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Saura is a female English-speaking, independent Polish Virtual YouTuber and Artist specializing in graphic and motion design.


Saura is a comfy and low energy young woman that enjoys chatting with her viewers. She likes to playfully joke with friends and viewers. She is cheerful and caring, especially towards those close to her. She feels a strong need to cheer up others. She is shy at the first encounter and in big collabs. She is tolerant and supportive.


Million years ago, there lived a young and vibrant dino named Saura. She was a unique species, with bright scales, small ears, and dark horns on her head. Saura was known for her love for nature, as she spends most of her time exploring the lush forests and sparkling rivers surrounding her den, always fascinated by its beauty. Her peaceful life was disrupted by one fateful night that caused widespread destruction and death across the whole globe. The meteors rained down setting on fire and destroying everything in its path. The dinosaurs had no chance to survive the night. Saura was lying injured, looking up at the sky as she saw a bright light slowly approaching her. Before she knew it, she was taken away into the immensity of space.

Saura awoke in a strange tube filled with formalin, surrounded by machines and equipment she had never seen before. She tried to move, only to find out she was looking nothing like before.

"Saura," she heard an unfamiliar voice in her head. "We have saved you from certain death. But in doing so, we have also transformed you into a new creature. You are now a Kemonomimi, a human with a tail, ears, and horns from your previous life. You have been chosen to rebuild Earth's beauty after the tragedy that happened to your family so long ago." Long ago? She thought, as she felt like it was just today.

"We admired creative minds of yours and rewarded you with the power to create unique worlds." the voice continued. "We're sure you'll use it wisely. Please find other wanderers and guide them with your abilities, to the visual worlds they could call home."

At first, Saura was confused and slightly frightened. All she could think about now was her old life and her dinosaur friends.

Over time, she slowly adapted to her new life. She learned to use her power, soon to be shaping unique landscapes with just a wave of her hand, bringing to life forests, oceans, and mountains that were more vibrant and alive than anything she had seen before.

And so, Saura was sent back to Earth, where she began her mission to protect nature and guide those in need. She traveled the world, creating visual worlds for wanderers like her. She was working tirelessly to ensure that the planet remained healthy and thriving. Despite the challenges she faced, Saura never lost her love for the beauty of the world. She continued to create, inspire, and protect, always remembering her old life as a dinosaur and the fate that she had narrowly escaped. And although she missed her past life, she knew that she was right where she needed to be, fulfilling her destiny as a guardian of nature and a creator of beauty.



Saura began her adventure on Twitter on 19 September 2021 and was mainly focused on providing other VTubers with custom graphic commissions.

On 9 September 2022, the character rebranding process began. On that day, all media changed to Saura (saurawr_ or saurawr) and the promotion of the new design began.[1] On 6 October 2022, official character design was revealed on her Twitter.

Saura soft debuted with her 3D model on 21 January 2023 on Twitch. She then reached affiliate on March 24 and took a break from streaming.


Saura made her debut on 16 September 2023. She debuted with her chibi model. [2]


On 18th of December she reached 500 followers on Twitch.


On 14th of January she reached 1,000 followers simultaneously on three of her platforms (Twitch, Instagram and TikTok).

On 23th of May she reached 1,500 followers on Twitch.


Fun facts[]

  • Color: #fec2c2
  • Background: Guardian of the nature.
  • She was a herbivorous dinosaur.
  • Holds a bachelor's degree in the arts major.
  • She's a variety gamer.
  • Loves kitties, plants and flowers.
  • Drinks too much tea.
  • Passionate about technology and digital art.
  • She is often cold.
  • Saw only one anime - Darling in the Franxx.

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