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Re:AcT, formerly known as KAGAYAKI STARS (KAGASTA, カガスタ for short), is an agency of Virtual YouTubers created by mikai inc..

For the list of original songs released by Re:AcT members, refer to the following Wiki page: List of Re:AcT Songs.



On 2 May, auditions for KAGAYAKI STARS were announced. Auditions ended on 20 May.[1]

On 5 June, it was announced that the first few members of KAGAYAKI STARS would be debuting during late June to mid July.[2] Early designs and sketches of the VTubers were then shown throughout the month, including Inuki Matoi,[3] Mizugame Mia,[4] Kirahoshi Uta,[5], Eleki Antares,[6] Kurama Tsumugi,[7] and Koto Miyuri.[8] In addition, a couple days later after the group announced the debuts of the members, on 7 June, it was announced that two male members would be debuting as well.[9]

KAGAYAKI STARS' first members to introduce themselves were Inuki Matoi,[10] Kirahoshi Uta,[11] and Miyuri Koto,[12] who all posted their first tweet on 29 June.

On 6 July, three more members, Eleki Antares[13], Usami Yuno,[14] and Kurama Tsumugi[15] made their introductions on Twitter. Additionally, Inuki Matoi,[16] Kirahoshi Uta,[17] and Koto Miyuri[18] have uploaded self-introduction videos on their YouTube channels.

Poemu Saotome most likely introduced herself on Twitter around 8 July.[19] 8 July was also when the first generation of KAGAYAKI STARS was established.[19]

Based on unofficial fanmade wiki entries and posts from fans, KAGAYAKI STARS' first male unit, SuiSay, established itself on 10 July,[20] and its first three members were Orio Koya, Mikage Lux, and Hoshikuzu Len,[21] who made their introduction videos on 12 July.[21][22]

On 13 July, Kurama Tsumugi[23] and Saotome Poemu[24] uploaded their self introduction videos on YouTube.

On 20 July, Eleki Antares uploaded her self introduction onto her YouTube channel.[25] With that, every member of KAGAYAKI STARS' first generation has debuted on YouTube. Additionally, a second audition for KAGAYAKI STARS has been held, with the deadline being 31 July.[26]

On 31 August, KAGAYAKI STARS announced ten new numbers, nine of them (Tadase Ciel, Ushio Tia, Futari Mai, Hanabasami Kyo, Shishigami Leona, Tenbin Hakari, Yagiri Mei, Mizugame Mia, and Yumekawa Kanau) being the group's second generation, and one of them (Minato Minami) being an additional member of SuiSay. They were announced to be debuting on 14 September.[27]

On 3 September, the first ever original song was released under KAGAYAKI STARS, "Honjitsu wa Seiten nari" (本日は星天なり), composed by TOKOTOKO. The song had two versions, one sung by Kirahoshi Uta and other sung by Hoshikuzu Len.[28]

On 8 September, the short version of the song "KAGAYAKI STARS!!", sung by the first generation of the group's members, had been released.[29] It is also considered KAGAYAKI STARS first original song,[30] despite Honjitsu wa Seiten nari technically being the first.

On 14 September, on the same day aforementioned new members had debuted on YouTube, a new member, Uni Unico, had debuted as a "KAGAYAKI STARS trainee".[31]

On 28 September, the full version of the song "KAGAYAKI STARS!!" had been released.[30] The song is no longer available on YouTube, but it can still be listened to on an archive of the old KAGAYAKI STARS website.

On 15 October, a new male unit, METEO, had been announced. Its members consisted of Kogami Yukari[32] and Yuiga Kohaku.[33] The unit officially debuted on YouTube on 19 October.[34]

On 31 October, KAGAYAKI STARS' second original song, "Haunted Party Night" (ホーンテッド・パーティナイト), sung by the group's second generation, was released.[35]

