Saionji Mary (西園寺メアリ) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber, a member of HoneyStrap.

Introduction Video

【自己紹介】 01 はじめまして。西園寺メアリです。【西園寺メアリ ハニスト】

【自己紹介】 01 はじめまして。西園寺メアリです。【西園寺メアリ ハニスト】

  Mary's introduction.


Mom character of the group. Also called "big sister" by Suou Patra whom she is very close to.

Known for being extremely fond of umeshu (a type of Japanese liqueur), which has resulted in viewers being concerned for the health of her liver.

When drinking, she tends to turn somewhat foul-mouthed. Her stream originated the phrase "yoppappaa" which is often heard when any of the group members are drinking. She and Suou Patra created the song by the same name.

Wants to get married, but has had bad luck with men, having dated mostly deadbeats. This has resulted in other group members and viewers expressing a strong urge to save and protect her.

Likes gorillas and plays Donkey Kong regularly. This has resulted in her being depicted as a gorilla in some fan art. She has expressed interest in becoming a magical girl.

She generally does not like singing, but has practiced dancing as a hobby.


On 28 March 2019, a short broadcast was done in her newly revealed 3D form.[1]

On 23 March 2019, she volunteered to help Kashiko Mari during her 3rd live event, MARism Vol.3 at WOMB in Shibuya, Tokyo along with Tenkai Tukasa, and Yu T Kyu.


  • She has a few types of streams she does regularly.
    • She does a weekly ASMR stream.
    • She plays Donkey Kong.
    • She hosts radio shows Snack Mary where she drinks with guests from outside the group.
    • She co-hosts a short weekly radio show with Shimamura Charlotte called Late night with Mary and Char.
  • In a Snack Mary episode with Pandy she got the nickname "Mary Deluxe" as a reference to Matsuko Deluxe.
  • She prefers Umeshu and she has recounted some bad experiences with other types of alcohol like beer.

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