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Shxtou (read as Shoto) is a male independent Vietnamese American VTuber but doesn't speak much Vietnamese. He is currently an active member of the Hanamori group.


"From the demonic capital comes a young boy who bears the weight of the world and one cold night is birthed the true bane of all demons."[1]

Shoto was born with magic powers and a God's blessing at the Bakumori village. Being Bakumori a place founded by demons, the people on it worshiped them and, as such, Shoto was taught the arts, techniques and history of Bakumori, for which he didn't seem to have much interest in at first, as he dreamt of following his father's steps and become a baker. Shoto didn't get to fulfill such dream as he would later become a demon slayer.

Treated as an outcast because of the God's blessing he had been given, Shoto had few friends while growing up. His best friend was a boy named Ether, who, besides being an outlander coming from another village in the North of Bakumori, also possessed magic, with no talent for it nor any God's blessing whatsoever. As they were complete opposites, they were also the only ones who could understand each other the best, being Shoto the one to teach him many things regarding magic mostly, they decided to leave the village together in the future.

One day, as per usual in the Bakumori village, the gate to the demon's realm opened in a common ritual that occurred in a full winter moon, yet the people of Bakumori was not greeted with wisdom or blessings, but an army that went out to kill relentlessly the people of the village. At that time, Shoto took Ether's hand and ran away from Bakumori and it's slaughtered people, thinking they would be able to make it out of it together at last. Their destiny, however, was to meet a mysterious demon that put a spell on Shoto, letting him in a trance, giving the demon the chance to stab them both, abandoning them after thinking they would eventually die in the cold of the night out in the woods. However, Shoto came back from the spell and tried to save Ether, pulling him along to a shrine where Shoto, being blessed by the Gods as he was, pleaded them to help him and his friend, to which a God responded by healing Shoto, yet letting Ether to die, eventually turning him into a cursed knife that would later become Shoto's company as he began travelling the world to fulfill his new goal to slay demons and avenge his friend.


Shoto is best recognized for his overtly lewd and bold personality. He will often say things that are considered very "sus" by nature and is often seen openly flirting with other Vtubers he is friends with on Twitter or in collabs, or rather "down bad" as his Guildies like to refer to it. Shoto has admitted to feeling no shame in the lewd things he says or questionable sounds he's well known to make.

There is a softer side that Shoto is also very well known for. He is often referred to as a "dog boy" or "good boy" as a result of his adorable puppy like behavior and dog ears and tail assets. Shoto will often exhibit his cuter side on stream, speaking in a softer voice and imitating cutesy dog like mannerisms.

Shoto has an extremely soothing and ASMR-like voice. He makes good use of it in many of his RPG horror game playthroughs while doing voice overs, that or his notoriously high pitched screams when he gets startled. Shoto is a talented singer and has shared many of his song covers on his Youtube channel.

It is common for Shoto to banter with his Guildies, often being teased and bullied by them in good fun, most notably when he gets called a "bottom" or by the nickname "Shottom". In these situations he will typically refer to them as bratty and mean. Shoto however does not shy away from keeping his Guildies in check when things get out of hand.

Despite any banter Shoto makes consistent effort to let his Guildies as well as his friends know he appreciates them deeply. He's incredibly supportive to those he's friends with and his community. He often emphasizes his gratitude to Guildies for not only the love they give him but to the community in general, encouraging them to support each other and other streamers and artists. He's mentioned that his community and friends is what he would call "home".



Shxtou debuted on 2 October, 2021.[2]


  • Shoto's fans are called "Guildies", in reference to being members of the Adventurer's Guild he is the Guild Leader of.


  • Many have made comparisons between him and Mysta Rias of NIJISANJI EN. He says that they are nothing alike as unlike Mysta, he washes his rice.
    • The two collaborated for the first time on 23rd of March, 2022.

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