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Shin Yuya (Korean: 신유야 / Japanese: 申幽夜) was a female Korean Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI's Korean branch, NIJISANJI KR, debuting as part of its first wave along with Wiffy, Yu Ruri and Min Suha.

She received some attention from Japanese VTuber community via clips in a similar vein to Hana Macchia, and was one of the most popular members of her branch before her retirement.

Introduction Video


【🔴 LIVE 】【Debut】 유야의 데뷔 방송 -1- 【NIJISANJI KR】

Yuya's introduction.



A smartphone addict and a freshman college student. She has her phone with her at all times, so she's very active in communicating with her fans. Since there's not many otaku around, she started streaming to find friends to share otaku topics with.[1]



Yuya's channel was created on 21 January, 2020. Her Twitter was created in January 2020 and her first tweet was posted on 20 January. Yuya's debut stream was performed on 25 January, 2020.


On 14 February, she released her first cover song, a Korean version of Renai Circulation by Hanazawa Kana.[2]


On 31 May, Yuya announced her graduation from NIJISANJI KR due to her studies and various reasons which made it difficult for her to stream, so she decided to graduate. The date of graduation for her was 14 June.[3]

On 14 June, Yuya retired from her activities as a VTuber with a farewell stream.

Mascot and Fans

  • Her mascot is a Korean crow-tit.[4]
  • Her fan name is "Yuya Muya (유야무야)", that is a Korean adverb meaning "to fizzle out".


  • Color: #7BCFAE [1]
  • She is part of the group "YUNIBO" along with Nishizono Chigusa and Nun Bora.
  • Yuya is incredibly weak towards horror games, to the point where she will scream at any noise she hears.
  • Yuya studies Japanese and does her best to communicate with her Japanese fans.
  • Yuya shared her first name with Yuya Sakaki from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.
    • Coincidentally, both of them shared their Korean name.

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