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Shirakami Haruka (白神遥) is a female Chinese VTuber and a member of Project SP.

Introduction Video

Haruka's introduction (in Chinese)


According to the illustrator, Bison, Haruka's appearance is based around the elements of a seal, like her hoodies, slippers and hairpin. Also, Haruka's hoodie is with SSR and six-star on it.[1]

In a livestream with Spade Echo, Haruka states that she doesn't wear trousers, just because of comfortable.[2] It's unknown if Haruka wears underpants or not.


Haruka is a female high school student who loves anime and video games. She wears like a seal, and had a seal plush toy which named "snow mochi" (Chinese: 雪年糕).

She is a lazy and timid girl, but also sensible and considerate.

Sometimes she appears to be a crybaby.

Haruka has an alter ego Kuroma Haruka (Chinese: 黑魔遥) who appears as a black-hair tsundere girl.



On 24 October, Haruka posted her first dynamic at Bilibili.

On 10 November, Haruka started her first livestream on Bilibili. However, her first livestream didn't go well, such like she didn't have a meal before streaming and bumped her head on the desk.[3]

On 18 November, Haruka posted her introduction video.


On 14 January, Kuroma Haruka, who is the alter ego of Shirakami Haruka, was introduced at her PUBG livestream.[4]

On 21 March, Haruka's six-year-old form was introduced.[5]

On 10 May, Haruka celebrated her half-anniversary of debut.

On 20 May, Haruka talked about why she doesn't like "520".[6]



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