On 3 December, it was announced that KAGAYAKI STARS would be changing its name to "Re:AcT" due to a change in its management policy. Before, KAGAYAKI STARS was a virtual talent agency that specialized in idols, but has been changed to Re:AcT, a comprehensive virtual talent agency. It has also been stated that ""KAGAYAKI STARS" will continue as a project, but the talents belonging to the project will be divided into different divisions and will work as individuals in principle. Due to the different characteristics of each talent, we intend to change the way we market each talent, and after discussions with each talent, we will assign them to different divisions.". Furthermore, it has been stated in the announcement that five talents would graduate; Kurama Tsumugi and and Saotome Poemu on 3 December, and Orio Koya, Hoshikuzu Len, and Mikage Lux on 31 December, meaning that SuiSay would be disbanding on that date as well.[36] From then on, on the Re:AcT website, it has shown that the members have been split into different divisions/categories- Kirahoshi Uta, Shishigami Leona, Tadase Ciel, Futari Mai, and Hanabasami Kyo in "music", Inuki Matoi and Tenbin Hakari in "idol", Asami Yuno, Ushio Tia, Koto Miyuri, Mizugame Mia, and Yumekawa Kanau in "multitalent", Yagiri Mei in "game", Kogami Yukari, Minato Minami, and Yuiga Kohaku in "mens", and Uni Unico in "trainee".[37]


1st Gen

Inuki Matoi
Inuki Matoi Portrait.jpg
Koto Miyuri
Koto Miyuri Portrait.png
Usami Yuno
Usami Yuno Portrait.jpg

2nd Gen

Hanabasami Kyo
Hanabasami Kyo Portrait.png
Shishigami Leona
Shishigami Leona Portrait.png
Mizugame Mia
MizugameMia l.png
Yumekawa Kanau


Amakawa Hano
Amakawa Hano Portrait (2).jpeg
Himekuma Ribon
Himekuma Ribon Portrait (2).jpeg

Monokuro Ainos

Shirane Yuki
Shirane Yuki Portrait (2).jpeg


Inumoti Tirol
Inumoti Tirol Portrait.jpg
Marumochi Tsukimi
Marumochi Tsukimi Portrait.jpg

Solo 2020 Debuts

Qualia Qu
Qualia Qu Portrait.jpg
Kazami Mikan
Kazami Mikan Portrait.jpg
Hekina Ail
Hekina Airu Portrait.jpg

Solo 2021 Debuts

Tsukushi Aria
Tsukushi Aria Potrait.jpg
Nekono Yukino
Nekono Yukino Potrait.jpg

Former Members

Kurama Tsumugi
Kurama Tsumugi Portrait.jpg
1st Gen
Saotome Poemu
Saotome Poemu Portrait.jpg
1st Gen
Orio Koya
Orio Koya Portrait.jpg
Mikage Lux
Mikage Lux Portrait.jpg
Hoshikuzu Len
Hoshikuzu Len Portrait.jpg
Eleki Antares
Eleki Antares Portrait.jpg
1st Gen
Ushio Tia
Ushio Tia - Portrait.jpg
2nd Gen
Futari Mai
Futari Mai Portrait.jpg
2nd Gen
Tadase Ciel
Tadase Ciel Portrait.jpg
2nd Gen
Tenbin Hakari
Tenbin Hakari Portrait.jpg
2nd Gen
Yagiri Mei
Yagiri Mei Portrait.jpg
2nd Gen
Uni Unico
Uni Unico Portrait.jpg
Takigami Rito
Takigami Rito Portrait.png
Solo 2020 Debut
Kurone Yomi
Kurone Yomi Portrait.jpg
Monokuro Ainos
Kirahoshi Uta
Kirahoshi Uta Portrait.jpg
1st Gen
Izumo Meguru
Izumo Meguru Portrait.jpg

Sugar Stella

Sugar Stella were transferred from Re:AcT to another office under mikai inc., STeLLa, on 30 September, 2020.[38][39] See the page Sugar Stella for more information on the group.

Minato Minami
Minato Minami Portrait.jpg
Kogami Yukari
Kogami Yukari Portrait.jpg
Yuiga Kohaku
Yuiga Kohaku Portrait.jpg
Kiba Iori
Kiba Iori Portrait.jpg
Kisumi Karen
Kisumi Karen Portrait.jpg
Nekomi Sena
Nekomi Sena Portrait.jpg

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