Shimamura Charlotte (島村シャルロット) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber, a member of HoneyStrap.

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  Charlotte's introduction.


Often called an Angel by other group members and the viewers due to being extremely considerate and kind. She personally dislikes this and strongly insists she is a demon.

She aspires to be seen as "cool" and "devilish". In this regard she has expressed admiration for other virtual YouTubers like Shizuka Rin. To escape the Angel nickname she has occasionally put out short videos on Twitter titled "Evil deed of the day", however these have mostly backfired.

Maintains herself to be the straight man of the group, but is often called a "natural airhead" due to some of her comments.

She finds acting and singing extremely embarrassing, but she has taken part in one of the ASMR videos of Saionji Mary and was convinced to sing in HoneyStrap's Halloween song.

Unlike many other virtual YouTubers her knowledge of the otaku sub-culture is almost non-existent.

Known for being bad with kanji and Japanese, while being strong at math.

Despite her name being the most English name in the HoneyStrap group, she is very inexperienced with the English language, to the point that she didn't know how to write HoneyStrap's original English name.


On 28 March 2019, she did a half hour presentation in her newly revealed 3D form. [1]


  • She plays Minecraft two times a week and has a weekly late-night radio talk show with Saionji Mary
    • In addition to this she plays another story-focused game two times a week.
  • Her fans are referred to as Charlotte's sheeps.
  • She often has a familiar sheep with her known as Wataame (cotton candy). Viewers often refer to him as Wataame-senpai.
  • Most other group members refer to her as "Char", but Sougetsu Eli has recently started to refer to her as "Shimamura".
  • She has a running joke on her Minecraft streams where she is the president of Shimamura Construction Company K.K. and her sheep are company employees. This started as a result of her constantly doing construction projects on her Minecraft stream.

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