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Saa is a really thick female English speaking eastern indigo snake mirage/ghost VTuber. She does a variety of content like chatting, gaming and rapping.

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SaaVtuber Debut Highlights

Saa's introduction


Saa is a neutral evil spirit, she can be quite playfully flirtatious when interacting with her chat. It is a guarantee that she will say a dirty joke or sexual innuendo, that rolls off the tougue like it’s second nature. She has self described crackhead energy, which shows since she always has something planned or is in the middle of planning something. Scatterbrain, Neurotic and Ironic are but a few ways that she has been described as, and she can attest to.


Saa is a large thicc snake woman, with exaggerated proportions in her hips and thighs, with black hair with an ahoge and a fair complexion. She claims that she appears this way because as a mirage she appears as what the viewer imagines her to be. Unlike most snake creators she has both a pair of legs and a snake tail where any other tail would be. She has light orange yellow eyes that can turn into thin cat like eyes or two types of hypno eyes, one that has black and white swirls and a second that has colorful rings like Kaa from the Jungle Book.

She has two main appearances, her first appearance is a red floral dress with a chest cleavage window with black thigh highs and red heels. Her second appearance has a full body suit with flowers and snakes on it with a red crop top and gold accessories. Both have an added fur scarf.


“Note this should be read like a poem”
Mastisk [North] | Hāta [West]| Sikhara [South]
Omphalana [Center] was the heart of the world
The Depp East was separate from the world - hidden
The Kingdom of Glass was the heart of the Deep East
It is separated by the Pearl Desert
The Eastern Crown is untaken - it is in Omphalna
No Eastern native has crossed the Pearl Desert
The First to do it would be deemed “Kardinala”
Nirasa Mahto attempt to cross the Pearl Desert
The Curse of the Pearl Desert destroys Nirasa
She is warped by the Curse, and is now "Saa"
Suffuse with The Haze, she controls the desert

[Phantasm of phanter]

Pantera is an 'illusion' of Saa.
Illusions are parts of Saa, but are not part of the whole. Think of them as 'fragments!
In the acceptance of [The Sun] purred a shadow.
The shadow fosters an affectionate,
but trickster relationship with the sun and morsels in [The Phantasm of Panthera].
She tricks the sun into bringing endless night!
Pantera, unlike [Native] & [Solstice] can feel pleasure.
She can feel pleasure in her paws and her ears.
She enjoys hunting and chasing prey, but she also likes to be chased, too! She explores the spirit of the hunt.
Pantera creates a rainforest that germinates rapidly, covering the pearl desert and transforming it into a Pearl Jungle.


  • Her name
    • Is an onomatopoeic
    • A reference to Sam’Saa’ra
    • A looser reference towards sa
    • An allegory to Kaa from the Jungle Book
    • And an Elusive Allusion to Raksha’saa’
  • She is Technically undead
  • She is Venomous
  • She is an insomniac (never sleeps)
  • Speaks in rhyme, from time to time
  • Disconnected from humankind including social medias
  • Tilts her head often
  • Can speak rather quickly
  • Has an accent, apparently
  • Is cold blooded, mostly
  • Can sweat, despite being a snake
  • Hypochondriac
  • Colorblid (deuteranopia)
  • She can hypnotize “maybe”.
  • Can shrink her tail
  • 12 hidden “codes” in her hairpin
  • Flexible, despite her size
  • She has an affinity to saturn
  • She cannot feel anything (including hunger and thirst)
  • She controls an infinite illusion
  • Attributes exist through the haze
  • Her fan can break hypnosis in others
  • Boa regulates heat

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