Shirakami Fubuki (白上フブキ) is a female Japanese Virtual Youtuber. She is part of a unit inside hololive called Hololive Gamers (ホロライブゲーマーズ) alongside Ookami Mio, Nekomata Okayu, and Inugami Korone.

Introduction Video

【初放送】フブキCh。(^・ω・^§)ノ 白上フブキのみんなのお耳にちょコンっと放送!

【初放送】フブキCh。(^・ω・^§)ノ 白上フブキのみんなのお耳にちょコンっと放送!

  Fubuki's introduction.


Fubuki is usually always cheerful and excited, singing little songs and making many in-jokes. She is shy when confronted with new circumstances, and when embarrassed she "hides" at the bottom of the screen with only her fox-ears peeking up. She becomes enthralled in games and has cute conversations with scripted game characters, or voice-acts as characters or makes sound effects.



Her Twitter account was opened on 19 May 2018 while her YouTube channel was created on the 24th although she did not start her activity on YouTube until a live-stream on 1 June. Besides YouTube, she also does live-streams on her and Mirrativ channels.


On 17 October,[3] she debuted in her first 3D model but still streams using her 2D model.


On 22 March, she did a live-stream where she debuted her new 3D model. In the same stream, she also announced that other members of Hololive will also be getting their own 3D model and that there will be two new members of Hololive Gamers starting from April.[4] Her first stream after the debut stream to feature her in her new 3D model was broadcast two days later on the 24th,[5] though she still uses her 2D model as first seen on a stream on Ookami Mio's channel on the 25th[6] and later on hers on the 26th.[7]



  • She is a foxgirl, but often labeled by viewers as other animals, either accidentally (by newbies) or sometimes intentionally by regular viewers who wish to provoke a cute reaction.
  • The Japanese onomatopoeia for foxes is "kon", therefore that sound - and the vegetable "corn", which sounds similar - is one of her in-jokes, often seen or heard in her channel and Twitter.
  • She is not good with the English language - her intro video had the English version of her name quite misspelled ("Fhunbuki").

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