustrator Mika Pikazo.

Introduction Video


【Pinky Pop Hepburn】超絶美少女ですが??【自己紹介】

Pinky's introduction.  


  • Pinky brags about being the only VTuber that matters (despite this is just a stunt). She likes money, power and beautiful girls. She is also concerned with the size of her bust as she is not as voluptuous as many of the most important VTubers. Also she likes to eat Omurice, gummy candy and ice cream. She hates persimmon and oysters. Her blood type is 🍿[1].


  • She claims to be bad at impersonating as she just can do the voice of the fish pokémon Goldeen.
  • She did a bait and switch video using Luna's silhouette, but she was talking about Disney's version of Winnie the Pooh. [2]
  • She confirms that albeit being both created by Mika Pikazo, she's not Kaguya Luna's sister, but her junior (後輩; kouhai).
  • Some fans call her Hirata (平田). Hirata literally means "flat rice field" which may refer to her flat chest. Also Hirata is a surname of a famous baseball player, which to Pinky's frustration made it very hard to search herself on the internet. At some point, Pinky started accepting the nickname, to the point that even her senpai Luna refers to her exclusively by this nickname [3][4].
  • She named her fanbase as "Popins"
  • She is a great fan of Mokota Mememe.
  • She dislikes reptiles and birds.
  • Like Luna, who likes to use the tempura shrimp emoticon, Pinky uses frequently the popcorn bucket emoticon on her tweets.
  • Like Luna, she is also a centennial, with 120 years [5], which places her second in age after Luna, but older than Suntory Nomu who is 120-years-old.
  • In one of her videos, Oda Nobuhime claims that Pinky is just a version of her in a parallel world (but she's more bustier). [6]. Pinky on twitter said that in a parallel world, she is the head of the Oda dynasty, but Nobuhime is as flat as her[7].
  • After her debut, several Vtubers went to her twitter to either brag and tease her about the size of their chest, like Mochi Hiyoko[8], Asano Ruri[9] and YUA[10] , or to tell her that they have the same issue like Miyabi Sakura of the Magical Doll [11]
  • Among the items in her online shop is an "oppai" mousepad. Such items normally have 2 mounds for resting the users' hands at their bottom, with the illustration of a (usually large-breasted) female anime character's breasts matching the location of those mounds. Unfortunately for Pinky, her mousepad matches her physique and is uniformly flat.
  • On 6 March 2020, Pinky released a video in which she filled a personality sheet and she confirmed that she was born on 18 September 1898, hence she's Virgo.[12]

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