Sifir Esirer (シフィール・エシラー Shifiiru Eshiraa) also known as Sifi (シフィ Shifi), is a Female Japanese Virtual Youtuber who debuted on 09 March 2019. Initially, Sifir was an original character that appeared on several of Beilene's videos. Eventually Sifir become the main focus of the channel and she was one of the leading characters of an intended series called Co-Synapse.

Introduction Video



Sifir's first appearance.


Sifir is a beautiful girl coming from the world of Yggdrasil. Beilene brought her to planet Earth by mistake during one of the infamous Beilene's rants. (this one about the genre of Isekai (異世界)). Sifir lived with Beilene temporarily and then she moved with a girl called Renana (レナナ) when Beilene gave her the control the channel to her. The focus of her videos are centered on Sifir's adaptation to her new life in Japan.


Despite struggling with the way things are done in the Earth, Sifir is a very optimistic girl. Still, her clumsiness is a source of trouble to Beilene and Renana who tried to teach her how different is the life on Japan in comparison to the almost medieval Yggdrasil.



  • Sifir and Renana were designed by Pentagon (ぺんたごん), the same 2D artist in charge of Natsumi Moe.
  • Originally, the introduction of Sifir was to promote an original 3D animated series called Co-Synapse (featuring her and Renana) and a teaser trailer was released on 02 July 2019 [1]. The series was intended to be separate from the Eilene's Anime Sisters Comedy universe and it was planned to be funded via crowdfunding on Camp-fire. Despite getting almost 2,100,000 JPY (approx. $19,082 USD) in donations from a goal of 3 Million JPY (Approx. USD $27,259), in 28 August 2019 the project was put on hiatus due to problems related with production and schedule. The donations were refunded and after that there are no news about continuing its production.
  • Since then, Sifir and Renana's videos are short slice of life sketches in which Sifir and Renana's deal with a particular situation.
  • This is the third time a channel originally created by Eilene for her sketches was given to highlight a new character. The previous channels in a similar situation are now the YouTube channels of Mirai Akari and Natsumi Moe.

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