ReVdol! (リブドル!, Ribudoru!) (Full name: ReVdol! -VIRTUAL IDOLS NEXT TO YOU-), also known in China as Fighting Singers! (战斗吧歌姬!, Zhàndòu ba gējī!), is a Japanese-Chinese multimedia franchise created by Happy Elements in 2018. It includes an anime series and a YouTube channel, where the six virtual idols upload videos and interact with the audience.

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In the late 21st century, mysterious structures known as "Nightmare Domes" began to appear all over the world, causing a global crisis. The only thing that could stop them was the "Swan", an idol's singing voice.

In order to counter this threat, the United Nations has created the special divison "IDUN", or "Idols Disciplined to Unpurified Nightmare". Six young girls from various corners of the world (Seika, Tamamo, Rose, Isabella, Katya and Mo Xi) have been selected, taking on the various challenges along the way. Whenever the peace is disturbed, it is up to them (and you, the audience) to fight together.



Their YouTube account created on July 2018, the first member of the team, Isabella Holly, debuted on September 2018, then the other members has debuted on October 2018, later, the Twitter account was created and their first video on YouTube was posted on October 5th, 2018.



ReVdol! had joined of any events such as Anime Japan 2019, BiliBili Macro Link 2019 VR, and they celebrated their 1st anniversary.




On February 18th, 2021, it was announced that they will be disbanded on February 25th, 2021, and their Twitter account will be removed three days later.[1] Their final tweet will be posted near February 25th,[2] but due to other people requested, their final post to Twitter changed to March 18th, and deletion will be on 19th a day later.

Their final post was posted on Twitter, YouTube and BiliBili.


From left to right: Isabella Holly, Jinguji Tamamo, Mo Xi, Li Seika, Katya Uranova, and Rose Barrett

Name Japanese Location Nickname(s) Portrait
Li Seika 李清歌 Shanghai, China Seika

Qingge (chinese only)

Jinguji Tamamo 神宮司 玉藻 Tokyo, Japan Tamamo
Rose Barrett ローズ・バレット London, United Kingdom Rose
Isabella Holly イザベラ・ホリー United States
Katya Uranova カティア・ウラーノヴァ Moscow, Russia Yaya (鸭鸭) (chinese only)
Mo Xi モーシィ Chongqing, China


  • On 28 Febuary 2020, it was announced on Dengekionline that they would made an appearance in the game Neptunia Virtual Stars as Vtuber guest characters.


  • The girl's birthdays and Zodiac signs:
    • Isabella: July 17th, Cancer
    • Tamamo: November 11th, Scorpio
    • Mo Xi: Febuary 25th, Pisces
    • Seika: December 22nd, Capricorn
    • Katya: June 6th, Gemini
    • Rose: April 16th, Aries
  • ReVdol! was invited to publish their own LINE stickers via Happy Elements Asia Pacific LINE account, which was revealed on their Twitter account.

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