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RipSkip is a Female English/German VTuber based out of Austria who debuted on the 27th of July in 2020. She is independently produced, but is associated with the Twitch Team Kitsune Cafe. Although her first language is German, she mainly interacts with her chat in English. She primarily streams gaming content on Twitch, but is an artist herself and can often be humming along to her favorite songs.


Skip is a relaxing sleepy dragongirl known for her wholesome nature. She loves napping, gaming, drawing, and talking to people. She can often be heard crunching on bones during her streams and slowly drifting off. This is in sharp contrast to when she gets startled in games like Phasmophobia which can result in scaring her audience more effectively than the game itself would otherwise.


Skip is a blue-skinned ice dragon with violet eyes, two large horns, scales on her face, fluffy ears, small wings, a thick tail, and long hair tied up in a ponytail that transitions from brown to blue. Her hair is notably somewhat translucent as it is quite easy to see her face even as it bobs in front of her.

She has a number of piercings between her ears, her tongue, and...other places as well as a few scars. She sports a scar on her neck and in the center of her chest from her life as a dragon, but both are usually covered up by her garb of choice.

She most often can be seen wearing a brown tank top, a short-sleeved dark-blue coat with a white fur trim, baggy camo pants, a white belt, big black boots, and a collar with a lock on it. She can also be seen wearing a black baseball cap with SAD written on it in white.


Skip debuted on her Twitch channel as a dragon girl VTuber on the 27th of July in 2020 as the very first Austrian VTuber.


Skip lives in an adjoining cave with fellow VTuber Admiral Yami van Bjork.

She is known for being very supportive to her friends.


Skip's fans - formerly known as Dragon Hunters - are known as Dragon Food and can be found on her discord server RipSkip's Dragon Lair.