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Shirayuki Tomoe (白雪巴) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI. She debuted alongside Gwelu Os Gar and Fuwa Minato, forming a trio known as "Yaoukoku" (夜王国, lit. "Night Kingdom").

Although she is a gentle-spirited onee-san, Tomoe's motto is "survival of the fittest." She exudes the sex appeal of a widow but is actually still unmarried and is currently searching for a partner. In her broadcasts, an unexpected side could also be shown...? [2]

Introduction Video[]

Tomoe's introduction


A liver who calls herself the Queen of Night Kingdom that often drinks, has sensitive contents and does late night streaming. She occasionally streams in the daytime as well.

She’s into sadism & masochism and refers to herself as “Queen” and her listeners “Mutts” if they’re into S&M and “Dwarfs” if they’re not. Nonetheless, she wants to get along with other people regardless of her taste with S&M. She is very polite and soft-spoken to people whom she never met before.

She is also a good communicator and actively engages in collaborations (mainly with female livers).

Initially, she was envisioned as a sadistic onee-san but she is often seen getting excited like a child when she sees something cute, and can’t handle insects and Japanese-themed horrors, so you can fully enjoy the gap she has from her usual sadistic character.

Tomoe is the type who hates to lose, so she always practices hard in game competitions even if she loses on difficult games. However, she doesn’t have advanced gaming skills (self-proclaimed) so she’s looking for games that she can beat.

Her low voice is as calm and feminine as her appearance; her voice has been described by Ryushen as something “easy to fall asleep with”.

Sukoya Kana, who has been with her since her debut, describes her as a sweet and loving onee-san whose beauty and childishness are both endearing.


She has long, dark brown hair in a braid that fades to a darkish grey with orange-brown eyes and a golden hairpin that looks like an 8. She has a ribbed green top with a long black dress with floral patterns and golden accents.



Tomoe's YouTube channel was created on 1 November and made her debut on 30 November.


On 17 December, her YouTube channel has been monetized.

On 20 December, she made a guest appearance as a duo with Rindou Mikoto as a contender for the “Make Sukoya Kana Happy” contest held by Ryushen. She participated in a short vomit fetish Yuri voice drama along side Mikoto as part of the competition.

On 31 December, Tomoe released her first cover song Yoshiwara Lament.


On 9 January, Tomoe, Fumi and Luis Cammy had their first off-collab while also forming the trio named Flutoitoi on Fumis Channel.

On 16 February, Tomoe and Sukoya Kana had their first off-collab on Tomoes channel. This is when Crossick were known as NIJISANJI Seiheki Konbi.

On 11 April, Tomoe participated in NIJISANJI’s Singing Stream Relay.[3]

On 12 April, Tomoe started a new project titled “3-minute Virtual Theater” in her channel to train her acting skills along with the guest she had invited.

On 23 April, her YouTube channel reached 100,000 subscribers.

On 6 June, Tomoe enabled her membership function on her YouTube Channel.

On 11 June, Tomoe and Sukoya Kana announced that their duo name (formerly NIJISANJI Seiheki Konbi) is now officially called "Crossick" which represents their intersecting "sickness" and as well as their cross hairpins.[4]

On 27 June, she revealed her new outfit to commemorate her 50,000 YouTube subscriber milestone and released her cover song Just be Friends in line with the celebration.[5]

On 21 October, a music label called Grater Records announced that Tomoe will participate as one of its launch artist for their upcoming album release along with other VTubers, artists, and creators.

On 29 October, her 2.0 Brush Up for her Live2D model has been announced. She debuted the model the following day.

On 21 November, Flutoitoi revealed their new costume and released their first original song "Gekka Bijin".


On 8 February, Tomoe announced during her birthday stream that she would be releasing her first original solo song SHUT-OUT. The song was released the following day.

On 6 June, Tomoe revealed her new Key Visual.

On 18 June, it was announced that she would be getting her 3D debut. The model debut stream was held on 25 June.

On 25 July, she debuted her Niji3D.

On 25 September, she revealed her new 2D costume. It consists of two oiran-style kimono. The first style was formal looking kimono with burgundy colour inner-layer and dark purple outer-layer, topped with dark fuscia haori and golden-yellow and maroon manaita (front-tied) obi which both can be taken off separately. The second style was a less-formal looking styling with same two-layer kimono but with wider neck and shoulder opening. The costume also came with a new hairstyle and two hair decorations, first one being less extravagant and second one being more extravagant. For accessories, she got a pair of low-cut black gloves, folded fan, and an umbrella.[6]

  • Commemorating the reveal of her new outfit, she released a new cover called "Shirayuki" showcasing her new outfit as part of the main art.

On 30 December, she reached 340,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[7]


On 25 April, she revealed her new 2D costume. It consists of a military uniform worn on her Undercover MV.

On 28 April, she reached 360,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[8]

On 27 October, she will be voicing a character in the upcoming game entry of the Disgaea Series, Disgaea 7, as the character Nitora as it was also revealed on the game's website the same day.[9]


On 29 November, Tomoe debuted her new 2D costume during her 4th anniversary.[10]





  • Tomoe has set two names for her viewers;
    • 白雪の小人 (Shirayuki no Kobito, Shirayuki's Dwarfs) for her regular viewers; and
    • 白雪の駄犬 (Shirayuki no Daken, Shirayuki's Mutts) for her masochist-leaning viewers.


