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Qilou (绮楼) was a female Chinese VTuber and member of VirtuaReal, NIJISANJI's Chinese Virtual Liver branch, as part of its thirteenth wave (aka 137) alongside Kiti and Tocci.


A three-headed qilou.




On 20 July 2021, VirtuaReal's thirteenth generation of Virtual Livers was announced including Qilou.[1]


On 23 January, Qilou announced that she would cease activity on bilibili starting 25 January due to health issues.[2]

Death and Retirement

On 9 May 2022, Qilou retired from VirtuaReal after an announcement made by the staff on her behalf stated that "due to health-related causes, she had forever left [this world]." Her bilibili channel and its content are to be preserved as is.[3][4][5]

Qilou's fellow 137 members also released a cover of "Virtual to LIVE" to commemorate her on their 1-year anniversary since debut.


  • Qilou is the name of her species

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