Sekishiro Mico (堰代ミコ) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber, a member of HoneyStrap.

Introduction Video



  Mico's introduction.


Likes drawing and is known for her *unique* art style.

She is also very good at voice acting, having voiced fake movie trailers and visual novel like streams among others. She has many personalities she likes to switch between them.

She is known for her unconventional way of thinking, which has resulted in competitions where other group members and viewers try to guess what she would do in a given situation.


On 28 March 2019, a short presentation was done in her newly revealed 3D form. [1]


  • Her fans are referred to as Mico's familiars.
  • She often refers to her viewers as "humans".
  • She has disclosed that she has the highest percentage of male viewers compared to any of the other group members.

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