  • "Yaoukoku" 「夜王国」 (Night Kingdom) - Tomoe, Fuwa Minato, and Gwelu Os Gar. (These three debuted together).
  • "Crossick" 「クロシック」 (formerly "NIJISANJI Seiheki Konbi" 「にじさんじ性癖コンビ」 NIJISANJI's Fetish Duo) - Tomoe and Sukoya Kana.
  • "Flutoitoi" 「フルートイトイ」 - Tomoe, Fumi, and Luis Cammy.
  • "Genkai Crossick" 「限界くろしっく」 - Tomoe, Sukoya Kana, Genzuki Tojiro, and Kaida Haru.

Crossick (クロシック)[]

  • Fan Mark: 🧬 (DNA mark)
  • Fan Name: 性壁 (Seiheki, Wall)
  • List of Voice Dramas Released:
Title Sale Period Remarks
Self-created Derivative Sensitive Yuri Voice Drama 25 Feb 2020 ~ 10 Mar 2020

11 Jun 2020 ~ 24 Jun 2020

Script-writing Stream


Red-light District Parody Voice Drama 25 Jun 2020 ~ 25 Jul 2020 Script written by Sukoya Kana

Promotional Video


Vampire x Yuri Parody Voice Drama Vol. 1 24 Jan 2021 ~ 24 Feb 2021 Script written by Shirayuki Tomoe

Image Song - Bodaiju


Vampire x Yuri Parody Voice Drama Vol. 2 24 Feb 2021 ~ 23 Mar 2021 Script written by Sukoya Kana

Image Song - Hakoniwa


  • Tomoe and Sukoya's duo にじさんじ性癖コンビ (NIJISANJI Seiheki Konbi, NIJISANJI's Fetish Duo) was formed when they had an unplanned collaboration on the night of Christmas Eve (2019) when Tomoe's plan of playing a yuri game didn't go as she planned.
  • On 31 January, together with Sukoya, they planned and wrote the script for their first official yuri voice drama that went on sale for a limited time at the official NIJISANJI BOOTH store.[11] This stream also serves as their first proper collab stream as a pairing.
  • A lot of VTubers asked both them if they are dating and Sukoya answered during her online drinking stream with Hayase Sou that her relationship with Tomoe doesn't need to be labelled and the only thing that matters is that they care for each other.
  • They are on the phone all the time except when they're at work and/or streaming, and are always connected whether each of them are sleeping or awake. This makes them feel that they are always collaborating together hence tending to forget whether they just did collab stream or not.
  • Tomoe and Sukoya were supposedly scheduled to stream Splatoon 2 but an off-collaboration was decided in a short period of time then later announced that a "Major Announcement" would take place instead. The description in Sukoya's video, "Every beginning has an end" has caused uneasiness towards their listeners while waiting for the stream to start. They then revealed that the management has requested them to pick a new duo name in consideration of their future projects.[12]
    • Harukawa Haru, a professional manga artist/illustrator, is the one responsible for their previous duo name whereas she called them NIJISANJI Seiheki Konbi even before the duo was formed. Her duo name suggestion "Crossick" was chosen as the new duo name.
  • Although they've discussed and planned about living together, they said that it won't be happening any sooner because of their work schedule and also have to consider that they both stream, as they stated "the current relationship is just right for now."
  • On 22 November, also known as the Good Couple's Day in Japan, Tomoe and Sukoya celebrated the first anniversary of their first meeting. Despite not having any plans in advance they decided to bake a cake and have a gift exchange. Tomoe received a bouquet of flowers and a Peony Gardenia-scented body scrub, while Sukoya received a pair of matching gloves.
  • On 27 November, Crossick announced that they had produced a smartphone cases they originally designed that went available for a limited time.
  • On Tomoe's birthday she received a cake, designer bag, and an alarm clock with voice recording as birthday presents from Sukoya. Sukoya also made an illustration to celebrate her birthday.


  • Color: #6E3FE7 [13]
  • She shares the same character designer with Kageyama Shien from holostars, Hex Haywire from the NIJISANJI EN side branch and Zander Netherbrand from FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION EN.
  • Her favorite type of "play" is S&M play (Sadism & Masochism).
  • During her collaboration stream with Fumi, Tomoe confessed that her father found out about her VTuber activities. Since then, her father got the nickname “Papa-yuki” and became an occasional topic during her streams.[14]
    • The culprit behind it was her younger brother who showed her debut stream to their father the next day after her debut.
  • Tomoe's family consists of her father, mother, older sister, and a younger brother to whom she refers to as Papa-yuki, Mama-yuki, Ane-yuki and Otouto-yuki respectively when talking about her family.
  • Tomoe had thought that the moment she became a VTuber, she was really glad that she was born as a woman as she also mentioned that she have always wanted to be a man.[15]
  • It is said that her WIXOSS card illustration was revised because of how overly revealing it was. Tomoe herself never heard anything of it before, but Sukoya Kana was able to take a glimpse of the original version of the card when she asked the management.
  • She relatively have a large number female fans, with women making up over 1/3 of the gender ratio on her YouTube analytics.
    • As of 9 February 2021, her current percentage is at 32% although had its peak at 36% last year.
  • Tomoe owns a pet (referred to as ペット先輩 (Pet-senpai)) that can be heard hitting its cage occasionally during her streams. Her pet often gnaws on her cables which is why she always have extra cables prepared when disaster happens.
  • Her 3D Debut stream accumulated an amount of about 14.6 Million JPY worth of Super Chats.

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