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Shin Kiru (신기루) is a male Korean Virtual YouTuber part of Nijisanji's Korean branch, Nijisanji KR.

A man with a vague impression, who started to broadcast to communicate with others. He may be clumsy in many ways because he has been alone for a long time.[1]

Introduction Video


【初配信】처음 뵙겠습니다!【NIJISANJI KR】

Kiru's introduction.




Kiru's channel was created on 6 October, 2020, but moved to a new channel on 14 October, 2020. He made his YouTube debut on 16 October, 2020.


  • Color: #B1C5C8[2]
  • Before his debut, his first channel was not able to stream for some reason, so he made a second one and moved channels.[3]
  • He likes horror movies, but not ones with ghosts, as he's terrified of them.[4]
  • His favorite animal are crocodiles due to the fact that they are strong, and he wants to be as strong as them too.[5]
  • His favorite game is Pokémon: LeafGreen as it is the first game he’s played.[5]
  • When he first started streaming, he made fans worry a lot due to how he was playing Minecraft.
  • He immediately uninstalled Angvik from his computer after he completed the game.[6]
  • His favourite Japanese food is takoyaki.[7]

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