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Seru Kisen (気泉せる) is a female Canadian Virtual Youtuber, associated with Virtuality Project's first generation of VTubers, who debuted on 2021.

Introduction Video


【Debut Stream】 Let's Seal The Deal! 【VirPro】

Seru's introduction.


Within the Northern Pacific, there lies a young spotted seal waiting for her siblings to come back as she spends most of her time napping. Wondering why her siblings had not come back upon weeks of waiting, she joins the VTuber scene deciding that it was finally time to go independent while secretly hoping for any news of her siblings.


  • Her fanbase is officially called "Sealies" (シーリーズ). The word is also a reference to seelies, which are fairies. As a result, the fanbase is depicted to appear as seal fairies.

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